Quilling daisies

To admire the beauty of daisies is not necessary to pluck the living flower or buy it in the store. Paper and some handy tools will help you to make yourself an original creation based on the technique of quilling. It’s an art of making flat or three-dimensional applications by using strips of paper of different lengths, glue, some tools. Add desire, sleight of hand and try to create a style of beautiful wild flower – a Daisy.

What tools and materials you will need

Flower like beautiful sunshine, you can make your own hands with the help of special equipment, materials, tools. Such a fun and useful activity that develops coordination, memory, creative thinking, will be a good pastime. But, before you start creating decorative Daisy, you need to prepare paper strips of green, white, yellow colors in different widths to make the flower, stem and leaves.

To create a field paper plants based on this technology need special tools. Need can scissors, pencil, special brush. If you want to make on the basis of quilling a Daisy, you can not do without a template. To connect the parts of the corrugated paper between themselves and with the wire at hand is necessary to keep the PVA glue (alternatively, glue or a glue stick).

Quilling daisies – a step by step guide for beginners

If you first make a Daisy using the technique of quilling, you will need step by step instructions. When collected all the necessary materials on hand, paper, just have to get to work. The result is bound to please because you will be able to make your hands beautiful wild flowers, which even in the decorative variant of twisted crepe paper to look like a smile of sunshine. Here is a step by step guide products:

How to make a Daisy in the technique of quilling

  • For the petals of daisies to take two thin strips of paper with a width of 3 mm, Slice each into six equal parts, which will become the petals of a flower.
  • Sliced in strips slightly round out the edges with a pencil.
  • Then, imposing on each other cross, carefully glue all the strips in the center.
  • The following stage – preparation means, which are necessary to create three stripes. On the one hand a slip of paper cut into fringed, folded blanks together, twist into a roll. Notched edge you need to loosen, then the middle of the flower sticking to earlier United petals.
  • To shape a flower of the field, you can, if you raise the petals up. This is the final stage of creating the product.

Master class volume daisies photo

Decorative wild flower represents the original approach, patience and dexterity. A composition of several flowers in the technique of quilling created with your hands, decorate the interior is not worse, than a vase with a bouquet of flowers. A neat approach when working with the material will be a guarantee that the result will delight and a master class in creating bulk chamomile will introduce you with new ways of twisting paper. Here is a step by step guide products:

How to make bulk chamomile in the technique of quilling

  • For the manufacture of flower take a strip of white paper (width 15 mm), yellow (width 5 mm).
  • First do the middle: cut the yellow strip on the one hand, wind the resulting strip on a toothpick. The tip parts connected, and then expand the core.
  • To create an air volume of the petals, take the hair comb with long teeth. Wrap the edge of the strip around the first, secure with glue, and then move according to the scheme: from the starting point, the first kink to the next. Wrapping around him to go back to the first, and then go to the third tooth of the comb. Petal needs to keep in shape, so the paper should be wound tightly. Glue the base of the petals, lock it with the pin.
  • Make one flower at least seven voluminous lobes, and then attach them to the middle, allow to dry.
  • Original hack ready.

Schemes to create the flower in the technique of quilling

To create masterpieces based on the technique of quilling will be useful not only step-by-step instructions and videos with master classes, but also the schema. With their help, you will quickly master the basics and learn to make simple objects. Circuitry first, you can create simple products and then the acquired skills will allow you to do entire paintings using unique technique of applied art.

Stepwise video tutorial on creating a chamomile

Make a beautiful decorative flower field, using the technique of twisting strips of paper with the help of special tools you can when view step-by-step video tutorial below. Stepwise explanation, focusing on important nuances, a clear demonstration of the result – that the benefits of this master classes in quilling. On the basis of the simple techniques you have to make a Daisy. Prepare the necessary materials, tools and start the creative process.

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