How to connect minion crochet — description and videos a master class

Anyone who watched the cartoon «Despicable me» and continued, probably immediately fell in love with the funny yellow crank — Minions. These yellow fellows have conquered the world! They are everywhere — trinkets, clothing, hats, glassware, accessories, notebooks, posters! Where they just can not be found! And I want to hold them in your hands! Funny knitted Minion regular hook will be tangible, if you do it yourself. Because, as you know, things created hand made — bear warmth and live energy.

To link minion crochet will every mistress, although some knowledge of this technique of knitting. The tools needed description of scheme products and great desire!

Toy Minion

For knitting this Minion will need:

  • yarn yellow body, blue or blue for the overalls, a little black, white and gray yarn for details;
  • a hook of suitable size to the thread;
  • filler for toys; sewing needle for sewing deltek.

Yarn for crocheting it is better to use acrylic or mixed with acrylic. It is comfortable to weave, and also holds its shape better products. As a filler suitable sintepon, synthetic, holofayber.

Knitting of the body is based on the principle of knitting amigurumi. The scheme is very simple — continuous knitting in a circle by columns without nakida with the additions and uravneniyami.


Dial crochet 6 loops, end to connect with the beginning. Now in each column to knit 2 column in each loop. A total of 12 pieces. On next row knit 1 column without nakida and one premium (two loops in one). So to continue to the end of the series. In the next round to tie the 2 column, and premium. Continue to knit with increases every row, making a uniform allowance, until the number would be 42 stitches, that is, making the overhead every 5 SC. Then knit in circles for 42 of the column in each loop. The beginning of the number appropriate to designate a thread of a contrasting color or special markers for knitting. All you need to purl into the 29 circles. Then in a similar way to do uniform obuvki. First 5 stbn to knit and make a twist, that is, two loops to stitches together into one. Continue to end of row. On next row bind column 4 and 1 raise. To do so before the end of the ryadochek. Thus promazyvaya uniform obuvki, complete detail of the head and body. Don’t forget to fill body filler during knitting ubavo. The last row, all six loops to pull the thread and fasten.


You need to make two handles. To prepare the yarn yellow and black. Start yellow thread. Make the air 6 pet., to connect them in a ring, then knit in a circle for 6 loops. Just knit into 12 rows. Then attach black yarn and begin to knit the fingers of Mironchik. To do 1 St and 1 increase, repeat three times. A total of 9 columns. Forming the fingers in this way — first 3 SC, skip 6 stbn, 1 column, and 1 connecting bar. Next, attach the thread in TBN which goes behind the first finger, 2 columns, skip 3 SC, 1 St again without nakida and one will connect St. reconnect the SC in the following thread for a second finger, then knit across the row 3 SC and one SS.

Second hand knit in a similar way.


You must associate two legs. Black thread dial 4 air.Pat., then purl 1 TBN in the 2 nd loop from hook, 2 SC , 3 TBN in next stitch, continue knitting in a circle 2 SC, 3 columns in the following loop. Just formed a 10 stuff. Then knit 3 rounds 10 columns in each. Further stbn 5 knitting and 5 columns and skip to complete the coupling loop. Then just knit 5 columns. Connect the blue or blue thread and make 5 additional payments under each column turned 10 pet. Then link the 2 column and 1 increase, repeat this combination again and finish the row by knitting 1 column. The thread is secure, trim the tip and leave long end for sewing. The leg to fill the filler, and make a second exactly the same way.


minion 2

Fit all blue, or blue thread. To start knitting it as much as the head, the body with a ring of 6 columns. Then make allowance for each column, and knit in a circle, making a uniform increase first through 1 loop through 2, and so on until, until the circle will be 42 loops. Next three rows knit for 42 stbn, a thread to fasten, to clip, to hide. Now connect the thread anywhere, to do *1 air.loop and 9 columns, rotate your knitting, to make 1 air pet, and again STB 9* the Scheme is repeated from * to * once more. To clip, cut and hide thread. From the associated strap to count 12 loops, attach thread air.loop and 9 columns. Repeat knitting as well as on the previous plank, repeat from * to * twice. Then continue knitting the 12 air. loops, 9 pet on the first strap, again 12. p 9 St on the second strap. A total of 42 loops. To connect two such rows, the thread is cut, pin, and hide.


Dial blue/blue thread 5 air.loops, the second from the hook, make 1 St and 3 post. within each loop. Pocket to deploy, and to link 1 air.Pat and 4 pole. Tie two more rows of twists and turns. To Cut The Thread. On the pocket to make the logo. Dial blue/blue thread ring with 6 stbn and each purl two allowances, then make 1 column and again the premium way to finish the series. Emblem to sew to the pocket, embroider the letter «G».


Glasses knitting grey thread 2 details. A ring of six columns, then 6 allowances. The following ryadochek 1 column 1 of the appr, to the end. Then 2 columns and 1 Appendix. Formed 24 loops. In each to do one article and Then connecting back to purl 24 column without nakida. And two more circles for 24 loops.

The whites of the eyes to knit with white thread. They represent the range of 2 to 24 loops. The scheme is the same as in the beginning knitting.

Now we need to connect points with proteins. For this points a bit to fill the filler, apply a white eye circles and connecting bars grey thread to sew the two parts to each other.

minion 3

Sew to proteins 2 black of the pupil. Scheme — ring of the 6 loops. Embroider with white thread on black pupils glare. Eyes are more alive.

Left to make a strap for glasses. To dial a hook 15 air.Pat, starting from the 2nd loop in each column to knit 1 SC. Turn knitting, and to build a row from the 14th century, starting with 1. p. Sew the strap to the glasses.

Now assemble the finished Mironica. The scheme is the first to wear a jumpsuit to sew the legs and arms, attaching points, embroider black thread mouth and hair done.

Your Minion crochet ready!

Minion: video master class

Phone case for Mignon: video master class

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