Pattern skirts the semi-circular

Cut the skirt of the bell is universal. Sewn from a soft, well-draped fabric, it will hide flaws of stout figure. Made of thick and holding shape the material, on the contrary, make it more rounded hips skinny girls. Below are a few ways to carve out the skirt of the bell, and instructions to them.

How to sew a skirt of the bell

The classic version

Before how to draw a skirt pattern the bell, another bell, you need to take the necessary measurements:

  • poluobhvat waist – ST;
  • semicircle hips – SB;
  • product length Di.

For example, take these 3 values are equal to 38, 52 and 70 cm Build includes the following stages:

  1. Building a straight angle, the top of which is indicated by point A.
  2. The delay from vertex of a right angle, that is, point O, of the radius required to build the waist line. Its value is calculated according to the formula K*(B + C): K – coefficient of curvature of the upper edge of the skirt, equal for the model and 0.64, P – value of the free fit, equal to 1 centimeter, FROM = -1= 0,64*(38 + 1) = 24,96 see
  3. The drawings of a semicircle through the points T, T1 and T2. The first 2 have a postponement of the radius calculated in the previous paragraph. Point T2 is at the intersection of semicircle and the bisectors of a right angle.
  4. The delay length of the skirt from the points T, T1 and T2, that is, the magnitude d = 70 cm.
  5. Length adjustments. Equity if the thread is on the bias or crosswise, it is necessary to point H2 lift up on 2 + 1,5-2 cm, i.e. the distance D2-D3 should be taken in the range of 3.5-4 cm.
  6. The new bottom line through the points N, N1, N3.
  7. Adjustment coattails, that is a crease in the middle of the front. To do this, align the waist, lifting point T2 to 2 cm, T2-T3 = 2 cm Then to issue it with new points – of T, T1 and T3.
  8. Creating an artificial skew of the fabric for model skirts with 1 or 2 seams. To reduce the size of the tails on the side seams and a lighter wire fabric seams on the bottom of the garment you want to move to 2-8 cm.
  9. The second pattern of the same part, if the skirt is 2 parts. For one-piece items should pre-fold the material in half.

How to cut the skirt of the bell on the fabric

The finished product

After it is ready for drawing patterns, you can begin transferring it to the fabric. You first need to translate all the lines on thick paper and cut out her patterns. To carve out a skirt can be 2 ways:

  1. One detail, then sew the semi-circle will have only one seam, which is located on the back.
  2. Of 2 parts, i.e., quarters. In this case, the welds on equity and a transverse filament.

With one seam

For a novice seamstress will be more easy pattern skirt-bell with one seam. Such a simple model can be cut directly on the canvas. Instruction includes several steps:

  1. Make the necessary measurements to build the instructions above half detail.
  2. Take a cloth with a length equal to two lengths of the product. In our example this value is equal to 70*2 = 140 cm Width of the fabric is calculated by adding the length of the skirt, the radius of the recess to the waist and an extra 6 cm, i.e. 70 + 25 + 6 = 101, see
  3. To make a work sheet wrong side up.
  4. To combine the partial line pattern skirts the semi-circular fold of fabric, pin pattern.
  5. Add allowances for 1.5-2 cm at the waist and bottom 1-2 cm on the sides.
  6. Chipped a double cut and cut out detail.

Bell skirt elastic


This model, like bell skirt with an elastic band, does not provide for the use of lightning. The finished product should be easy to put on without fasteners. Therefore, until the waist size of our example, we need to add another 15-20, see Get 38*2 + 18 = 94 cm skirt Pattern the bell will be made for waist circumference 94 see manual for cutting the following:

  1. Calculate the radius of the circle the waist line – R = /3,14 = 94/3,14 = 30 cm.
  2. Draw on paper or cloth, folded in half, a circle with a radius of 30 cm to Postpone it from the corner of the bent material.
  3. Draw another circle with a radius calculated by the formula: R1 = R + d + 2 = 30 + 70 + 2 = 100 see
  4. Add allowances for seams, cut.


