Quilling roses

Quilling – craft known as quilling. Using this technique mistresses make compositions using small parts, twisted into coils, which are called modules. Most popular of quilling theme is flowers: bulk flowers decorate murals or vases. Special attention is paid to the needlewoman execution in the technique of quilling rose – Queen of flowers. There are several ways of its manufacture. Some popular methods we offer you to read.

What materials and tools you will need

To learn how to do in the technique of quilling roses, to stock up on not only patience, but also a specific set of tools and materials. Due to the fact that all the details are performed by using curled paper, you will need a set of narrow colorful paper strips. If you buy ready-strip fails, do them yourself. In addition to paper tape, to make in the technique of quilling buds and open flowers, you will need the following tools:

A standard set of tools for quilling

  • Awl. To operate a tool with a comfortable handle, this will depend on the tension force of the paper. Awl for bumgardener must have a diameter not exceeding one millimeter. If a suitable tool cannot be found, it will replace the slim with a hot rod.
  • Special tool for quilling. This device has the appearance of a sewed with the difference that his has a fascination ensures mounting the paper when twisting. It is sold in shops, offering goods for needlework.
  • A pair of tweezers. This tool is required to perform work of high precision with small parts. It should not have the indent, because they will leave marks on the strips of paper. For the quilling roses use tweezers with sharp and perfectly aligned tips. The tool should be convenient and secure grip with minimal pressure.
  • A pair of scissors. To produce in the technique of quilling roses, still need scissors. They also should have pointed ends.
  • Glue. For needlework, you can use any colorless and quick drying. The most popular among beginners masters is PVA.

Master class for creating crafts with your hands

Rose is one of the most simple and complex items that are performed by skilled workers. It is used when creating postcards, three-dimensional panels, compositions, paintings. There are several options for making a flower with this technique. From the first glance there is a feeling that the process is very time-consuming, but the hard work is only, in order to achieve colors of the same size.

Roses in the style of quilling

To get the same parts, you must perform the twisting with one force push, and this can only skilled craftsmen with the experience. However, due to the large number of small elements skill is developed very quickly. Another requirement is patience and perseverance. The wizard in this technique is similar to the laborious action of the jeweler.

Video tutorial: How to make a rose out of quilling

The art of quilling has its roots far in the mists of time. It originated in Europe, however, it gradually became the most popular form of needlework in the East. Not paid attention to this kind of needlework Japanese masters. Currently, this kind of manual creativity is experiencing a rebirth. So many craftsmen engaged in the manufacture of interior, are eager to understand the technique. To learn how to do in the technique of quilling roses offers Cuppacino A., a participant of the program «City of masters». Her master class you can see by reviewing the following story:

Scheme to create roses out of paper

This technique offers a number of different methods perform one and the same element, this applies to the rose. We offer you to discover one of the easiest methods of making this flower, which can be used to design murals or paintings. To make a single rose we need:

  • A colored paper of any suitable color,
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tool for quilling or awl.

Diagram creation rose in the technique of quilling

How to make a rose:

  1. For making this item suitable paper of yellow, red, orange, pink or white. It all depends on your vision of the finished composition.
  2. Paper should be cut into blanks for future flower: a single circle with a diameter of 2.5 cm and five parts with a diameter of 1 cm.
  3. Take a large circle and draw on it a spiral to the center. Cut the paper with scissors along the planned path. You should get a wavy stripe.
  4. Grab the edge of the resulting strip of quilling, if not, then use an awl and try to tighten the strip from the edge to the center, making a slight bend on the outer side. This technique will help to create the effect drop-down button.
  5. Rest the tip of the paper glue to the flower Bud.
  6. The reverse side of the product we coat with white glue and leave until dry.
  7. Then take the Bud, have conceived the place and under it glue each petal separately (the smallest circles).
  8. Ready to flower.

Pictures of roses in the style of quilling

This technique allows you to invent all sorts of fantastical variations in the production of known items. Thanks to the usual twisted paper paintings blossom Paradise gardens, striking with its colors and almost jewelry design. The most popular figure of the exhibits is a rose. Familiar flower that flaunts in the paintings of artists and embroiderers, in a new way revealed in the works of the masters. Let’s see the production version of the rose using the technique of bumgardener.

Photo options rose in the technique of quilling

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