Snood is a practical and stylish men’s scarf

In the world of knitting and needlework, as well as in the world of high fashion, have their own styles, directions and trends. For most fans of knitting and crocheting is not just a hobby but an art. Nice «bonus» in this case, high — quality, unique items that can be worn alone or to give to loved ones.

Modern fashion trends in the world of knitting, is covered by women craftswomen, but also of all potential members of their families: husbands, children, parents. One of these modern trends — men’s Snood, knitted spokes.

Most of the men cherish to do things for them, tied up their mom or wife. This is logical: these things so much warmth, love, care! Hand-knitted Snood — thing unique, which always reminds man of who has spent more than one night of its production. And, of course, he is also very practical — warm in cold season and protects from the wind.

Additionally, the men’s Snood can also serve as a hood, if you choose a suitable style.

How to tie a stylish Snood for men?

Before you begin, you need to choose a color and pattern that will form the basis of men’s knitted cowl. There is no universal recipe, a knitted Snood can be either bright, contrasting colors, and to blend in with outerwear for men. Very stylish look associated and crochet snudy grey, dirty blue or brown. The first versions emphasize blue eyes and brown — green and brown.

Tie Snood from a technical point of view is not difficult. Most products have a regular geometric form, and are knitted in a circle or (more typically for knitting) or rectangle shape (typical for crochet). In both cases, the product does not require a deep knowledge and years of experience of such work under force even to the beginner.

A special «flavor» of this product alters the pattern selected for knitting. As with knitting and crochet, you can choose a stylish pattern that will emphasize the uniqueness of the cowl. If the style involves the hood — it increases usability, although not every man will appreciate this design.

Needles or hook?

Before linking stylish unisex Snood, you should decide not only color and pattern but also with the technique of knitting. This product can be linked as knitting and crochet, and look it in both options would be amazing. Therefore, to give preference to better the technique, which is closer, which is easier given — that is, based on your own tastes. Most men do know the difference between knitting and crochet, and, therefore, for them, this factor does not matter.

To associate a product for a couple of days or a couple of hours — it all depends on the density of the knit, the threads and style. Products where there is a hood, may require more attention, and how to link them, will need more time.

The cowl style is essential for those men who carefully watch their appearance. Suitable for mens Snood has a sporty style, and others more classic. In any case, a knitted Snood would be appropriate accessory for any outerwear: strict woolen coats and puffy synthetic jacket leather coats.

Snood for men, crochet can be more simple and austere form than if you associate it with needles. If the model has a hood, may require additional accessories such as a drawstring to tighten around the face. This option is especially appropriate in cold climates or if the person is engaged in skiing, a lot of work outdoors — hood will always protect and warm not only literally, but also figuratively. Snood, crocheted, men’s or children’s, fit young men for long walks in winter cold.

How to associate schemas, photos, videos

To associate this stylish men’s accessory is possible on simple circuits — band 1×1, 2×2, etc. Length and width can be chosen according to personal wishes.

If you want to communicate more interesting and complex model, such as in the photo below, we refer to these schemes.

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