Snood scarves for men — 4 options and MK

Snood in the wardrobe of men gradually takes its place. It is a warm and practical thing protects you from the cold and frost, decorate and complement the masculine image. Like female models, male scarf can simultaneously serve as a cap. It is comfortable, practical and beautiful. To tie a pretty scarf Snood for one hook, the more the work will be pleasant and useful. For warm products in cold season it is recommended to choose a thick yarn, it is desirable that its composition of wool. Then the thing will be really warm, nice and warm in the most severe frosts. The main principles of men’s necks are not the pretentiousness and simplicity.

Interesting scarf for a loved one

Simple pattern, monochrome décor and practicality – these are the words which are best suited to describe this product. It can crochet any girl, just a little patience and perseverance. The you can choose any color, depending on the preferences of the future owner of this unique things.


Yarn does not need a very thin, ideal for Hanks 50 m length 100 m. Such Hanks have 6 pieces we have to Work a hook № 5,5.


In order to tie men’s scarf need to dial a chain of 29 loops (VP). Follow the scheme:

1: in the fourth from the hook loop knit across the row 2 column with nakida (V. s/n), then skip 3. p. the previous row and 2 tbsp. s/n Sequence to continue to the end;

2.: 3. p., 1 tbsp. s/n, skip 3 stitches and make 1 tbsp. s/n, missed to link 1 column from 2накидами, 1 concave column. To continue to the end;

3.: 3. p., 1 tbsp. s/n, skip 3 columns and tie 1 tbsp. s/n, 1 tbsp. convex s/n, repeat from the beginning.

4-130 G.: to repeat the rows 2 and 3. To finish the job, to hide the ends and sew the end panels. This thing will definitely delight the men, though, like she is most likely young guys.


Scarf Snood crochet: video master class

A simple cowl in dark blue color «Love»


Simple but tasteful, with a twist. These words deserves this circular men’s scarf. It is as beautiful as sports style and classic. Its width is 25 cm and the length of the folded – 60 see he has no end or beginning, there is no «inside» and «persons», that is a universal thing. It protects from the cold air and serves as an elegant complement of the image.


Knit this Snood need a hook, and suitable for operation No. 4. Yarn is better to take the wool, then the scarf will get soft, dense and warm.


How to calculate the size of the future product? You can just tie a chain of any length, but to accurately guess the size, it is necessary to measure the head circumference and add 5 cm This will be the optimal length of the pipe. Hook to dial 128 V. p. (or as long as necessary for desired length, but the number of loops must be odd). The chain to close the ring and to knit men’s scarf according to the scheme:

1.: alternate 1 tbsp. b/n from 1. p.;

2.: to alternate 1 VP and 1 tbsp. s/n

Repeat 1 and 2 till the desired height of the product. Knit Snood is necessary in a circle forward and reverse ranks. To comply with this condition is important because the only way to achieve a perfectly flat pattern, make it textured and interesting. Mens Snood is better to do a height of 25-30 cm


Scarf Snood of columns without nakida thick yarn video MK

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