Mats crochet with diagrams and description

Even the most expensive carpets don’t radiate so much warmth and comfort as being made by their hands: with them, the atmosphere in the house changes immediately. In addition, such elements will fit even the modern style in interior design. If you are interested in this kind of crafts, the following, how to link mats with their hands from the yarn and other materials.

How to tie a hook rug

The tools needed for mating

These products not only look original, but are durable and practical, which is a necessary condition for the rugs in the bathroom or toilet. Today crochet rugs crochet is not only using yarn. Mistresses began to use many new and interesting materials. In the description of the schemes there are even garbage bags from under the milk. Often used twine, cord, old clothes (t-shirt) or just the remnants of waste, knitted and cotton fabrics. Interesting turns and the carpet from the cord hook on the floor he looks white.

As for equipment, it is possible to knit rows (as in the spokes) or in a circle. Besides the 2 main forms, there are oval, diamond, square, and even rugs in the shape of a heart. To work on knitting rugs, crochet along with diagrams and descriptions need a list of tools and materials. It includes the following:

  • scissors;
  • a big, fat hook;
  • old clothes, rags or other material for knitting.

Simple square rug crochet

For beginners it is better to knit a square crochet mats with diagrams and description. For this you need a thick cotton yarn. Among the needlework it bears the name «spaghetti». The choice of color remains on your taste. Step-by-step process includes a description of such series:

  1. Dial a chain of air loops. Its length must match the dimensions of the desired rug.
  2. Provarite all loops by columns with nakida (SSN), and then turn the product on wrong side.
  3. Keep vyvazhivanie, but making the columns without nakida (SC), and under the front wall of the loops. Again turn the product.
  4. Knit SC, but under both walls of the loops.
  5. Follow the instructions in paragraph 3.
  6. Provarite all loops SSN, bringing the hook under the back of the loops.
  7. Continue to knit the pattern, repeating the cycles 3 through 6 item.

Round knitted rug

Many have memories from childhood of my grandmother’s rugs, which were round and consisted of many different shades. They are using fabric strips cut from old clothes, or just from scraps. So you can give new life to unnecessary things that take up space in the closet. The result is a completely new product that will long serve you.

Round multicolor rug

First of all, you need to prepare the components. For this cut t-shirt or other fabric into strips. Their width should be about 2-3 cm Between the strips, tie a knot or sew with a needle and thread. Then came the yarn for rugs just wound into a ball. Hook is better to take No. 10. Manual knitting looks like this:

  1. Type 3 air loop, connect them to the ring.
  2. Inside the resulting ring provarite 6 SC.
  3. Divide the circle into 6 sectors.
  4. Continue to knit SBN, adding in each sector to 1. It turns out that in each following row will be 6 loops more.

If you wish to receive more relief the product, then use the following scheme: promazyvaya all the posts for the back wall of the loop. How to do it, shown in the photo. This Mat can not only be used for its intended purpose, but, for example, as a blanket, just apply them a stool or a chair. In addition, in order to give the carpet a certain pattern may not be so easy to connect strips of fabric and tie in the process. It is easier to alternate between certain colors and shades.

How to knit a rug patchwork

If you have already learned how to knit rugs crochet with diagrams and description, it is easy to cope with the following option, which is executed in patchwork. The finished piece though assembled from many individual elements – squares, diamonds, roses and petals. Especially this technique can be seen in Japanese knitted mats, in which the elements are intertwined. So create even chair covers, napkins, cushion covers for pillows and blankets.

One of the techniques is called chess. The size of the elements can be anything. Note that for the large squares required a long Tunisian hook. Material you can take on your taste – chopped yarn or tissue, as in the previous master class. The main thing is pick the size of hook: to take a thin yarn and fabric – thicker. As an example, shows the production of squares with sides 6 eyelets. Knit these rugs crocheted with the following scheme and description:

  1. Dial a chain of 13 loops. One of them is a corner.
  2. Thread through the hook in from his first loop and pull the thread behind it. Repeat 7 times to get 8 stitches.
  3. Capturing a working thread, proverite together 2 p. Use this scheme before the end of the row.
  4. Then again dial loop, as in point 2 crank hook at the front thread.
  5. Again provarite range, as in paragraph 3.
  6. Repeat the steps 2 through 4 point to obtain the 6 series.
  7. The last row provarite columns with nakida. The end of the thread attach.
  8. In the lower right corner of the square, fasten the thread of another color dial 7 loops.
  9. Knit on the same instruction, only collected 7 make a loop, bringing the hook over the edge of an existing square.
  10. Last row knit columns with nakida, and when vyvazhivanii 7 loops take the corner of the first square.
  11. Tie the same pattern the next square. It will be on top of the first.
  12. Continue to draw squares until the desired size of Mat.

Round of kalimok

Knitted carpets from packages

Another original version – Mat knitted from conventional packages. First you need to fold them several times, then cut into strips of medium thickness, spread the ring and connect into a solid. It remains only to twist the coil. Next, use a description of the knitting process:

  1. The beginning of the tape is secure on the hook, make 3-4 air loops and close them in the ring.
  2. Insert the hook into the nearest hole, thread through the thread and provarite them.
  3. Continue knitting in a circle, occasionally adding loop through promazyvanija several times in one hole.
  4. To enter another color just tie the next thread.

Video: Mat on the floor with their hands

Create a small rug with the descriptions and diagrams above it is easy even for one day. Using them, you can think of your own color, thereby obtaining individual product. Additional assistance are the videos where it clearly shows the process of implementation of an idea. Look them up and start knitting.

Mats with his hands from the yarn

Delicate rugs crochet

Mat on a chair crochet

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