Trendy schemes of knitting blouses for women

Knitting is among the simplest techniques available, you can use your hands to create real masterpieces of design art, regularly delighting yourself with new clothes. Trendy schemes of knitting jackets for women below will allow you to acquire exclusive stylish items of clothing without significant financial costs. You will learn how to knit articles with seams and without seams, the desired thickness, length, texture, style. The knitting process adjusts on a positive harmony, calms the nerves.

Model knit women’s blouses with step-by-step descriptions and diagrams

Each model presented below contains photos, step-by-step instructions by which to begin knitting without special training, even a beginner. The versatility of styles, textures, patterns, colors will allow you with equal success to create products for full and fair sex, having a fragile build. You will be able to accurately select the desired type of yarn, tools for knitting, to fit the thing under your size. Crafted product will be a great occasion for pride.

Openwork summer blouse with embroidery on sleeves

Summer weather is sometimes changeable, and because the wardrobe must be things that will be neither cold nor hot. The scheme is presented under the description of spectacular fishnet shirt with short sleeves, decorated with exquisite embroidery. It is performed using the 4 spokes; 5 sizes, pearl color yarn with cotton and acrylic, cotton yarn pink, pale yellow, white colors. Decorating the sleeves are organza, elegant pearl beads or sequins.

Scheme openwork crochet summer blouse for women

The pattern of the original jackets-jacket with the smell

Universal spectacular item of clothing – a jacket with the smell. This style is able to decorate any figure, emphasizing its advantages, delicately hiding the flaws. With the help of the scheme presented below fashionable knitting sweaters for women you can own hands to create the jacket, a sky blue color. You need to get straight, circular knitting needles 3; 5 sizes, yarn-cotton, acrylic, silk, transparent button for the clasp. The product will be in harmony with a contrasting camisole or shirt.

The description of knitting sweaters-the jacket with the smell

Thin blouse with openwork patterns on the sleeves

Scheme and pattern pullover with delicate pointelle sleeves will help you replenish your wardrobe with a delicate, feminine blouse, pleasant pink hue. It is incredibly comfortable to wear as it is produced using 100% natural cotton thread. The work is done by knitting 2; 2,5; circular No. 2. Openwork pattern on the sleeves lends a graceful air. The product hugs the figure, highlighting the harmony of its owner.

The scheme of knitting feminine blouse with openwork patterns

Fashionable pullover made of cashmere

Delicate openwork pullover pink color due to the peculiarities of his style to suit the owners of any of the figures. Natural delicate texture of cashmere provides maximum comfort while wearing the product, its durability. For making things used yarn containing cashmere, viscose, polyamide. Knitting is carried out using direct and circular needles number 4.

Scheme knitting fashionable pullover made of cashmere

Beautiful sweater with hood from the neck

Openwork pullover showy dark purple hue — a model that perfectly complement the youth and closet, and will fit older women. The product blends perfectly with tops, shirts tone on tone, put on under it. Lace texture combined with sporty silhouette gives the product originality and usefulness. For its production will need a yarn that contains cotton and polyacrylic. Used straight and circular needles number 6; hook number 5.

Scheme knitting fashion women's blouse hooded

Women’s jacket with collar Golf

Model with a collar-type Golf ideal for cool weather. Fall or winter, put on a poncho or coat, it will protect the neck from the cold. Noble olive shade fits all colortype, effectively emphasizing the color of skin, eyes, hair. For the manufacture of pullover used yarn containing wool and Merino wool. This composition provides maximum comfort, warmth retention. Knitting is carried out straight knitting needles No. 4; 4,5, circular needles №4,5.

Scheme knitting women's coat

A simple scheme crochet striped blouse with Raglan sleeves

Striking Raglan features a striped pattern in a marine style, simple to knit and assemble. For its production of a yarn containing cotton and polyester. This composition makes the product durable, resistant to multiple washings. The main thing – to observe the temperature mode to keep the thing has not faded. The combination of bands with satin stitch adds a unique texture. When knitting you will need straight knitting needles No. 4 and 4.5, and circular No. 4.

A diagram and description crochet striped blouse for women

Description fashion knitting patterns for women’s cardigans knitting

To create a bold, stylish knits, you need to master the skill of vyvazhivanija patterns. This will help you to give things a nice unusual texture to select individual items to knit a striking edge, with full capacity to use his design. Let us consider several techniques of vyvazhivanija patterns. Each manual contains detailed, accurate ratio, set the number of loops, knots, rows.

Pattern Pins

This pattern is good for products that used natural materials. For the sample recruited, the number of loops multiple of 6, 4 for the symmetry and 2 edge. Proceed according to the scheme:

Pattern Pins for women's fashion blouses

  • 1, 3, 5 series — 4 front, purl 2, repeat the first step;
  • 2, 4, 6 — 4 reverse loops, 2 front, again repeat the first phase;
  • 7, 9 — 3 Phi., 1 facial, 2 purl, again the previous step (1. + 2 Phi.) + 1 reverse;
  • 8, 10 — 1 facial loop, 2 facial, 1 purl, 2 again. + P1., 3 facial;
  • 11, 13, 15 — 3 reverse, 4 front, purl 2, purl one;
  • 12, 14, 16 — 1 facial, 2., 4.., 3.

