Skirts crochet with diagrams and description of master classes

Every woman is feminine in nature. And, of course, a woman in a beautiful dress or skirt looks lovely and charming. Knitted skirt crochet can be associated even novice knitters. During the knitting of skirts, you can often find the use of motifs, for example, the motif Granny square and quite often the pattern is pineapple. The skirt can be long or short — your choice. In this article we will tell you how to knit summer skirts crochet for women and girls.

White long skirt for women pattern pineapples

This beautiful white long skirt is perfect for hot summer days. Video master class will help you communicate this delicate skirt. In knitting used patterns pineapples. The same principle can be linked skirt or sundress for girls. Knitted skirt with this pattern it is necessary to Supplement the lining.

You will need:

  • white yarn Yanart (280m/50g);
  • wide elastic for belt;
  • hook 1, 25.

Video master class

Skirt pattern pineapple

This skirt is more suitable for everyday wear. Knitted skirts this style can be combined with a nice blouse or shirt and a cardigan.

You will need:

  • yarn mixed type (100g/334м);
  • hook №2,5.

Size: 46.


Knitting this skirt crochet starts at the top. Knit pattern pineapple under the scheme to achieve the desired length. The belt is knit according to the scheme №2. Belt made of chain VP and one row of SC. Threading in the waistband area.

Beautiful skirt with ruffles for girls

This skirt fit for girls about 3 years. See a detailed video master class on knitting skirts. Children’s skirts usually tally flared, they are often decorated with ruffles. The border can be required additionally.

You will need:

  • yarn 100% cotton (282 m /50 g);
  • hook № 1,25.

Video master class

Children’s skirts — pineapple pattern

This skirt is perfect on hot summer days for your little fashionista.

Children’s skirts — Flirty with bevels with openwork border

This skirt with yoke and lace hem are perfect for a little Princess. Begin knitting with promazyvanija 42 SSN. To make the bevels need to nadovezuje 3 PRS with one hand and do an additional 3 SSN from the other side. To attach the fabric to the openwork on the top of the prong to purl into the SC, and in the deepening of the PRS. Openwork border fit for the scheme. Knitted skirt with openwork patterns look great with ribbon bows. Do not forget to sew the lining to the finished skirt.

Womens skirt, knitted Granny square motif with diagrams

Skirts of this style look very vintage. To associate such a skirt is not difficult. You must associate the desired number of motifs-squares, which are called Granny square and connect them to each other, to connect with belt. You can choose the color based on your preferences. If you tie a skirt of woolen yarn, you get a warm winter skirt for women.

You will need:

  • the yarn is Merino wool different colors (160 m/50 g);
  • hook №2,5 and №3,5;
  • a wide elastic band.

Size: 34/36 (38/40) 42/44


Crochet motifs Granny square. To do this, recruit a chain of 6 VP yarn of the first row and closes it in a ring connecting column. Continue to knit the scheme. Size 34-36 to replace St. p. NAC for polytypic 5 and 6 series. For the product size 42-44 replace article s NAK na St. 2 SC in 6 years.

The desired number of motifs squares to sew between them, capturing only the back loop. Continue knitting, moving to his belt. Knit columns b.nakida, not forgetting to do a lift loop. Every fourth number make subtraction on two sides 2 x 1 p. depending on the size make for more obuvki every second ryadochek: size.34-36 -5×1 p., Accel.38-40 -7h1 p., Accel.42-44 — p 3×1. When the height of the skirt reaches 56 (59) 60 cm should be purl CR. no.Zone six 2.5 cm and finish knitting.

Skirt for women from charm squares with geometric pattern (based Granny’s square)

The use of geometric motifs in clothing women increasingly relevant. Offer a master class on knitting skirt out of charm squares. The basis is still the same Granny square. The pattern is pretty simple but does not lose its relevance for many decades. Yarn for motifs choose according to your taste, as can be combined as a very soft colors, and bright and contrasting shades. The skirt is quite thick, and therefore heat.


Crochet motifs squares — master class

The first series — to collect a chain of six VP and connect. Recruited three Pat.lifting and two PRS are finished in the circle + *3 VP + 3 SSN to get.round* 2 times.

Second row — three Conn.St.+three Pat.lift+2ССН the arc from VP+3ВП+3ССН in the arch. Repeat to end of row.

