Poncho crochet diagrams and description for women

Every woman likes a stylish, beautiful clothes, which helps her every day to look gorgeous. One of the interesting parts of women’s wardrobe which has become popular in recent years is the knitted poncho. The thing is great as young girls and older women. If women are experienced in needlework, she can try to knit warm clothes. Bag hook, diagrams and description of women – all this will help you to choose your option of cushion.

Ways to crochet handbags, crochet with descriptions and diagrams

Over the last few seasons varied poncho has gained wide popularity. The thing itself is a whole cloth-Cape, which is done with a slit for the head. Modern pants are sewn not only in the classical style, designers complement their decorative and functional elements – snakes, hoods, pockets, fringe, embroidery, beads. There are capes of various lengths – short, mid-length and Maxi. Thanks to a special warm linings some kinds of handbags a girl can wear in the fall is a coat.

For the first time this thing appeared in the Indian peoples. Classic poncho decorated with ethnic motifs, fringe, it was easy and convenient. Over time, after the discovery of America by Europeans, warm clothes, with some modifications, moved first in the American fashion, and then appeared in Europe. Even today there are small businesses that manufacture traditional capes. Below you will see diagrams and descriptions of crochet bags for women that will help you to create an original garment for everyday wear.

Openwork crochet sweaters crochet

Easy openwork poncho a semicircle will be a great addition of the wardrobe in the cold summer nights in the late spring and early autumn. The product with the original pattern is well breathable thanks to the many holes, so not suitable as outerwear for the cold season. Such an item of clothing you can wear with light dresses, summer skirts, light color pants, even shorts. The material used yarn with a high content of silk (88%) and polyamide in composition (12%). How to make lace edge crochet look on the diagram:

Scheme openwork crochet handbags crochet

Master class: poncho of floral motifs

Delicate floral Cape is perfect for everyday wear or for festive events. Original pattern made by the hook, looks interesting and beautiful. This poncho is perfect for the romantic image. To create an original product, you will need cotton thread in white, pink and lilac. In the master class use a hook size number six. Density of knitting on a single floral motif – 10 cm diameter. Diagram and description crochet handbags, crochet detail seen in the picture. How to make a floral motif:

A diagram and description crochet sweaters for women

  1. Twist a chain of eight loops. Close with one connecting column, forming a ring. Knit a circle under the scheme.
  2. Each new circle/number will start with air lift loops. End – connecting column. This element then should move to the top of the air loop lifting.
  3. After the second circle with the third/next, connecting the column go to beginning of the next.
  4. Run from the first to the fourth round/row once.

A warm, heathered yarn

Bright, stylish and original get the thing that is created by using heathered yarns. In master class it used 650 grams and 50 grams of thread of orange color. Poncho with extra long edges of the front and back sits perfectly on the shoulders of the flaws of the physique. This model is perfect for attracting attention to an everyday look. Density knitting 10 cm leaf (square) – 23 loops, and 10 rows. After knitting several parts poncho will require preparation. A diagram and description crochet sweaters crochet for women:

The pattern of women's heathered poncho yarn crochet

  1. Create a pattern using one hundred and ten loops and one air loop lifting. Knit the basic pattern.
  2. In seventy-eight inches, otchityvayasj from typesetting edge finish work.
  3. Make two parts and then sew them on the pattern.
  4. The column without nakida tie region melange, orange thread once.
  5. At the bottom tie a decorative detail – several brushes with a length of twenty centimeters. To do this, use a heathered yarn.

The original scarf poncho pattern from KOs

The braid pattern is a beautiful decorative element to knitwear, which looks cozy and nice. Knitting this shawl, scarf and poncho in one item need not only a hook, but knitting needles. As materials were used red melange yarn (750 grams), spokes sixth size, hook – fourth. The finished poncho a woman can wear with jeans, pants, skirts in cool weather. On a square face ten centimeters – density knitting front surface is 17 loops and 12 rows. Poncho crochet instructions for women, creating a pattern of braids:

  1. The number of loops multiple of 16+5+2 edge. Knit using the scheme with the given front rows. Purl rows of knit loops on drawing.
  2. Start with the first edge, and loops before rapport. Repeat rapport. Finish loop after it, then one edge.
  3. Repeat from the first row to the twelfth.

Description and diagram of knitting scarf poncho with a pattern of braids crochet

Job description:

  1. Dial one hundred three loops knit pattern-knit.
  2. After one hundred and eighty centimetres from the edge of the set, close all the loops.
  3. Make a poncho in half.
  4. Stitch the right long edge of the fifty-eight inches from the dialer – this will be the shoulder seam. Average sixty-four inches will remain open (32 on each side). This neckline.
  5. In typesetting and closed edge, evenly distributing tie sixty-six brush fringe. To do this, cut two threads with a length of twenty five centimeters. Material fold in half, tie a hook. Keep the back and front of the number of brushes was the same.

Unusual poncho-vest with sleeves

Poncho vest is an original, stylish garment that will be appreciated by true fashionistas. The creation of this thing is not simple, so it is advisable to start knitting with some experience in needlework. The material was used four hundred grams of blue cotton yarn. Tool – crochet hook number 3,5. More design things the creators of the scheme adopted buttons in the tone of the thread. Clothing you can wear to tops, t-shirts, shirts, blouses. How to make the basic pattern of this poncho:

How to knit a vest-women's pants crochet

Scheme crochet vest poncho

  1. Using the scheme of three, start to knit. Please note that the points are inlaid chain is the side walls of the column with nakida strap.
  2. Start with loops that are before you repeat three times repeat loop repeat and finish with a loop after it.
  3. Once make it from the first to the third rows. Next, repeat the second, third, adding content. On the reverse of a number, start two columns with nakida + air loop + two column with nakida, 1 loop base. It will be refilled.

Beautiful Cape-poncho, in the form of a square for fat women

Women with full figure, perfectly fit various types poncho, because they help to visually hide figure flaws in width, to make it more harmonious. Stylish shawl will definitely have to taste the fairer sex that has a few extra pounds. To create it you will need 600 grams of dark blue cotton yarn, hook fourth the size. Density knitting products: 1 square = 13 by 13 inches. How to do the job:

Scheme crochet capes poncho crochet description

  1. Under the scheme, create forty-three square motif. Connect them: the first element with the second last round (for this arch of the third loop aerial replace in the connection column in the corresponding arch of the air. previous p. of the motive and the third air loop).
  2. In the corner instead of nine loops tie the arch of the four V. p., one of the connecting column in the fifth air corner loop of previous motif, after four tie air. loop.
  3. Similarly, connect all of the following reasons.

Video tutorials of how to crochet poncho crochet for beginners

Those who have little experience in needlework crochet may not be immediately clear steps how to knit women’s poncho crochet diagrams and description of work. Some instructions with pictures are not enough. Therefore, experienced Amateurs or true professionals record an interesting video, which describes how to create the original bag. Unusual patterns, interesting treatment will look great. As materials easy to use wool, acrylic, mohair and yarn of a different composition. See interesting videos on creating stylish and beautiful garment:

Square motifs crochet

Poncho with neck crochet and knitting

How to knit a poncho-drape one-piece

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