5 options of blanket statement for summer and crochet

Discharge from hospital is the most important event in the life of any family. The parents preparing for this day in advance: buy a beautiful and safe clothing. One of the most important items of equipment is a beautiful and soft blanket, and take him for the season. Winter envelopes very warm, usually go with fur, warm lining. But the blanket statement for summer can be easy, perfect delicate. This model can be single or double. The single consists of a knitted fabric made of wool with acrylic or cotton, and double-planted on 100% natural basis.

Openwork blanket, you can crochet and will serve as a decoration satin ribbon, numerous ruffles, ruching, interesting texture of the surface. A feature of the openwork in that it absorbs moisture and breathable. He’s not hotter than cotton diapers, and tuck kids at a temperature of 25 degrees. A crocheted blanket can make any mommy in waiting for my baby. And to help her in a clear and simple scheme of crochet.

A bright plaid of the «Granny square»

plaid 18

Bright, juicy crochet blanket is suitable not only for discharge from the hospital, but also in the cot or pram. A young mother will not be difficult to associate it, even if it never worked crochet. By the way, in anticipation of the baby women are recommended to engage in a calm, pleasant and even creative work. And knitting fits that description.


The main color of the plaid to the statement – bright green. The color of the yarn you need just such a tone, and a little yellow and brown. As the work will have a hook, you need this tool, and the most preferred will be the No. 2. Also need a needle.


This blanket is perfect for the summer consists of a motive, which is called «grandma’s square». Getting started – the ring of 6 stitches.

1: after connecting the loop to gain 3 air loop (VP), and the associated ring to bind 2 column with nakida (V. s/n), finish motif 2. p.plaid 2

Next, perform 3 tbsp. s/n and 2. p., to make 2 of a repeat of this motive. As a result of their ring turns the box.

plaid 3

2.: in the first article. s/n knit into the 3. p., to make arch 3 tbsp. s/n, 2 VP and again 3 tbsp. s/n to Repeat all this with each arch. However, the last to finish 2 tbsp. s/n of the connecting column.

plaid 4

3.: in the arch 3. p. +2 tbsp. s/n Going to the corner to repeat the previous sequence (3 tbsp. s/n, 2 VP and 3 tbsp. s/n). Following arch – 3. s/n And thus walk around the perimeter of the product.

plaid 6

In the corners of the squares to repeat the same sequence of 3 tbsp. s/n, 2 VP and 3 tbsp. s/n Arcs that the sides of the square, also to knit without change – always 3. with/n. This is the motive of «grandma’s square». The number of rows depends on the desired size of the baby soft. Edges tie the yellow yarn: one arch tie 7 St. b/n and the second 1 tbsp. s/n and this alternation is to continue around the circle of the product. To finish the tying the green yarn under the scheme: within each loop to do 3 VP and 1 tbsp. b/n. Knit baby soft on discharge from the hospital is almost ready, it remains to make the decoration.

plaid 8

plaid 9

plaid 10

Decoration — butterfly

1P.: 5. p. do ring. Then purl 3. p. and 1 tbsp. s/n, 2 VP and 2 tbsp. s/n. Make these 8 repetitions, and the result should be 16 St. s/n

plaid 11

2P.: to make the connection column, and then 3. p. and 2 tbsp. s/n Execute 3. p. and formed a chain to make 3 tbsp. s/n the sequence is repeated in every arch.

plaid 12

plaid 13

3 g: attach yarn brown. Under the chain from VP to recruit 3 tbsp. s/n, skip the bottom 3 tbsp. s/n and make C. b/n. In the same way to link all other chains. (Total, 8 chains of brown yarn).

plaid 14

plaid 15

4P.: yellow yarn to tie the whole butterfly. 6 loops of the previous row to tie 1 tbsp. b/n, and above it to do. p. 3. p. do Pico. So to tie all tie. Then folded it in half and lock the chain from W. p. brown yarn. The decoration is ready.

plaid 16

plaid 17

Now it remained to sew one of the corners child blanket on discharge from the hospital.

Source : homyak55.ru

The blanket statement with a simple pattern: video master class

Children’s fishnet plaid «Tenderness»

Of the following diagrams to crochet a beautiful and easy blanket could any mother or grandmother. For a child it will be the best gift, and the white color will suit boy and girl. Importantly, the yarn and the size of the finished product you can pick yourself. If you make more, you can wrap them a child even in the winter and take a walk in the fall.


Knitted plaid to extract for a newborn child it is better to create from natural yarn with a small addition of artificial fibers. Due to such structure the product will not shrink after washing and will provide natural ventilation, which is important in both summer and winter. The yarn colour – white. For decoration need satin ribbon in white color (1 cm in width and 6 m in length). Also need the hook No. 2.


The optimal size of blanket for a newborn child approximately 92 cm at 114, see If it gets smaller in the winter, this blanket is unlikely to be needed, because children grow very quickly. To start crochet you need to dial a chain consisting of 196 loops. A further scheme is to knit a blanket for kids desired length.

1: aerial loops

2 g: first 5. p., and then 4. p. and alternate until the end of the row.

3 g: alternating sequence of 9 art. s/n, 1 tbsp. b/n.

4.: to gain 1 tbsp. s/n, followed by p. 1 art.

5 g: 1 tbsp. b/n and 3. p.

After you knit this piece will be part 1 of rapport, then you need to knit this principle, starting from 1 at the 5 series. Work crochet on the creation of this report is nice, because the product is moving rapidly to completion and pleasing to the eye aesthetics. Using the diagram, you need to associate a canvas of the desired size. After that you can start the piping.


Interesting knitted motif proposed for decoration delicate plaid to be discharged from the hospital in the summer. Beautiful decoration, which resembles a large veterochki.

1: tie the Hook edges of the bars without nakida. Note: the number of article. b/n at the parallel sides must be the same.

2, 3.: art. s/n, and the angles in one loop knit 5 tbsp. s/n Is necessary in order to knit a blanket for a child looked interesting.

4 g: this is the number under the tape and associate it is necessary so: 3 tbsp. s/n and VP, skipping 3 loops of the base. This sequence is repeated until the end of the row, and in the corners to make 3 tbsp. s/n, 3 V. p. and again 3 tbsp. s/n in one loop.

5.: own this place and start veterochki. To make a number of article. b/n, and in each corner one-loop knit across the row to 3 tbsp. b/n.

6 g: 1 tbsp. b/n, V. 6 p., 1 tbsp. b/n.

7.: 2. p., 1 tbsp. b/n, 2 tbsp. p., and then 4 times to make 2 tbsp. with two brides, povezava their one loop, and between each of them to do 1. p. At the corners to make allowance Verochka.

8-12 g: to continue as 7th row, only to make allowances.

Knitted Lacy blanket for baby is ready, it remains only to decorate it with ribbon and tie in the corners of the bows. In summer, this quilt will be comfortable, because made of natural fibers.

Source: peteliki.ru

Beautiful plaid with braids: video master class

Kids plaid knitting Barbara: video master class

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