Pattern Shells

This spectacular ornament is simple in execution. He looks perfect as in free and fitted products. To make the sample, type the number of loops multiple of 6, minus 1 loop. Here is a diagram of knitting this pattern:

Fashion pattern Shell spokes

  • 1, 5 rows — persons. loop;
  • 2, 6 — the front surface;
  • 3 to 5 are formed of loops 5, 1 individuals., repeat first step (based on the 5 to make a new one 5);
  • 4, 8 — purl loops;
  • 7 — 3 front loops, 5 loops 5 are formed, 1 front, 2 more people. p.;
  • the repetition of the pattern, starting from the first row.

On the basis of five loops to make a new five, it is necessary to carry out the following manipulation:

  • The tip of the right needle thread through the 5 loops, then grab a working thread and pull it through them.
  • Without removing the hinges on the left spokes on the right do yo. Then the same loop provarite again.
  • Again follow yo on right needle and provarite the same five loops.

Pattern diamonds and stripes

A sample of the ornament is done as follows: recruited so many loops to their number was a multiple of 10; then go 2 stitches for the symmetry and 2 edge. Then follow the diagram:

Pattern diamonds and stripes

  • 1 row 2 purl, 2., cross 2 right, cross 2 left, 2 again. and 2 Phi.;
  • 2 — 2., 2., one loop is removed nepovezane, wherein the loop remains in front of the needle, in the same way removed another loop, 2 Phi. and 2 persons;
  • 3 — 2 Phi., 1., 2 stitches crossed to the right, 2 persons., 2 stitches crossed to the left, 1 persons., 2 Phi.;
  • 4 — 2., Phi., the loop is removed nepovezane, as stated above, 4 Phi., again, the loop is removed nepovezane, P1., 2.

Starting with the 5th row, crochet is a cross:

  • 5 — 2 purl, 2 stitches crossed to the left, 4 front, again 2 stitches left, purl 2;
  • 6 — 2 front, 1 loop removed nepovezane, 6 purl, 1 removed nepovezane, 2 persons.;
  • 7 — 2 purl, 2 screw. left, 4 front, 2 screw. right, 2 wrong;
  • 8 — 2 front, 1 purl, 1 removed nepovezane, 4 purl, 1 removed nepovezane, 1 purl, 2 front;
  • 9 — 2 purl, 1 front, 2 screw. to the left, 2 front, 2 screw. right, 1 facial, 2 purl.

Before repeating the pattern with the first row you need to knit three more rows:

  • 10 — 2., 2.., 1 removed nepovezane, 2 Phi., 1 removed nepovezane, 2 Phi., 2 people.;
  • 11 — 2 Phi., 2 people., 2 screw. left, 2 screw. right, 2 persons., 2 Phi.;
  • 12 — 2. 3 Phi., 2 removable nepovezane of thread before the needle, 2.., 2 people.,
  • next is the repeat of the pattern from the first row.

Pattern sea foam

The incredibly soft texture of this original illustration is perfect for creating elegant women’s things. It looks particularly impressive when using thick and thin yarns and needles. To associate the sample pattern, you need to gain a few loops (the number must be a multiple of six), then another loop for symmetry and two-lipped. The scheme of knitting is this:

Pattern sea foam crochet fashion blouses spokes

  • 1, 2, 6 ranks of all the loops vymazyvaja facial;
  • 3, 7 — again use the front loop, but now with three speed;
  • 4 — one Phi., after 5 loops promazyvaetsya 5, then another coach. continue with 3 loops promazyvaetsya 3;
  • 8 — of the 3 loops is 3, P1., with 5 loops vivaselecta 5, P1., and again with the 3 loops is 3.

To get 5 loops of 5, you need to purl 5 together of hinges as the front, picking up the front loop (the first loop). Then, without removing the loops from the needles, promazyvayut them all facial, picking up the back loop (the second loop). Third promazyvaetsya as the first, the fourth like the second, the fifth as the first. It is recommended to reset coils of wound thread that loops were large and comfortably promazyvanii. In cases where on the basis of the 3 hinges need to do 3, knitting is done in a similar way.

Video tutorials for beginners with crochet fashion blouses spokes

Free video from YouTube below, in a clear and accessible form, demonstrate the process of creating original knitwear. All things are made by experienced professionals. Seeing with your own eyes the process of knitting, you will be able to repeat it. Each video contains advice on choice of materials, accessories, fittings. Using video tutorials you will be able to produce a sweater, asymmetrical sweater with French elastic and cotton blouse with yoke, in which sheets used.

How quick and easy tie cardigan sweater on the needles

Asymmetrical jacket made spokes pattern French gum

Master class on knitting sweaters cotton yoke from the leaves

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