Rocking chair with their hands

Hand made rocking chair the pride of man, because he made it himself. Stay on this original furniture is a pleasure, but it must be mounted so that it swung but not overturned. Materials for chairs you can use all that is at home or at the cottage: wood, plywood, pipe.

What is better to make a chair with their hands

Drawing of rocking chair

A rocking chair with his hands is made of:

  • Plywood. Rocking chair made of plywood has a simple look but the quality is excellent performance – the furniture is comfortable and durable.
  • Tree. To create quality furniture, use good wood varieties – oak, larch, conifers.
  • Profile tubes. Country rocking chairs do privaris letters correctly bent progtram, or cook them from the main frame.
  • Vine. Wicker rocking chairs look good and are long. If your hands don’t know how to weave, you can buy a chair in the shop or try to do – you decide.

How to make a rocking chair with their hands

To make a beanbag chair yourself, just doing everything step by step:

  1. Prepare the necessary tools:
    • the jigsaw;
    • sander;
    • a set of different-sized bits;
    • Fraser (to handle edge);
    • drill bits for wood;
    • screwdriver;
    • beam;
    • plywood;
    • roulette;
    • paint brush;
    • roller;
    • gon;
    • screws;
    • pencil;
    • hammer.
  2. Draw a drawing. Each project begins with planning. A detailed drawing is necessary to calculate the amount of building materials. Calculations made on a metric grid, it is better to transfer to the paper and gently cut a pattern through which the outline of future rocking chairs can be easily applied to the work surface. Inaccuracies are acceptable, you can’t go wrong when you align the sidewalls: rolled and lower sides must be absolutely identical.
  3. Cut of lumber and plywood blanks. To prepare tie-rails and sidewall for rocking chairs with their hands, it is better to use eurotuner 30 mm thick Sidewall saw jigsaw pattern. Next cut into blanks of the bars, which will serve as a seat and backrest of the chair. Cutting out details, observe the multiplicity, in this case, the residues will be very little.
  4. Treat details. Remove the chamfer, power trowel of all the parts of the future product with a grinding machine. If the rocking chair would be on the street, pay special attention to the ends. This will prevent the ingress of moisture, the influence of which they will be subjected in the country. Saturate the ends with hot linseed oil, and a hammer splashlite wood fibers. Due to this moisture will be almost absorbed. The end items need to be processed twice before Assembly.
  5. Assemble design. Rocking chair with their hands does not require compliance with particular standards in manufacturing. Hole required for side bars, spaced: attract them to the sidewalls of confirmatory. To combine the two sidewalls drilled in them through holes with a drill of 8 mm For the end rings take 5 mm. each bar is drilled for 4 holes.
  6. Treat the finished product. Fill the formed holes. Pour over a rocking chair with antiseptic three times cover with a waterproof varnish. Remember how much work it cost you to make a rocking chair with their hands, so it’s best to carefully cover the design finish. Then the chair will serve for years to the delight of the whole family.

Rocking chair made of plywood

Homemade rocking chair made of plywood

Beautiful and comfortable rocking chair for the garden is done in the presence of:

  • plywood (size: 1520х800 mm, 4 mm thick, sheets 10 and 15 mm);
  • glue;
  • the milling machine;
  • one set of bolts.

Make a chair with their hands:

  1. Make templates for parts for rocking chairs. Draw a grid with equal cells and transfer it into drawing elements, which later will be stripped patterns.
  2. The templates on the plywood cut with a mill of 10 mm sheets: the slats for the backrest (18 PCs 54х3 cm) strap for the seat (16 PCs. 50h3). 4-mm sheet: one main part of the back and seat.
  3. Note the places where you will be mounting, drilled holes in them.
  4. Do the bandwagon rocking seat, shaped like skis, with a length of 53 cm.
  5. Grind all the items sandpaper.
  6. Try to assemble the design.
  7. Putting the backrest and the seat, sticking them to the substrate (in thin sheets) by forming them in a curved shape.
  8. After the paint is completely dry, the primed structure.
  9. Finally fixed the details of the rocking chairs.

A wooden chair

Rocking chair made of wood, hand made

To construct with his own hands a wooden rocking chair that will become a favorite place for the baby, you need:

  • wooden pallets;
  • timber (50×100 mm);
  • screws – 4 PCs.;
  • the bolts are M10 by 50 mm with nuts and washers – 6 PCs.;
  • bolts with a diameter of 12 mm (with stopper);
  • tube of cardboard (5 mm thick);
  • jigsaw electric;
  • sandpaper (100 x 200);
  • drill.

The chair is done in stages:

  1. Prepare pan: remove from him all the nails, sawn off bad edges and corners.
  2. Six boards make the two side frames in the form of trapezoids.
  3. Of the four bars forming the sides of the seat L-shaped.
  4. Future runners rounds with a nail file, clear all the bumps.
  5. Saws top of the skids and paste smeared glue rack sidewalls. Fix and leave to dry.
  6. On the arms of a drilled hole (at a distance from each other of 5 mm) for tubes made of cardboard, they will form the seat and back. Lubricates them with glue and insert.
  7. Collect the finished rocking chair.
  8. To make the construction of neat appearance, sanded it, remove glue residue and reveal the varnish.

Of profile pipes

Rocking chair of profile pipes

Rocking chair made of shaped tube with your hands will become a great «garden» version – the subject is very strong and durable. For such furniture needs:

  • bars of steel (with openings of 20 x 20 mm);
  • steel sheet – 2 mm;
  • corners – 40х40х3 mm;
  • apparatus for welding;
  • Bulgarian;
  • drill;
  • metal screws.

Do the rocking chair:

  1. Prepare the drawings. On view work as a normal chair, parts of which stand in a wide arc.
  2. Cut into bars. Their length should be 1 m. it is Welded to the frame at a distance of 5-6 mm from each other. Bend the steel on the oval and connected by welding with the base.
  3. Do seat. To the part where it would be screwed to the sheet.
  4. Clean welds, machined finished rocking chair measure against corrosion.
  5. Such furniture not too soft, but it is possible to put the cushion then sits a man will not feel discomfort.

Chair-rocking chair

Rocking chair, hand made

Chair-chair is able to make every dad who cares about the comfort of your baby. To mount a new game and place in accordance with the instructions above. The second option is to attach to the legs of the last chair of the child is the Foundation on which it will gradually wiggle. The main thing is to add functionality so that the object was not overturned.

Video: children’s swing with his own hands

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