Girl in sewn things

For the construction of the pattern of the skirt in the form of a semicircle with pleats you need to decide on their number and depth. For example, take the 4 pleats on the front and back side of the product. The depth of their let it be 3 centimeters. Then we get the radius of the circle for the waist line:

  • R = (38*2 + 8*3*2) / 3 – 2 = 39 see

With this radius we calculate a second to determine the bottom of the product:

  • R1 = R + Di + 2 = 39 + 70 + 2 = 111 see

The yoke

Build a pattern skirts the semi-circular yoke includes the following steps:

  1. Determine the height of the yoke (for example, 20 cm) to build it on the principle as for the direct product.
  2. Subtract the height of the yoke of the length of the skirt to determine the size of the lower part of the Di – 20 = 70 – 20 = 50 cm.
  3. To build the lower part from the condition that the first radius is R = 2*Wkok – 2 cm while the Second is determined by the condition R1 = R + 50.
  4. Add a seam to attach the pattern and cut the product.

With two seams

The pattern of the semi-circular skirt with 2 seams done very easily. You just need to do the measurements and cut as above 2 parts, i.e., quarters of a full circle. To do this:

  1. Calculate the dimensions of the canvas. In our example, this 140х101 see
  2. Make patterns for the calculated values, taking into account allowances for seams.
  3. Lay the fabric wrong side up on the table.
  4. Pin the pattern from one corner of the canvas, and drag.
  5. Then pin the pattern mirrored on the other side of the canvas so that the bottom of future parts encountered.
  6. Circle the second time pattern.
  7. Cut out both parts.

The variant with two seams

The flow of the fabric on the skirt of the bell

For solid fabrics easier to calculate the costs of the skirt. The General formula for the calculation looks like this:

  • 2*(R + Di) + 10.

The value of R in this formula is determined by the difference between the 1/3 part of the waist and 2 cm on allowances in the seams. Taken for example from 38*2 = 76 cm this number is equal to 23 cm. Then according to the above formula, you can determine the amount of material– 2*(23 + 70) + 10 = 196 see it Turns out that the consumption of fabric to cover the canvas with a width of 2 m and a length of 90 cm To the product of the elastic will change the value of R = 90/3 – 2 = 28 cm a Value of 90 is taken from the condition that the waist was done pattern. Then the other will be the consumption of tissue– 2*(28 + 70) + 10 = 206 see

For the model with pleats in the value of R = 39*2/3 – 2 = 24 cm, and the flow– 2*(24 + 70) + 10 = 198 see From the formulas that the amount of material depends on the length of skirts and its types. In addition, a different calculation is required for material with a pattern, for example, in the form of cells or lines. For single-joint models need to move the pattern to match its angles with longitudinal and transverse stripes. If a cut occurs on the folded fabric, then you need to combine the drawings of her layers. The expense for these materials will be greater by the amount of repeat pattern.

Video: how to cut the skirt of the bell

Learning to cut the skirt in the form of a semicircle, you will be able to sew a dress, one-piece or sectional. In addition, it is easy not only to create patterns, but the stitching detail, especially for one-piece product. If written instructions are difficult to make the pattern of the skirt in the shape of a half sun, view helpful videos, which clearly shows the whole process.

The semi-circular pattern

The skirt of the bell with their hands

Long skirt the bell

How to sew a skirt the bell on elastic


Natalia, 29 years:in any way cutting skirts don’t forget the seam. A couple of times due to this error had to shorten the article a couple of inches, but in the end it turned out even better than we. Another tip: in some places, the material the thread will still have an oblique direction, therefore, prior to processing the bottom of the material allow it to hang.

Anastasia, 32 years:Sewing a skirt with pleats. Following settlement drew the necessary circle. Suggest to note the position of the folds – so convenient. In addition, spare pins for pinning patterns to the fabric, otherwise the shear material is displaced. Through proper calculations bell skirt with pleats I turned out just gorgeous.

Julius, 36 years:the last time was fond of embroidery. Decided to start with a simple – chose a skirt in the form of a semicircle, and one-piece. Patterns do really easily. The material is folded in half, and the mold positioned so that one of the side sections coincide with the fold of the material. Encircle, cut out and can only sew one seam, and of the waist hem not to forget.

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