Mats with their hands out plastic bags

Products packages look impressive and original, it does not require large expenditures. Show imagination, you can with your hands to make cute products plus use have served their time polyethylene. Clothes made of cellophane, add a touch of sophistication to the room, successfully used for its intended purpose.

As of the packages to tie a hook rug

Rug, crocheted

Knitting rugs the crochet fun. This way you can quickly produce beautiful, practical thing that can decorate your home interior, make the room cozier. This kind of needlework, not consuming if you have unnecessary plastic packaging that you used to throw in the garbage. A good bath Mat can make for your home or as a gift. Such a surprise will not leave anyone indifferent.

To make the mats with their hands out plastic bags, you need a hook № 3, 4 or 5, scissors, ruler, knife. The material used cellophane of different colors. The sachets should be cut into strips. The thicker the polyethylene is, the smaller must be the width of the tape. It is important that the twisting «thread» gets about the same thickness.

The process of making polyethylene yarn is as follows:

  1. Put several packages on the table, cut with a utility knife wide strips about 4 cm, pressing the stack applied with a ruler.
  2. Take one ribbon, expand. Insert into the ring another piece.
  3. Connect the edges of two strips.
  4. Tie one after another all the rings cut out from the packaging.
  5. Roll up the obtained thread in the tangle, a little twisting of the strip.

Tangle for kilim

How to tie a hook rug of square billets

To make a Mat with their hands out plastic bags, we need knitted squares. Blanks are joined, it turns out the product is the desired size with a certain pattern. Square fit according to the following scheme:

  1. Make 4 air loop to close the chain.
  2. Associate of the center ring 8 to the columns without nakida, mixing them with the air loops.
  3. Mark with a pin hinge that will run 4 axis line of a square.
  4. Run 2 a number and follow along. Make the corners on the 2 column without nakida, promazyvaya air loop between them. Straight sides are made without loops.

A carpet of blooms

Round rug crochet

When vyvazhivanii round Mat with their hands out plastic bags it is important to add loops to the product took shape. The procedure for creating colorful products:

  1. Link your 5 loops of red thread. To close the chain in a circle.
  2. Make 1 loop. Expand the knitting in the opposite direction.
  3. Associate the columns with 5 loops. Insert extra line in the 2-nd and 4-th loop. Expand work in the opposite direction.
  4. Follow the yellow number 5 cm wide, adding loops at equal intervals.
  5. Tie the desired number of colored bands.

Plastic carpet

Plastic Mat on the floor in the pompon technique

POM-poms connected to the pad, make the room look interesting due to the volume of knitting. The attraction of the object depends on the color of the original material. Walking on such floor covering is reminiscent of a walk through the grass. To make this warm and practical things you will need:

  • polyethylene of the desired color;
  • cardboard for the template, a width of 3 cm;
  • durable cord for attaching POM-poms;
  • scissors;
  • Foundation (mosquito nets).


  1. Cut the polyethylene strips of width 1 see
  2. Wrap the tape pattern with a width of 3 cm, tie a strong thread.
  3. Cut the winding at the other end. The end result is a pompon with a diameter of 6 cm.
  4. Prepare the desired number of plastic balls.
  5. Make marks on the base.
  6. Tab blanks onto the grid.
  7. Cut the excess cord. Carefully align the mesh to hide the edges.

Photo: knitted carpets from packages

Products packages

Items made from cellophane, have a unique look and fit perfectly in your home interior. Such things do not absorb moisture, well-washed and cleaned with a damp cloth. To dry polyethylene Mat, it should be hung on the balcony. Such a thing is warm, soft to the touch. The product can be placed at the entrance tub and walk in it without fear of slipping. Such a thing will have to place in the toilet, the bathroom, by the front door. When the product wears out, it can be easily throw away, replacing with new.

Video: Mat on the floor with their hands

In the first video tutorial is presented step by step, how to make round mats with their hands out plastic bags. Material used plastic bags, used as the basis of a Hoop. The piece is then created by weaving plastic strips. The second video shows the technology of production of rags for the bathroom, from the black bags for garbage. The product has a square shape, and is knitted with a hook from the middle. In the third workshop clearly presented the procedure for making colored cloth from unnecessary plastic bags.

Weaving packages

Mat bin bags master class

Knitting packs

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