Products for children from stones

When you go on holiday with the children to the sea, it is a rare young tourist will bring home at least a small collection of stones. Very often such sea pebbles is years. However, few people know that it is possible to create a variety of products for children from stones. Turn the junk in your home in an interesting interior, fun toys, a process which will captivate not only you but also your children. How to occupy your time using this stuff and what happens?

How to make beautiful crafts of stones and natural materials

There are plenty of ideas that you can implement using your collection of natural materials. Come a variety of products for children from stones found in the yard or in the Park. You can use them for decorating the interior. Below you will find a variety of options beautiful results that were performed by the children from river, sea or semi-precious stones. Follow the instructions of the product creation, you have got the same product.

From sea stones

Using natural material collected on the seashore, it is possible to depict different animals, fish, use them to create beautiful rugs in the bathroom or on the threshold, for example. Described below are small workshops that will help you to make a beautiful bright picture of a heart or a frog. Such products also adorn your house to create a special atmosphere and natural aura.


Children’s room is a place of tales, unknown animals, colorful products. Add previously created the aura of this place cute crafts for children of the stones in the form of cheerful frogs. They can be large or small, different colors, shapes. Your child will not only admire his work, but happily accepted in the game, being carried away deeper into the fairy world.

Materials needed:

  • superglue;
  • sea pebbles large and small sizes;
  • green, black, white, red acrylic paint.

Frogs from sea stones, hand made

Step through:

  1. Big stone of the correct form of the future body of the frog.
  2. Two oblong little stone will come in handy as legs in amphibians.
  3. For the eye look all round the smallest stones.
  4. Glue the parts together: the legs attach to the bottom of a large stone is symmetrical. Top glue two small eyes.
  5. Razreshite paint ready layout: red and white mouth, green body, and black and white – eyes.


If you have a lot of beautiful smooth sea stones, try to create an unusual heart. Use this garland to decorate a summer courtyard, uvesa its decorative elements. For example, lights, doors, gates, gate or fence. It will always look original, fascinating and creative. To attract to the manufacturing process of their children, to teach them this method of creating a unique décor.

What you’ll need:

  • sea scattering of large stones;
  • hard wire;
  • pliers;
  • a small piece of fine mesh netting;

Hack-heart made of sea stones

Step-by-step production of crafts:

  1. Hard wire using the pliers to Flex the shape of a heart. The end exactly connect to each other with a thin wire.
  2. Take the netting and fully wrap her heart. You should get the pocket.
  3. Between the two layers of mesh pour stones. The need to tightly pack them to avoid voids in the finished product.
  4. Secure the mesh to the frame of rigid wire in the shape of a heart.


Create a beautiful painting with a deep meaning with pebbles. Paste it in an extravagant frame and decoration element for your apartment or home ready. Use different themes in the process of creation: a loving couple, young lambs, a field of flowers or the spiral pattern. Let you are strong in art and mural work with a simple image of just the silhouettes, however, nicely beating your masterpiece other materials (cloth, wood, etc.), you get a great hack.

Necessary set of materials:

  • pebbles;
  • beach sand is coarse-grained;
  • frame photo without glass any size;
  • cardboard white;
  • superglue or PVA;
  • varnish glossy;
  • paint acrylic;
  • brush.

The product of rocks for kids

Description of manufacturing process:

  1. On cardboard, draw paints the sky, the sea, gulls. Do not have to use a professional technique of drawing.
  2. A small part of the pebbles color to green (it will be the trees).
  3. With the help of other big stones and acrylic paints to create small houses of different sizes.
  4. Painted and dried material glue on the cardboard, laying the slide (as if all the houses are in the mountains at different levels).
  5. Create a beach picture using sand and small pebbles. For this purpose the bottom part of the cardboard, smear a generous layer of PVA and sprinkle sand on top, secure the stones. Don’t worry, after drying, glue is absolutely not noticeable.
  6. Let it all dry. After paint ready panels.
  7. At the end, insert a picture in a frame.

From semi-precious stones

If you have a collection of semi-precious stones, create a unique decoration on the neck with his hands. You’ll have a very beautiful accessory in the form of the original collar perfectly matches with almost any outfits. Teach your daughter to make such decorations. The child since childhood, will know that to create a great image, no need to spend money just to show imagination and to create an accessory with his hands.

What you need:

  • semi-precious stones various sizes and shapes;
  • a sheet of heavy paper;
  • scissors;
  • tape;
  • plastic bottle;
  • adhesive;
  • 2nd short chain;
  • clasp.

Necklace of semi-precious stones

Execution algorithm:

  1. Take the paper and draw a layout of the future necklaces, cut it out.
  2. Take a bottle, cut it lengthwise to get the canvas to create a necklace.
  3. Put the paper layout on the plastic, cut out the contour of the base.
  4. On paper, each stone placed so that the result is to create a symmetrical pattern. Circle every item on the circuit to remember the position and move the figure on a plastic base.
  5. Paper layout with the drawn diagram of the layout of stones and attach with tape to a plastic base.
  6. With a toothpick obmazyvat the bottom of each stone and stick on plastic, as illustrated.
  7. When the pattern is fully implemented, will dry the necklace.
  8. Look plastic edge panel and thread mask beads.
  9. Edges attach the chain with a lock in the connection.

From river rocks

To create interesting crafts for children of the stones, use river pebbles. It is perfectly treatable and with the help of sawing of every pebble work various figures of animals, butterflies, hearts and other interesting items. Children love not only to play with such products, but also to create them. Make a beautiful picture with river stones and additional elements. How to create – see below.

Necessary equipment:

  • flat small stones collected from rivers;
  • clay;
  • watermelon, melon seeds;
  • PVA glue;
  • the drawing paper;
  • pencil.

Children's crafts from stones to schools

Step-by-step process of creation:

  1. On the drawing paper pencil draw a house, and next to him was a tree.
  2. Spread each stone with glue at the bottom and attach to paper pattern.
  3. Stones paste over the wall of a house window, complete with yellow and black clay.
  4. Roof create with pumpkin seeds and glue.
  5. Wood glue mixed seeds.

Creative DIY garden with your own hands

Take care of the landscape design of your home and create interesting décor elements your own hands with the use of pebbles. Use your own ideas or inspired, and ready to repeat the work of professional designers. Any product will be very original look, harmoniously complementing everything that is already in your garden. Let the children take part in the creative process with you. And here are some ideas that will help you get inspired to create your own products:

DIY stones for the garden, hand made

  • flower pots;
  • narrow or wide track with a variety of patterns;
  • painted in the animals and bugs the big rocks;
  • painted pebbles under cacti;
  • the Mat at the entrance to the house;
  • covered sea stones landscape lights.

How-to videos: how to make crafts out of rocks

There are many creative ways how to create interesting crafts for children from stones. Using this material embodies a huge number of unique ideas for decorating the interior landscape in his yard. Below you will find a small how-to videos that describe the creation of the stone pieces, with their hands in the form of a house or murals for kids. Even here you will see photoidea such products, learn to use stones for the decoration of your own garden.

Articles of stones in kindergarten with their hands

Photoidea crafts from natural materials

Living stones for garden

House of stones

Panels of stones and shells with your hands

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