Tiebacks with their hands

An integral part of the interior are curtains. Arrogant curtains for Cabinet or light openwork to the kitchen – to any required holders. They give the appearance of completeness and help to regulate the amount of sunlight that we want to let into the room. You can make clamps for curtains with their hands? This will help you below.

The types of tiebacks

Tissue product

When making window blinds, you can not do the capturing of the tissue and leave it down. There is another, more creative option is to use tiebacks, made by hand. The feature of this accessory is that it can be changed at least every week, creating new combinations with the same curtains. Attachment for curtain composition is carried out by means of hooks, which are mounted in the window.


The easiest option is to sew grabs his hand, using the same fabric from which made the curtains. In this embodiment, used lining materials, because they can better keep their shape. Sometimes between the layers is sewn a metal frame. The ideal shape is a Crescent. Contrasting colors add originality to plain curtains. They are often decorated with sequins, flowers or perform in the form of bows, perfect for children’s rooms.


Next in popularity are fixtures equipped with holders in the form of magnets. They are suitable for lighter curtains. The magnets can be open or sewn into the fabric. In any case, they are placed at the ends of the garters. The owners can be anything: decorative ropes, ribbon tapes, or twisted cords. An important detail is the decoration of the magnets. Their camouflage with rhinestones, beads, brooches and other items.

Holder with flowers


As soft and grabs hard have several varieties:

  1. Brackets of metal that just make the curtain. Especially appreciated are forged clamps with your hands.
  2. Any solid products of the desired shape, which are covered with fabric.
  3. Clasps or pins for curtains. It could be the magnets buckles that are attached to the tapes or Velcro.

Cords with tassels

Framed by dense curtains from fabrics such as velvet, satin, brocade or jacquard, used suspensions in the form of twisted cords with knots and tassels. The alternative, they are normal beads. They make heavy material with deep vertical creases. Such suspension necessary to obtain wealth and at the same time diluting the monotony of rich curtain fabrics curtains.

Cords of thread

Hairpin in the form of rings

One of the original ideas tiebacks are studs. Most of them looks like a ring. The second resembles a large safety pin. The peculiarity of these clamps in the material. They are made of wood, metal or plastic. The hairpin can be classic and not stand out against the background of curtains or, on the contrary, to attract attention by using additional accessory.

How to sew tiebacks with their hands

On the Internet you can find a lot of master classes on manufacturing of grabs with his hands. Each option includes the use of a particular material and equipment. Before choosing a particular you need to decide at what height is the suspension. You need to take into account the material of the curtains. For easy fit thin ribbon, hair clips, large beads or decorative cords. Thick curtains are better to make bows, big buttons or artificial flowers. Below are some instructions on how to make classic or original wings.

The creation of fabric products

Classic holders for curtains from fabric

The classic type is easy to sew. For its production will need:

  • fabric;
  • the interlining;
  • line;
  • decorative ring;
  • scissors;
  • chalk or soap;
  • iron.

If you have a soft material, then bind it with fabric. For patterned fabric correctly pick up the location of an image to its symmetry has not been broken. The sequence of cutting and sewing of the following:

Clamps for curtains of the disks in the technique of kanzashi

Preparation and decoration of the disk

Look original clamps style kazanchi of ribbons of different colors. For their production you will need:

  • satin ribbon width of 2.5 cm and 5 different shades;
  • 2 CD-ROM;
  • hot melt glue;
  • sushi sticks.

The regulations provide for the creation of one of the wings. The second is on a similar principle. Fabrication includes the following steps:

How to make decor from CD-ROM

Based on the old disks, you can make tiebacks with their hands not only from satin ribbons. In this master class uses different materials:

  • 3 or 4 of the old disk;
  • 2 skewers for kebabs or sushi sticks;
  • twine jute;
  • hot melt glue;
  • thick cardboard.

The sequence of manufacturing the following:

How to make a flower

With the help of flower you can decorate your classic pickup, or to make an independent owner. Machinery manufacturing the following:

Decorative clips for curtains on the magnet

One of the easiest ways by which you can make tiebacks, involves the use of magnets. They need a quantity of 2 in addition to the magnets, you need the following:

  • the material for the connecting strips, for example fabric, chain, or rope;
  • decoration to decorate the magnet.

Manufacturer of crafts involves some simple steps:

Video: how to sew the original clips for curtains

Fotoprikoly tiebacks, hand made

An example of a homemade owners

Products in the technique of kanzashi

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