Poncho for girls spokes — 3 options

Poncho for girl knitting is not only warm and practical clothing for the fall, but also a stylish accessory for your baby. Following the instructions in this master class, even aspiring mistress, just got the yarn in hand, will be able quite fast to make an exclusive thing for children of any age: both for baby and for older girls!

Knitted poncho with hood for kids knitting

This children’s poncho is one of the most simple in execution models, it is designed for children with a size 74/80, but You can always pick up the size under the options girls, proportionally increase or decrease the number of loops. For crochet we use pink wool yarn, but You can choose both color and composition of the bone in its sole discretion.

For work we need:

  • pink yarn (100% wool) – 100 grams;
  • SP. and line No. 8;
  • hook No. 10.

Types of knitting:

Pearl pattern: 1. 1. p.. pauperem., displace the loops in each row.

Wrong. surface: Phi. g – Phi. p., . G. – p.., in circular rows, Phi.

Facial. expanse: persons. g. – p., Phi.g. – Phi. p, circular p. — persons.

When you add: 1 SC in the trail. or circular R. do.. or ACC. . Pat.


So, get to work — let’s make children’s poncho knitting with a hood. For this we need the spokes with fishing line that we strung and vivasyan 41 p. between chrome. gemc. pattern, but the first and last 2 p. and edge. performed garter. viscous.

Tying the cloth 23 cm, continue between the edges of 2 g. garter. viscous, and more – L. G., not forgetting the loops of the straps and edges that will provegam garter viscous and R. diminish in the first 5 loops. Further, in the first R. it is necessary to stretch four threads-a marker of contrasting color for marking overhead loops: 1 pulls out after 4 loops, second – after 15, 3 – 23, 4 – 34. In every second row after the 1st of the thread-token, before 2, 3 before 4, add 19 x 1 hinge, as previously described (114 pet.). Continue on L. G. and circle. G.

Provyazat 25 cm «back», to make 1 pie. R. goal., 8 circle. G. gemc. uz. and 1 circle. G. facial. goal., close p. Thus, the height of poncho will be 31 cm

Proceed to the Assembly children’s poncho. You need to do the top seam for the hood. Folded two times thread make a chain of air loops 1 meter in length and threaded her garter rib knit with hood.

Poncho for girl 5-7 years

Knitted poncho knitting «Pigtail» for girls

This model is designed for children of average build 8-10 years. The final product of the width of the capes for the girls on the bottom will be about 174 cm, back length – 46 cm Scheme knitting capes is not very complex and beautiful pattern of this cable will be advantageous to select a girl among their peers.

In the work we need:

  • the spokes №7, №6 and №5;
  • the thread of wool (or combination wool/acrylic/cotton) – 300 grams.


So, get to work. First we need to do SP. 3 p. to 1 L. This can be done as follows: prodajem 1 p. facial., perenimaet it back on left needle and extending through the following 2P. After that, you are finished 3 p. 1 L. screw. – 2P. to remove, and the third L. and stretching through the shot. Next, 1 line. This is done as follows: 1st round are finished, R. V. p., 1 – facial.

Unlike the previous model, this Cape for kids is knitted from the bottom up. On SP. No. 6 recruit 220 loops and vivasyan circles. g, then execute the 2 ribs and changing SP. on No. 7. After we work on the pigtail: 25 loops under the scheme, 35 — L. G., 35 according to the scheme, repeat four times. The result we get four bands of pattern and the same – L. G. After we performed 8 in the main figure and the need to reduce the number of loops: 25 vivasyan scheme, are finished 3 L. p. Thus, we continue to ubavka on both sides of the pattern.

We must remember that in every circle. G. we reduce 16 pet. Do this 6 times every 10 p.; repeat this circuit three, after doing obuvki in each 4-m p..

Change needles No. 5 and later continue knitting in the following order: 2изнзнан., 2 together persons., 2 persons. together 2 izenave., 2. together, 1., 2 1., 1 individuals., 2 persons. together, 1., 2.., 2 facial together., 2 in 1 facial., 2 izenave. and in the area with facial. the surface decrement loop until there is only 2. Repeat to end of round. and the result is 80 loops. After that, 4 cm rubber band, according to the drawing. Return to the community. SP. No. 7 and start knitting the hood.

This L. G. 6 G. we continue in a circle. Important: when the end of the last. the city will remain 3пет., you need to close 6 pet. and continue p. forward and backward. Do not forget to close at the beginning of each p. for the two loops and 2 times one by one.

Thus fulfilling 4 years, it should be noted in the middle of the city 18 years. and on both sides of them to add another one. Repeat four times, every sixth row. Continue to crochet until the length of the billet under the hood will be 17 cm, and then in front be to make obuvki: noting the middle of the city, are finished to last. two loops before the mark, two in 1 facial. screw., 2 headphon., continue to the end of G. Further, obuvki run in each of the front 4 times.

52-65 BKnit_Instructions_0508_Final.indd

After that the decrease continued in each following p.: the Phi. row. knit VP To two loops before the mark-two in the 1P., two and a shot of each of them and again wear on the left SP., then purl them together L. screw., and after – and finish. p.. Do 8 ubavo in each series, then you should close the loops: the underside of the handbags to turn out on the front side and take the help of the additional SP.,are finished 2 loops in one l, that is, one in each row, and close.

Knitting hoodie knitting

Finally, we should take up knitting strap hood for girls, which will need to score at SP. No. 6 hinges with L. hand, since the middle of the front – 7 for the neck, then 1 from each row, skipping every 4th. Finish 7 eyelet at neckline, after – one from each row, skipping the 4 string. Finish 7 pet. on the neck and on around the circle G. V. p./L. p./V. p. again After G. I. p. and close. I just have to put the buckle and pants for girls are ready.

Source: vse-sama.ru

Good luck with your knitting!

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