Topiary of satin ribbons

Types of contemporary craft countless. So fun, thanks to which are born some great Souvenirs, there is a technique of topiary. Miniature flower trees from shiny satin would be a great gift to a colleague, friend or relative.

How to make a topiary with their hands

Today the technique is used to decorate the room and create Souvenirs, but before this art was to provide the garden plants with clear geometric forms. The popularity of this type of craft was acquired with the use of satin ribbons, but some of their beautiful products is not enough. Intricate trees and floral arrangements globular forms decorated with beads, buttons, beads and other items, often decorated with pieces of organza or tulle. Masters do not miss the opportunity to experiment, creating new workshops.

The main rule in the manufacture of topiary is that the proportions of the product should not vary according to sizes: for example, the crown of the tree should exceed the size of the workpiece, which is attached to the barrel. But the capacity of the container in which to grow your tree should not be larger than the average size of the crown. The height of the product is to make such that it was equal to three diameters of the spherical crown. Container satin products should be a burden that the design is not overturned.

Topiary with flowers in the technique of kanzashi

How to make a topiary ribbon with your hands with roses

To create a beautiful tree, you must have the following tools:

  • decorative pot or Cup;
  • satin ribbons of different colors, the width of each should be 2.5 cm;
  • the foam layer;
  • wire stems and ribbon to decorate them;
  • decorative beads:
  • glue gun;
  • the solution of gypsum and water.

A master class that will help every novice Amateur crafts to produce wood with his hands:

  1. Prepare the ribbon, which then turn into roses. Each cut into a strip 30-40 cm in length, depending on what size flower you want. Burn the edges so they were stronger.
  2. Place the pieces smooth side facing you, fold each of the corners, roll up, forming a rose. The remaining end and secure with glue at the bottom of the flower.
  3. Ready flowers take turns to attach to the base – the foam ball.
  4. Wire-wrap the stem with satin fabric, and secure with glue and insert into the bowl with roses.
  5. Decorative pot (or Cup) fill with a mixture of plaster and water, then put the trunk of the tree of roses.
  6. Capacity to decorate with ribbons, beads, and the plaster pour decorative pebbles.

Topiary of roses of satin ribbons

How to make a tree out of satin ribbons in the technique of kanzashi

Looks original topiary in the form of a sunflower, which is performed in the technique of kanzashi. Thus, the manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Take the yellow satin fabric, width 5 inches, and cut it into pieces with a length of 6-7 inches. Pieces that will serve as the leaves and petals should be about fifty pieces.
  2. Each one fold along and make a cut on the one hand, achieving a sharp corner. Removing the end products, glue.
  3. The foam-based ball of paste over the coffee beans, imitating sunflower seeds.
  4. The flower stalk will wire inserted into the ball. First, it is necessary to cover the green paint and then covered with material of the same color.
  5. From the junction of the bullet with the stem begin to glue the petals of the sunflower which was made in the technique kanzashi.
  6. In a pot put the plaster, insert the topiary and fill the remaining space of the same mixture.

Topiary in the form of a sunflower ribbon and coffee beans

Topiary organza and satin ribbons

Using the materials, you will create a decorative tree that is different from other topiary of its chic appearance. Topiary of satin ribbons, which complement the interior décor of the house, to do is very simple:

  1. Made of pieces of organza with scissors cut a 7×7 squares to see If there is no desire to measure, then cut into eyes.
  2. Put one square to another to result in six corners. Fold the workpiece in half, and the bottom staple with a stapler. In the absence of the tool, the material can be sew with a needle and thread.
  3. Attach the wire to the ball, she will serve as the trunk.
  4. Mix the plaster and pour inside the pot, then insert the wire.
  5. The formation of the crown is to be put on the glue faux feathers organza, and between them to insert some satin roses.
  6. The product is decorated with beads, lace.

Photo: topiary of satin ribbons

Examples of ornamental trees and bouquets there are many. Beautiful photos show how looks gorgeous topiary of satin ribbons in such a technique. Iridescent material perfectly combines with beads, sequins, butterflies, pieces of organza. Beautiful trees will become a great ornament for the coffee table or the Desk.

Design ideas topiary

Video: topiary ribbon

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