Knit a monkey amigurumi

Hand made monkey in the style of amigurumi makes a wonderful gift for friends, relatives, colleagues on any occasion — wedding, birthday, professional holiday. Amigurumi is a technique for crochet without breaking the circle. Even those who have at least some knowledge of the technique of crochet, you can make a fun souvenir with your own hands.

Funny monkey amigurumi


For the manufacture of toys amigurumi with your own hands you will need:

  • strands of chocolate, beige, as well as additional colors for blouses;
  • 2 black beads for eyes;
  • brown thread nose, black thread to stitch the outline of the nose and sew the eye;
  • also need a filler for the monkeys. Filler can be a synthetic winterizer, Siptah, holofayber.

Toy fit in a circle by columns without nakida (SC). The beginning of the series to better celebrate a special marker or colored thread in order not to stray from the account in each row. Also will be used obuvki and allowances. Premium (P) is necessary from one loop to crochet through two columns without nakida. Twist (V) — knit into the two columns together. For monkey amigurumi with your own hands you will need to associate the head, torso, face, arms, legs.



Head start a chocolate thread. Knit 8 air. Pat, to close their ring. Then, the ring link 16 — went out first round. It should be noted the last or first loop marker. Continue to knit 1 SC, then a single raise. Therefore, repeat 8 times. Then knit 2 St in a row and then make a raise. Repeat 8 times. You should get 32 pieces. Then to process 32 columns in each loop without extra pay. Next, make 3 SC and make the addition. Repeat to end 8 times. Next row knit into 40 St b n in each loop. Starting with the next to make allowances in each ryadochek. To bind 4 columns, then 2 loops in 1, repeat. then make 5 columns, Premium, repeat. to do 6 SC , 2 Stbn 1 pet up to the end. Then circle 64 pet. You need to make 7 rows of columns. Begin knitting with Obafemi. 6 SC, repeat to end. Then start with 5 columns, repeat to end of row. Continue row 4 of the column, until the end. after that — 3 Stbn, until the end of the round. Continue to purl 2 column, twist — to repeat. Finally, to link 1 column, twist, continue. Remain 16 loops. You can secure the thread, trim, leaving konacik yarn length of 25 cm for sewing the head monkey amigurumi to the body with their hands.


Now you need to make a mask on the face, and also the very face of the monkey with his hands. Use beige thread. For the mask to gain air pet 12, in second from hook to make loop 1 Stbn and 9 for each loop. Under the last column tie 3 loops at once. To turn the knitting on the other side of the chain to get 8 columns. It turned out 23 things. Continue to knit. To do P, then 9 columns, 3 raise, 8 St and 2 allowances. Only 29 pieces In the next round to do so — P, b 9 St n, 6 N, 7 St b n and 5 p was Formed 40 stitches. Then tie 1 P, 11 columns, 8 P, 20 Stbn. You should get 49 loops. Continue knitting 1 post, 5 post with one nakida, 3 output St, 5 St, with one nakida, 12 TBN. Fasten the thread cut, leaving long end. This left thread to sew the mask on the head.

For a muzzle to dial beige thread 8 loops, in second from hook — 1 St, then 5 post. In the last loop — 3 column, turn the knitting, to continue on the other side of the chain 5 Stbn and 1 P. On next round to make one raise, 6 columns — repeated twice. Four rows to make 16 Palecek each. Secure the thread to fill the detail, to attach to the muzzle. Sew on eyes, embroider nose with brown thread outline stitch to pass, to indicate the nose. Can the black thread, embroider eyelashes and eyebrows.


Ears knit chocolate color two parts. 8 pole. to close the ring. In each pet. knit into two columns. To implement two lines, each 16 loops in a circle. To secure the yarn, cut, sew to head, focusing on the picture.


The body of a monkey amigurumi with your own hands to knit similar to the head increases and Obafemi. To start with the color of her blouse. To score air 6 pet., to connect with a ring for each loop to purl two St b B. Further made uniform allowances, which alternate with the bars without nakida: 1 post, 1 P— until the end of the row, next row — 2 post, 1 p. Fit 7 rows of columns without interruption for 24 loops. Is increase, 3 SC — repeat 6 times. On the next row knit into the pet 30. To do P, then 4 post, repeat; 2 Stbn in 1 pet and 5 post— to the end. To change the thread color to the chocolate, tie a series of 4 to 42 St each. Then made uniform obuvki on each ryadochek until 12 Pat. Densely filled, sew up the remaining hole.


Handles are made from the palm up the two parts. To dial beige thread chain of 5 l pet, 1 column in second loop from hook, 2 SC, 3 TBN in the last loop. Flip on the other side of the chain, purl 2 columns, Item get 10 pieces. Continue to knit so — 2 post in 1 pet., 3 SC, Instr, 5 SC. Then 4 laps of 12 loops each. To fill the handle with filler, to finish Obafemi. Sew hole to sew to the body.


Feet for monkey amigurumi with your own hands tally thread chocolate brown — two circuits. Dial 7 loops, 1 post in second from hook loop, 4 SC, 3 in the last column , flip the part and on the other side of the chain dial 4 pole P. the Next round start with raises, 4 column, 3 P, 4 column, 2 p. In the next row do 3 TBN, P to end of row. Finally, make three rows with 25 loops. Then link 4 SC, 2 SC, 4, 2 SC, Y, 7СБН, Y, 1 SC, 4, (1 column) repeat 3 times. Fill the legs with filler. Continue to knit 8 rows in a circle. Make obuvki, to fill the legs to the end to sew hole to sew to the body.

Photography knitted monkey amigurumi hand made.

Knitted monkey amigurumi with your own hands ready!

Monkey: video master class

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