Photo collage with your own hands

Equip your home with elegant interior is not difficult and inexpensive, especially when you can do them with your hands. One such jewelry can be a collage of photos, which will not only fill a blank space on the wall, but will also remind him of the happy moments in your life.

What is collage


Familiarity with the technique of collage should start with the title: collage – the word that came to us from France, where it means «sticking». That is the basic principle of collage – a few photos pasted to the substrate (which may be paper, cloth, foil, wood, plastic and so on) of any shape and size. In General, a collage made with your own hands, is not created only from photos. The main components as with any product one subject.

Create collage of photos

Make photo collage with your own hands is easy, you only need to include fantasy and to acquire all the necessary materials for the realization of ideas. The process consists of several stages, which in any case can not be interchanged:

  1. Select the theme of the collage: the vacation, love story or wedding, baby birth, friendship, family collage, and so on.
  2. Materials. Next, choose the materials: look what was lying around the house, maybe this thing will need. Or go to the store and search for what you need.
  3. Design. This stage requires perseverance and patience, because nothing is done very quickly. When you create a photo collage with your own hands, it is important to do everything carefully. This work will decorate the walls of your or even someone else’s house if you are going to present a collage loved ones, relatives or close friends.


The basics to create a photo collage with your own hands a huge choice: from the simplest paper (Whatman), to cut wood. Easiest option is to paste the selected photo on paper, which then can be painted or sign. Basis can become a foam, it will be convenient to attach the photos using the buttons, and then edit some pictures for a new one. A good basis for the collage will be a wood panel, cut wood. Wooden collage created with your own hands, will look stylish in almost any interior.

It is important to choose the right base to like photos conveniently located throughout the area. Pre-position the photos as they will lie on the finished version of the collage. Once you are sure that everything is perfect fit, we begin to cut the shape of the base (heart, round, square and so on), paint it or varnish, depending on what material you chose.


Materials for collage

As an additional decorative materials to create a photo collage with your own hands can be useful for absolutely any little things that can always be found in the home: old buttons, beads, coins, wool yarn, pieces of skin, and so on. All this is useful when making a collage and ask him a specific style, which depends on preferences. Among the required materials that have to use for work, note the following:

  • adhesive;
  • brush;
  • cloth;
  • plastic to cover work surface.


Like any painting, a collage, created with his own hands, would look great in a frame. The track will be finished and can be hung in the most prominent place. Photo frame you can buy a ready-made, order a baguette shop in your size, to make boards or in any other way. For example, for a collage with the theme of «Vacation» we can make a frame made of shells that you brought from the sea.

How to make a photo collage on the computer

Since we live in a world of high technology and store all the memorable pictures on the computer, the developers already came up with a lot of free programs that allow you to create collages with your own hands directly with digital images online and not only. What processing methods there are so many that it is impossible to just decide on the style of the collage. Professionals working in Photoshop, where there is a graphic editor with many functions. However, not all it under force. How to make a collage of photos on the computer through the program with the same name «photo Collage»:

  1. Download and install the program on your computer.
  2. Open the program and select «Create new project».
  3. Select the type of project, and then the collage template. There are a choice few topics that you will be able to edit indefinitely.
  4. Once you are done with editing the background and captions, you are ready to download pictures in the new photo collage.
  5. After adding images a new menu will appear, with which you will be able to return or swap pictures.
  6. After you finish your work, don’t forget to press «Save».
  7. You can go to the photo Department for printing beautiful photo collage! Don’t forget to buy the frame, because it it will look much better.


The idea of collage with your own hands

It happens that the imagination just yet. You can sit all day and figure out what will be a photo collage with your own hands, but so to anything and not come. Come to the aid of ready-made work from famous authors, looking at that I want to repeat the idea and add your details. On the Internet you can always find thousands of examples of works, among them necessarily will find something you will like. Importantly, of all the options to choose the one that you can actually do with their hands.

Murals from photos

Painting from photos of your hands can be made using simple wooden planks and ropes. Any special skills in such jobs will not be necessary, in addition to really want to see the beautiful mural on the wall of your photos made with your own hands. What you need to achieve the goal:

  • a wooden plaque with a length of 4 m;
  • rope – 5 meters;
  • pins – 15 PCs.;
  • glue
  • construction stapler.

Divide the plate into 4 equal pieces and saw off the edges at an angle of 45 degrees so that, subsequently to build the frame. Coat edges with glue and assemble the frame. Construction stapler attach the rope 4 or 5 rows. On these ropes you can hang any kind of pictures using clothespins. Here is a simple and not expensive panels made with your own hands, decorate the house or would be a great gift for friends. The frame can be painted in any color, a rope to pick up any, the same applies clothespins or other elements of the collage. Collage of photos with their hands ready!


Photo collage for kids

Collect baby photos in the album is very interesting. However, it would be even better if you collect them into a fun photo collage with your own hands. The easiest way to use the program on the computer where you will be able to draw pictures as you like, and then print the finished collage at any size. If you have printed photos, you can post them to the beautiful children’s fabrics, fun to decorate with buttons and beads, and then pull on the frame. Every piece of your collage should remind you of the happy moments from the life of a child.

Video: how instagram to make a collage

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