Third row — knit thread of a different color SC, the corners with arches prevasive six SC.

Fourth row — again we change the thread and knit SSN. Six columns at the corners (where the arch) are finished so 3ССН+3ВП+3ССН. So are finished the whole series.

Fifth row — knit yarn, the K-th knit the first row. Begin knitting with angle — 3ССН in the arch+3ВП. Until the end of the part should uniformly knit into three times 3ССН. Area-the arch is knit so 3ССН+3ВП+3ССН. Are finished one side of the square. That is, in the fifth row, we just tied the two sides. So we will knit the entire square. Now we reverse the knitting.

The sixth series will begin with the three loops of the instep and below 3ССН in the loop-the ground under the OP. Area-the arch are finished as the fifth row. Turn knitting again.

Seventh row — knit SSN thread of a different color. In the corner of the arch make six SPES. Again, turn the knitting.

Eighth row — knit SSN, area-arch 3ССН+3ВП+3ССН. Turned.

Ninth row — 3ССН in every third loop, area arch — 3ССН+3ВП+3ССН.

All the squares to connect the PRSS or PRS depending on the structure of your figure. The border can be knit in advanced SC.

Women’s skirt ribbon lace

Tape lace looks very elegant. Depending on what yarn you’ll get openwork crochet skirt can be both summer and winter. But still, tape lace looks beneficial when knitting a thin thread.

You will need:

  • cotton yarn (320 m/75 g);
  • hook №1,6;
  • gum.

Size: 42-44.


Ribbon lace fit scheme No. 1 and the desired length. Then close the circle. Ribbon banded lace in scheme 2. Continue knitting according to the scheme №3. It should.a number of SSN. Alternate the knit according to the scheme # 3 and SSN. So knit to the desired length. The last row banded crayfish step. The plot can be both long and medium length. Her knit cap. The bottom hem tie for scheme 2, continue knitting according to the scheme №4. The border is knitted at the end of the scheme №5.

Blue skirt for women is a tape lace

The skirt looks elegant and flatters the figure of its owner. One is quite long, so will fit women of any age. You can associate both the summer and warmer option. Using this lace you can knit a skirt, sundress or dress for girls.

You will need:

  • 800 gr. cotton yarn;
  • hook No. 2.

Size: 44.


Associate scheme fishnet strip — lace — 83-85 see It should be long, below the knee. Tie another strip that should be attached to the first as shown in the diagram.

Gorgeous black lace skirt for women

This long skirt will compliment any women’s figure and will look extremely impressive — hollow-out pattern makes it very elegant. Fit it of the motives of the scheme, so that you can adjust to your size. Continue knitting stripes until you get the desired width of the skirt minus the width of one strip. It will need to knit to make to join both sides of the finished fabric skirt. Belt can be tied or SC or SSN of the desired width. The cords can be linked to the supply chain of VP, provatas extra row of SC.

Short white skirt in the technique of knitting loin

Sirloin knitting looks very elegant and dressy — very nice pattern! In the summer it is possible to associate such a beautiful skirt. Good for teenage girls.

You will need:

  • white cotton yarn iris (87м/10g);
  • hook No. 1.

Size: 40-42.

Description master class

Sirloin knitting do pattern. First, recruit a chain of 348 EP, closable in the ring. First row — 3 pet.lift the whole SSN number. In the second row recruit 3 pet.of rise and 2 VP + *PRSS+2ВП * to end of row. There are 114 homes. We continue to knit according to the scheme in a circle until the 70th ryadochek.

Now divide the work into 2 parts. To note thread contrast.the colour of the sides. In order to draw the line sides skirts need to be closed from both sides 17 times for 1ССН. Only 68 will be closed by SSN. Belt fit SSN six rows. Then tuck three rows inside and sew thread. Inside the waistband to insert the elastic. If desired, the border can be decorated additionally. Well, that’s a good skirt for girls are ready!

Skirt of Japanese magazines from the wedges with pineapple

Very nice model of skirts from Japanese magazines. Fit under the scheme dokazyvaetsya only a wide belt. To skirt the required substrate.

Japanese magazines you can find a lot of good schemes for crochet skirts. For example, here are a knitted skirt.

another scheme skirts of Japanese magazines.

Video master class

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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