6 models of scarf Snood crochet with descriptions and diagrams and videos of MK

The scarf quickly won the love of the modern fashionistas, but all because it is not only fashionable and stylish accessory, the patterns of which are striking in their diversity, but also a practical item of clothing that protects us in the most severe frosts! Our master class will show you how to knit original scarf Snood crochet with scheme will help to cope with this problem, even for beginners!

Fishnet Snood crochet for beginners

If You still hesitate to associate the collar with your hands, then this workshop is for You! A detailed description and clear instruction will help to develop new patterns to tie scarf Snood, leaving no chance to failure.

We will need:

  • yarn (51% silk, 49% Merino, 100 grams on 717 meters) – 1 Hank;
  • hook № 3,25.

The density of knitting: 7 p. x 5 = 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Dimensions: the finished product will amount to 89 cm in length and 19 cm in width.

Important! The first two aerial loops over the pole. do not believe! Each row should finish the connecting pole. regardless of whether you want to return the painting.


  • 1 tbsp. s/n: 1 post. with nakida;
  • 1 HP s/n – 1 facial relief column. with nakida;
  • 1. SS/n – 1 the reverse is a relief post. with nakida;
  • 1 HP s/2H – 1 facial relief column. with two brides.

Scheme knitting front and back embossed columns


Recruited 224/p, connect them in the ring and continue to circle.

1 g: 3 p, 1 s. s/n in each loop = 224..

2 g: 2/n, *1 HP s/n in the next loop, 1. p. s/n in the next loop, repeat from *.

3-5 PP.: like 2 g..

6 g: 2 a/n, *skip 2 p., 1 HP s/2n in the next 2 stitches left knit in. knitting, now HP with 1/2H before knitting each of missed 2 p., skip 2 p., 1 HP s/2H back in the next 2 p, subject to the Prov. columns in front of work and knit 1 HP s/2H back to a previously missed 2-x p., repeat from *, then make the connection column and turn the knitting inside out.

7 g: 2 a/n, 1. p. s/n in each loop, the connecting column, turn on the front side.

8 in: 2 in/n, *skip 2 p., 1 HP with/2 n 2 n. in the following, subject to the related posts before work and knit 1 HP s/2H behind slave. each of missed 2 p., skip 2 p., 1 HP s/n of 2 in CL. 2 p. Prov. post. At work and war. K. S. 1/2H before, in each of the missed p. 2, repeat from *, connection column, turn the fabric inside out.

9 g: 2/1 S. p. V. s/n in each. p., Conn. C. return on RS.

10-29.: = 6-9 years (patterns) x 5 times.

30-34 gg: = 2 g..

Finish the job and hide the thread ends.

Snood crochet of lush columns: video master class

Warm and bulky cowl Snood for winter for beginners

To tie scarf Snood this model is not difficult. This unusual collar and large patterns are perfect for an autumn coat!

We will need:

  • yarn (Your choice of medium thickness) 1 Hank;
  • hook № 3;
  • 2 buttons.

Dimensions: 60 cm in length and 25 cm in width.



Recruit a chain of. with a length of 10 cm, then – according to the chart shown below.

1 in: 2 in/p, *pass. first St, 1 s/n 2nd p., 1 tbsp. s/n 1st p., repeat from *.

2 g: 2/n, *pass. 1st post., 1 sec. s/n in S. second, 1 sec. s/n in the first C, repeat from *.

To get the pattern, repeat these 2 years, simultaneously adding both sides in every second ryadochek at 1 p. as long as the width of the product will not be 25 see When we reach the length of 60 cm, finishing the work and sew two buttons with a narrow part. The holes for the buttons, we will serve himself openwork pattern of the fabric.

Simple Snood: video master class

Winter white Snood crochet for beginners

Bulky and incredibly warm, it will protect You from the cold, and our MC will help to develop new patterns and knit a scarf cowl in one evening!

We will need:

  • yarn (100% wool, 113 grams to 249 meters) – 1 Hank;
  • hook № 5,5;
  • 4 buttons.

To accomplish desired constellation, we will need proposed at the beginning of the master class diagram knit front and back embossed columns.


Recruit a chain of 26.

1 G. C. s/n 2nd p. from hook, 1/p, pass. 1 p., *art. s/n in seq. p., 1/n, skip the next. p. S. s/n in seq. p., Deut. from * S. s/n in the latter. p., powerchip..

2 g: 2/n C. s/n in each. p., is suitable..

3 g: 2/n, *s. convex s/n in seq. p. S. with concave/n in seq. p., repeat. from * S. s/n in the latter. p., a rotatable work.

G. 4: 2 in/p, *concave C. C/n in seq. p. s. convex s/n in seq. p, repeat from *, SV s/n in the latter. p., a rotatable work.

3-4 years. – this is the basic fishnet pattern that decorates our yoke crochet.

Continue knitting in the established openwork pattern to the desired length of the product.

Last row: 2 in/n, *C. s/n 1-u p, 1/p, skip p. S. s/n in seq. p., repeat. from * S. s/n in the latter. p..

Sew on buttons as shown below.

Unusual bulk white Snood crochet for beginners

This collar will fit even in the most intense cold, and the original model of the collar and the volumetric patterns will emphasize good taste of its owner.

We will need:

  • yarn (50% wool, 40% Merino, 10% acrylic, 100 grams of 98 meters) – 1 Hank;
  • the crooked finger No. 10;
  • 4 buttons made of wood.

Under these conditions, the density knitting should be 6.5 St. per 10 cm


Recruited 41 p.

1 g: 1 sec. b/n 2nd p. from cu., s. b/n in each. CL. p. rotate = 40 p..

2-3.: 1., 1 sec. b/n in each. p. along, return = 40 p..

Repeat openwork pattern from * (figure 1) 3 more times, resulting in 4 parts.

Now, knit to first planetski, as shown in figure 2.

1 g: 1/p (=1 sec. n/a), p. b/n in each. p. (3 sec. one planochki) = 12 p..

2 g: 1/p, 1. b/n in the same p., 1/n, skip 1 p. (place the loops for the buttons) for 1 sec. b/n the next 3 p, 1/p, skip p. (second button), 1 second. b/n in each. from the following 4 p., 1/n, skip 1 p. (third button), 1 second. b/n in the villages. p. rotate = 9 sec. b/n and 3 holes for hinges buttons.

3 g: 1/p, 1. b/n in the same p., 1 sec. b/n in each. CL. p. including p. for buttons = 12 p..

Finish working. We just have to twist the existing planetski, as shown in the figure below.

Now knit on the other hand, as shown in the 4th picture, the last 3 rows of columns without nakida and sew on buttons.

Fishnet Snood hook+line: video master class

Snudy you can’t knit, only crochet, but knitting. About how to do this read here.

I hope our lesson will help You to choose the right model of scarf. Smooth loops!

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