Cute monkey crochet master class, with diagrams and descriptions

Fond of astronomy, and Amateurs knitted toys, we offer a symbol of coming year — a knitted monkey, crochet. Such a hack is done in the technique of amigurumi, in fact, a small toy, crocheted. Monkey is created by the scheme, and even beginners will not be difficult at presents a master class to produce this magic.

Such linked monkey great to give as a baby gift, it may provide for the baby dear friend. It is very pleasant to the touch, it is possible to cuddle and easy to wash. Filler will not pop up in the most unexpected moment, because the canvas is tight-knit.

Though often knit amigurumi toys, this monkey will be a good accessory, for example for curtains, as the wings or the stylish companion bags for girls, if we are really to simplify the idea, it is possible to perform a potholder for the kitchen of your grandmother.

In addition, you can associate the monkey with wool, the end result is almost real monkey cub formidable gorilla, or even a cute ginger orangutan. The kid will like it small size toy for girl monkey dressed in a pretty dress, and pickup the monkey to perform the color of the curtains.

Master class almost a real monkey

MK consists of a phased description of vyvazhivanie all parts of the monkeys. For the first acquaintance with the technique of amigurumi is quite suitable for the average monkey, with a height of about 15 cm.


To achieve a maximum of naturalness, the yarn is necessary to select natural shades that occur in the environment of the apes – white (can be replaced by beige), brown or coffee. Suitable for both cotton and acrylic (150-200 m/100 g) – on the 1st ball of each color, although not the whole skein will take to manufacture. Hook gets to the yarn, for cotton No. 2 acrylic No. 3.

To give volume you need a filler: modern holofayber, simple polyester or a normal wool.

The expressiveness of the face will lend an eye-beads.

Needle for sewing modules (parts) of the monkey.

Order knit modules

Runs first the torso, then light the breast, on the head with the muzzle, which has 2 parts, the lugs in 2 pieces, also consist of 2 parts – light and dark. Then knit the legs, handles, tail.



Following the description of the master class, the basic module is the trunk, fit a darker shade of yarn. 1st round – 2 air loops and 6 columns without nakido – repeats 6 times. In the 2nd row uniformly added 6 loop, 3rd row – 4 loop. Following 4th row adds 6 loops, 5-th p. – 8 p., 6-m premium with 6 eyelets. 7th tier also has 6 MB of overhead, 8-and – 4-d overhead in 9th only 2 premiums. Thus formed the bottom of the calf.

10-19 tier vymazyvaja without allowances, so is middle of the toy.

Obuvki start from 20th row: evenly make 4-d subtraction. In the 21st well as 4-d, 22-m already 5 obavlenia. And in the 23rd row is performed 2 times of subtraction.

Next, recesses for handles form 24-25 rows knit without modification.

26-1 series continues the reduction in the number of 4-loops. At this stage you have the body to fill the filler, and then in the 27th row to remove the 6 loops, and in the 28th only 3. The thread is not cut, it runs later sewing head.


Light filament gain 2 guns and 6 columns without nakido. Then performed to increase the range, allowances from the 2nd row, have made 6 loops. In the 3rd row 4-d, 4-m – already 6 allowances, also in the 5th and 6th tiers.

Module breast is sewn to the torso bright thread.


Coffee thread forms the centre, similar to the first two modules of 2 air.p. and 6 columns of beskakotov. The increase in the 2nd row of 6 stitches, 3-m – 4-four, then the 4th R. 6 adds, 5th for 8 allowances. The next 6-th, 7-th and 8-th to 6 extra each. In the 9th row just 2 applications, and 10-m – 8.

Made the bottom of the head, then climbs the height, that is, 11-23 layer knit no change 58 loops.

And in the 24th tier lowered from 15 loops, 25 – 10, and then filled with filler, the volume of the head. Reduction continues and in the 26th row – 9 loops, and a 27-m – final – 6 obavlenia. The thread is fixed and cut.


The module of the muzzle is made of 2-x, equal parts light filament that overlap each other with an offset. Set also with 2 air. loops and 6 SC. Added in the 2nd row – 6 loops, 3-m – 4-d. in the 4th, 5th and 6th floors – 6 number of applications. In the 7th row increase of 4 loops. 8th row vivaselecta unchanged.

On one of the flaps to fasten the eyes, then the face is sewn to the head, for emphasis, embroidered facial expressions: eyebrows, mouth, nostrils.


A darker shade are at the 2 parts of the ears. The set consists of 2 air. loops and 6 columns without nakido. Next on the scheme of allowances – 2 — row, 6-th, 3-m – 4-d, 4-m – 2 replenishment. In the final 5-m 6 allowances. Thread breaks, it for sewing to the head.

Light items also in the amount of 2 units are recruited first, then again from 2 vozdushka and 6 SC. Later in the 2nd row is added 6-th and 3-m – 4-d loop.

Further light part thread sewn to dark, and then to the head.

Now, in MK there is a connection of the head and the body of the toy.


Continuing the master class, the bottom of the legs runs from the light strands set of 2 air. loops and 6 columns without nakida. In the 2nd and 3rd rows are added at the 6-th loops in 4-m 4-d. In the 5th row, knitted unchanged, turns 22 loop. Next, fit the dark thread to the top of the foot and whole leg.

In the 6th tier of running 1 air and added in a circle 2 loops. 7th circle promazyvaetsya without of increases. In the 8th row down 6 loops, 9-m only 2. Stop filled gasket, then knit the foot length is 10-22 of a number without changing the number of loops.

The filler is inserted in the leg and then in the 23rd last row followed by 6-th obavlenia. The hole in the leg with a needle sutured.

The second legs in the master class is not given, because it is similar to the first, and then they both join the body.


Module handles are the main color yarn, typed 2 air. p. and 6 SC. Then the 2nd row with increments from 6 loops, 3rd R. – 2 raises, 4 th- 4-d. The height of the hands recruited from the 5th to the 20th, vymazyvaja unchanged.

Pens are filled with stuffing, sew up the holes and attach to the calf.


Module tail is not stuffed, and in the MC it is most simple to manufacture.

Is typed in, 2 air., and 6 columns without nakida knit into the second loop from the hook. Subsequent tiers 2-25 occur without increases and obivok. Thread for sewing to the body of the monkey.

Out amigurumi, will take place in the heart of the little man. Also, a big plus of this toy is its hypoallergenic, it is necessary to wash and dry.

Funny monkeys

Monkeys never too much)) Especially when they are harmuni! We offer you to associate these wonderful monkeys.

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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