Quilling for kids

Quilling is a technique of creating three-dimensional compositions using modules made of twisted fragments of paper. The term comes from the English word quill – «bird feather». Quilling for kids – a great way to develop artistic skills, fine motor skills, perseverance and diligence. This is the perfect craft for preschoolers because it is safe and easy to learn. Quilling classes for kids practiced in many institutions by the group, but parents are able to teach a little of the Creator of this technique at home.

A master class in quilling for beginners 4-5 years old

To start training in the technique of quilling for kids valid already at the age of 4-5 years. Under the guidance of parents, kids can create a simple application, postcards and other products that will be a good gift or decoration. To create with the child a simple floral arrangement, get the following items:

  • double-sided color paper;
  • PVA glue or a pencil;
  • scissors;
  • thin stick;
  • the basis for the image;
  • brush

The implementation process includes the following steps:

  1. Coloured paper with thin sticks twisted first half of the paper and glued, then to the end again and glued.
  2. Rolls cut across narrow strips to the finished items resembled the petals and leaves.
  3. Prepare the basis for the work. For these purposes, perfect thick colored cardboard.
  4. On the basis of doing a sketch of the composition.
  5. Then the child chooses the items to work, laying them on the base without glue.
  6. Making sure that the composition looks harmonious, «put» modules on the glue.

Flowers meadow

This manual will teach you and your child how to use quilling techniques to create a composition in the form of a field of flowers. It is an easy job, and to teach her you can even toddler aged 3-4 years. For this you will need the following tools:

  • colored paper;
  • material for the base (perfect thick cardboard green);
  • pens or pencils;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • tube or round pencil.

Flowers in the technique of quilling for children

Here is a sample plan for creating beauty with their hands:

  1. Start training modules, cutting colored paper into strips 5-7 mm wide.
  2. Wrap the strips on a pencil, pen or straw.
  3. Provide the size of the resulting helices.
  4. Harvests the required amount of colored modules in accordance with the planned plot.
  5. Decompose the elements in the form of stems, petals and leaves on the base.
  6. Carefully glue the modules.
  7. Some details you can to finish or accomplish in the technique of regular application.

Autumn composition

Autumn – time colors, which can inspire young artists to create these masterpieces with your own hands. Try to create in the technique of quilling for children the spectacular autumn arrangement. Tool kit standard:

  • colored paper (mainly in yellow, red, green shades);
  • stencil a vase;
  • a simple pencil;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors;
  • toothpick.

A simple scheme of execution will help you with the baby at work:

  1. Choose a picture and trace it in pencil.Circled in the picture a simple pencil
  2. Cut through the stencil paper vase the selected hue.Quilling for kids 5 years
  3. Harvests modules cut construction paper into thin strips and wrap with a toothpick.
  4. Draw branches with a marker pen.Drawing of the branches of the autumn song
  5. In figure pasted harvested twisted elements to make a striking floral arrangement.quilling for children of preschool age
  6. The finished work is executed in a frame.The product of quilling on the theme of autumn for children

Step-by-step crafts for children 6-7 years

For kids of age 6-7 years of study of a variety of quilling will be interesting and have a benefit. Try to gather the flower. For lesson you will need:

  • double sided colored paper of two types – green and orange;
  • tubules for a cocktail;
  • scissors;
  • awl;
  • PVA glue;
  • stationery knife;
  • line

Training modules – the most important stage. He performed in the following way:

  1. Using scissors cut the paper into strips of a width of about 50 mm.
  2. With the help of sewing the strips curl into a tight coil, the ends of which are fixed by glue.
  3. A toothpick pressed in the center of the coil, with the result that it should take the form of a cone.

Please note that each cone must be the same length. Ensure that all the simple actions a child to do without your help. When all modules are ready, you can start assembling the finished composition:

  1. You need to glue the cones to each other so as to form a sort of sphere.
  2. Leave a small hole for the stem of the flower.
  3. From green paper cut a strip thickness of about 1.5-2 cm..
  4. Basically green straws with paper spiral.
  5. Cut a strip of green paper with a thickness of 5 cm fringe and glue a spiral way.
  6. Connect the flower to the stem with glue PVA.

Butterfly in the technique of quilling

We offer you a step by step description of the creation of the butterfly in the technique of quilling. The manufacture of such products more difficult than standard applications, but the work itself can be used not just as decoration, but also as a toy. For production we need:

  • colored paper;
  • a set of sewing needles;
  • Board work;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush for glue.

Quilling child is 6 years old Butterfly

Start passing scheme gradually, step by step:

  1. Do the wings cut into three strips of paper of different lengths, be sure to select matching shades.
  2. Glue strips from short to long.
  3. Twist them so that the inside was the most short.
  4. The free end of the seal from the outside.
  5. The circles are inserted into the incisions swellingbuy the Board and spins.
  6. Sewing needles presses the center of the circle to one side, sizing the bands in this place.
  7. Do the torso: twist the two circles formed by the cones, which are glued together.
  8. Combine all of the elements adding to the composition a mustache of thin coiled strips


Using the skill of forming modular compositions using curled paper, you can create incredibly beautiful snowflakes. They will be a perfect home decoration during the Christmas holidays. Consider instruction create snowflakes in this technique. For this you will need:

  • white paper (will fit a regular office);
  • PVA glue;
  • toothpick;
  • scissors;
  • thin brush for the glue.

Product quilling - snowflake

The implementation of this complex DIY work will require the involvement of an adult:

  1. Paper cut into thin strips.
  2. Twist them with a toothpick.
  3. A little to dissolve the resulting ring of the necessary diameter.
  4. Free external tip glue.
  5. Hold the ring from opposite sides.
  6. Harvests 12 such elements, and bonded together in the form of a flower.
  7. Twist the strip into a tight ring and fasten with glue.
  8. Glue rings between the petals of the snowflake.
  9. Make 6 swirls paper and glue on two the distance between the petals one by one.
  10. In the center of the snowflake glue simple tight ring.

Rowan branch

Rowan branch is a simple and effective arrangement, which you can mount on a standard sheet of paper or beautiful openwork napkin. To craft you will need:

  • double sided colored paper in black, green and red or terracotta colors;
  • the basis for the composition (construction paper, lace paper napkin, etc.);
  • adhesive;
  • toothpick;
  • a pair of scissors.

Quilling by children - Rowan Branch

Start putting everything on the table in a convenient order:

  1. Make the berries: cut red or terracotta paper thin strips and twist with a toothpick into a tight ring, the ends fastened with glue.
  2. Make the leaves: roll rings from strips of green, compressed, with two edges to form the shape of the sheet.
  3. Dark paper cut out a branch of the desired thickness and glue on the base.
  4. Place the modules in the form of leaves along a branch.
  5. At the end of the branch put the berries in a lush bunches.

Scheme animals to create paper products

Using the following diagrams you and your child will be able to perform in the technique of quilling composition in the form of animals and birds. It can be a funny chick, rabbit, hedgehog and other fauna. Detailed instructions will allow you to avoid mistakes in carrying out the work, and your child to experience the animal world and to develop creative abilities.

How to make bulk toy made of corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a convenient, versatile and easy to work material. It’s easy to create impressive crafts with your hands. Presenting your attention the video lesson contains step by step instruction of creation of three-dimensional toy in the form of a chick using corrugated cardboard. The lesson is available in the form of a game, so watching it will be interesting to both adults and children.

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