Ottoman out of plastic bottles with their hands step by step

Unnecessary packaging from the drinks and is a great material for making household items. Lightweight, comfortable pouf with plastic filling fits perfectly in the furnished garden, children’s room, hallway. Neat job, beautiful upholstery make a thing out of recycled materials nice piece of furniture.

How to make furniture out of plastic bottles with their hands

Homemade Ottomans can be different in size, shape, quality and colour of the upholstery. Same are the principles of making furniture step by step with his hands. Getting started it is important to determine the shape and size of the product. Depends on the number of required material. If you plan to make children’s Ottoman out of plastic bottles with their hands step by step, better to take a half-liter capacity.

The container should be washed and dried. To increase strength, you can hold capacity in the cold, firmly tighten the lid, bring into a warm room. Advanced air will make the container stronger. Additional stability gives filling one-third with sand. A case can be made from pieces of cloth, leatherette, oilcloth or leather. Looks cozy cover made of knitted fabric. Fillers foam or polyester batting, covered stool, making it softer, easier to seat. All the stages of creating products can be easy to follow master classes available in the network.

For the manufacture of a Ottoman out of plastic bottles with their hands step by step will need tools and materials:

  • plastic containers, identical in size and shape;
  • tape, paper tape adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • adhesive;
  • upholstery fabric;
  • durable cardboard;
  • foam, padding polyester, or wool;
  • needle and thread;
  • the tape;
  • sewing machine.

The basis of plastic bottles for Ottoman

Round pouf with his hands

A homemade piece of furniture perfectly debited to furniture hallway, children’s room, able to withstand loads up to 60 kg. How to make an Ottoman out of plastic bottles? Perform the following steps:

  1. Measure out third of the lid, glue each vessel paper adhesive tape in a circle.
  2. Cut the neck.
  3. Push top to bottom.
  4. Insert a whole bottle.
  5. Tightly seal with duct tape the connection.
  6. Repeat the same with all containers.
  7. Fasten the work pieces together in 3 pieces, using adhesive tape.
  8. Assemble the triangles into a circle, carefully securing the design.
  9. Attach the cardboard sides.
  10. Attach the top circle of foam, padding polyester or wool.
  11. Cut parts from the rest of the filler. Secure the batting or foam on the sidewalls.
  12. Stitch and put the cover, decorate the garland of flowers, pockets, embroidery.

Ottoman upholstered

Square Ottoman made of bottles

The shape of the product depends on the method of connection of the tanks. Square Ottoman out of plastic bottles with their hands step by step is:

  1. Connect 4 containers, placing them in a row.
  2. Attach to the structure 3 of the same section so as to obtain the cube of 16 plastic elements.
  3. Take another 16 containers, cut the top with a lid.
  4. Put the workpiece on the ones that are connected.
  5. Carefully wrap design with tape.
  6. Install the template on a cardboard, draw it.
  7. Cut 2 parts of the resulting circuit.
  8. Glue the stock to the top and bottom using duct tape.
  9. Measure the resulting design.
  10. Cut the foam or batting a couple of squares, a rectangle of equal perimeter-based products.
  11. Panel blank filler.
  12. Take the details of the case.
  13. Sew a rectangle and one square.
  14. Remove, put on cover.
  15. Sew the bottom.

Square Ottoman stripe

How to make an Ottoman with their hands out bottles for the cooler

A piece of furniture, made step by step with unnecessary containers for the cooler, provides increased durability. For the manufacture of tables and chairs for the hall needed two large bottles. Your actions step by step:

  1. Cut the neck of one of the containers at the widest point, does not reduce.
  2. Fill the container partially with stones to design had a little weight.
  3. Cut the lower part of another bottle.
  4. Put the item on the neck of another container, securing the design with glue.
  5. Wrap the workpiece with a soft material.
  6. Cut round billets for the top are slightly smaller than the diameter of the finished design.
  7. Attach the item.
  8. Cut, sew elements of the case, not protecive bottom
  9. Slide the upholstery.
  10. Sew the base.

Video: Ottoman out of plastic bottles with their hands

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