Oval crochet doilies with diagrams and description

Every woman wants to comfort and beauty in your home. To create a warm atmosphere help a variety of things, such as figurines, flowers and doilies. The ability to make your hands beautiful things will help in the decoration of the housing and is with the use of free time. Oval crochet doilies, their schematic description variety of knitting and fun.

Oval doily in the interior

Oval – an unusual form. Decoration in the form of a circle are more familiar and are much more common. But oval also out classic. Therefore, the product of such form is popular and is perfect for a gift.

Oval doily will look good on a rectangular surface such as a table or a dresser. It is possible to put a vase with flowers. At the dinner table during a tea party with friends it can be used instead of a tablecloth. Kettle and a tray with slices of cake will look great on knitted masterpiece even more attractive, stimulating the appetite. And each Cup can be put on the product less, creating, thus, a relaxed friendly homely atmosphere.

Some may say that the swipe is not fashionable and relevant. Indeed, this decoration is not suitable for every design. But one must admit that skillfully executed and fits well into the interior of the room, it will give her some luxury. Besides, fashion is cyclical, ornaments, used decades ago are again gaining popularity. So, if crochet brings you joy and fun, pick up a thread and hook and get to work. The description given below.

The ways of knitting

Crochet doilies possible circular rows. In this case it starts with an oblong base, around which then creates an openwork pattern.

One more variant – tied motifs, located at the center of the product. The role of the motives of flowers that combine the air mesh. Their schemes can be very different: from simple, easily doable even for beginners, to difficult, the creation of which requires special skills.

Oval doily can be made from the classic round. To this end, the elements of the pattern adds new elements, but not around the perimeter of the circle, but only on the sides. Another option is lengthening made of the two parties by including it in the basic pattern. This method is more complicated because it requires the harmony of drawing and some skill.

Oval napkin may be not only circular rows. A technique of making fillet lace allows you to perform any pattern. All you need for this diagram.

Sometimes oval napkin can have a rectangular or square elements. Then the crochet comes down to their Association openwork lace solid decoration.

Scheme for crochet


To crochet this pretty doily, you can use the diagrams given below. The work should consider that if the icons in the diagram are connected to the top loop promazyvaetsya together. If the icons are connected at the bottom of the knitting bars is produced in the same loop base.

Oval cloth not only decorate the room. Associated with their hands, it will be pleasing to the eye and will allow you to proud.

Schemes for crochet oval doilies very much. For you we have prepared a selection of wonderful schemes.

Video master class

We hope that our schemes for crochet will help you to create beautiful napkins for your home. Good luck with your knitting!

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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