The envelope is to be discharged with his own hands

The day of discharge the baby from the hospital is one of the most exciting in the lives of his parents. I want to have a newborn was a beautiful envelope, which is besides practicality and originality. To make such a thing possible with their hands. The result of this exciting class will please others.

Pattern envelope for newborn

Corners for boys and girls

Envelope for discharge with your own hands you can make in a transformer. This area is used to open the form as a Blankie. For this you need to make two patterns. Draw on the paper two rectangles with dimensions of 85, 90 cm, and 25 to 45 cm Large square is used to cut out the envelope, and a small part for a pocket into which you can add things. Rectangle pattern requires a minimum amount of material.

Winter envelope with his own hands

The main thing you need to angle in cold weather – convenience and the ability to keep warm. Special attention should be paid to the selection of fabric. Must be at least three layers of material: outer, inner and insulation. As the top of the right material faux fur, flux, plush. For interior decoration it is better to take a lightweight fabric, does not cause allergies in children, for example, calico or flannel.

For insulation has been successfully used sintepon, wool fabric, holofayber, Pooh. These materials are easily create an additional protection from the cold. This is important if you plan to use a children’s envelope not only with discharge, but in the near future as a jumpsuit for long walks with my mother in cold days, visit, hospital visit.

Summer area

Summer envelopes for newborns

Summer variant of the envelope need a lightweight fabric that allows baby’s skin to breathe, prevents overheating. Often this is the purpose of using Atlas. This fabric is not allergenic, easy to wash, has the only drawback – excessive slip. To hold a newborn in a satin envelope uncomfortable. Other materials suitable for the top of the area, used in summer, waterproof fabric, calico, flannel or fleece. These fabrics are harmless to the baby who just is born, are light, hypoallergenic.

Summer envelope on an extract for a newborn is often decorated with lace, ribbons, braid, embroidery and other decorative elements. You can make a neat bow, which gives the product an original look, or to make an ornate flower brooch. The possibility of decorating is limited only by the imagination of the master and the presence of decorative materials.

How to sew envelope for newborn

To generate a envelope on the extract with your hands in addition to sewing machines and tailoring the various devices you will need the following materials:

  • the fabric for the front side of the area;
  • the material for the inner side of the area;
  • thread matching color of fabric;
  • filler (required for winter envelope);
  • zipper 20 cm (one-piece);
  • zipper 65 cm (separate);
  • Laundry gum – 45 cm

A small child with a future

How to sew an envelope on the extract? Procedure:

  1. Take squares of 85 to 90 cm with inner, outer fabric and insulation.
  2. Put a square of the outer layer face up, on the ends of the fastener side.
  3. Undo the top zipper, place it so that the center of the zipper coincided with the middle of the top.
  4. Put on top of a square of interior fabric, and then align the slices, baste with three sides, no bottom.
  5. Remove the envelope, put the filler. Fold the bottom edge of the fabric, keen, sew.
  6. Make rows up and down.

Then proceed to sew the pocket. Procedure:

  1. Cut out the inner and outer fabric rectangles 25 to 45 cm.
  2. Fold the details right sides to inside, baste them with the sides and top.
  3. Place the elastic on the top, hold it by the edges.
  4. Lay the line on the Baster.
  5. Remove the pocket. Fold the bottom edges inside, keen.
  6. Stitch detail on the side and bottom at a distance of 5-7 mm, the top 2-3 cm from the edge.
  7. Take the envelope, place it face-up. Will post on the pocket in the middle, closer to the bottom. Welling, pristrochite on the sides and bottom.

Knitted envelope for discharge

Winter envelopes for newborns

Area to extract for a newborn, you can associate knitting or crocheting. It does not even need a pattern. Envelope to extract their hands fit a simple pattern in the form of a square, starting from the bottom edge or corner. Area further serve to baby warm blanket. If you wish such a thing possible to add length. Another way of knitting the area on four spokes. It turns out the warm cocoon in which the baby comfortably to sleep. To wash knitted envelope should be in warm water, drying the product is recommended in the unfolded form, and not on the rope.


The crochet hook is a fun, simple tool, and things turn out spectacular. Nuance the manufacture of the envelope to be discharged with his own hands in this way is that you can knit the entire thing as a whole, and separate elements – squares, circles, snowflakes, small animals. Then these little things add entire product as a whole. Schema elements simple and straightforward even for beginners. For the manufacture of knitted envelope-transformer with a pocket you will need:

  • hook;
  • yarn;
  • accessories (buttons, zippers).


  1. Enter as many loops as you need in width. Knit up until the length of the fabric will not exceed the height of the envelope on 70 cm.
  2. Tie small rectangle, one side of which is equal to the width of the envelope and the other one third of the length.
  3. The upper edge of the big parts split, the same size as your zipper so that when she faltered, formed a hood.
  4. Fold the bottom edge of the insert on the sides of the zipper (buttons).
  5. Attach the small rectangle in the back, sew it so that it we are ahead.


Knitted area

You can link the envelope for the newborn with his hands on the spokes. There is a wide variety of models with different figure — voluminous braids, cords, or other embossed patterns. For the area of a width 45 cm and height 75 cm stockinette stitch, you will need the following:

  • the spokes (two times thicker than thread);
  • yarn (cotton, wool or acrylic);
  • zipper 60 cm;
  • sewing needle;
  • ribbon for the drawstring).


  1. Dial 90 loops provarite 10 rows purl stitch, then 70 cm front, then 10 rows of purl.
  2. Close the loop.
  3. To sew the top edge of the blade so as to form a hood.
  4. Run one side of the side seam, on the other vsheyte zipper.
  5. Route the cable through the holes-ribbons that the baby was comfortable in this envelope.

Video: the envelope is to be discharged hooded with their hands

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