Made from the leaves of the trees with his own hands

Autumn is not only cloudy days, raindrops are constantly banging on the glass and the roof, but the time for bright colorful landscapes. During normal walking. which takes place in a city Park or square, easy to build a collection of material of various sizes, shapes and colors (yellow, brown, green, red, orange), by which masters and the kids make crafts from the leaves of the trees with their hands for a gift or home decoration, interior design, school exhibitions, presentation » teacher’s day or the feast of autumn.

Step by step instructions craft projects for kids tree leaves

The diversity of forms, along with stunning colour of the autumn leaves give the chance to create many compositions, ikebana, herbaria, collages and crafts. If to speak about subjects that are popular birds, Zodiac signs, fairy tale creatures, animals, decorative items and jewelry. It is particularly interesting to involve such a creative child, because the creation of masterpieces develop his imagination, creativity. Use the following step-by-step instructions to teach your child to create interesting crafts with their hands.

Bulk applique Owl from birch leaves

To create owls better suited to the birch leaves, they are small in size, have a smooth outline, whereby it is easy to fit on the figure, making it three-dimensional.

The necessary materials and tools:

  • album sheet of white cardboard;
  • stationery scissors;
  • the leaves of birch;
  • a simple pencil;
  • black buttons or toy eyes;
  • PVA glue;
  • 1 sheet of white, black, red paper.

Owl out of leaves, hand made

Step through:

  1. To begin, draw on cardboard or print out a silhouette of the expectant owl.
  2. Next, carefully cut the cardboard bird.
  3. Visually divide the owl on the horizontal rows, one at a time, applied glue and put the leaves. Start to glue the leaves is recommended with the lower range, gradually rising to the highest, until all aclaim owl. Lay the leaves overlap each other.
  4. For the eyes take a white paper, cut out two circles, glued with glue on the owl. As pupils use the black buttons that need to attach to the paper eyes with glue.
  5. Use red paper for feet and beak, cut out, glue them with glue to the owl.

Autumn crafts hedgehog from the cones and leaves

Not only leaves are used for products added to them and other natural materials – conkers, cones, acorns. Try to do together with your child in a funny hedgehog. Materials needed:

  • pine cones;
  • plastic bottle (0.5 or 1 liter);
  • stationery knife;
  • a piece of cardboard;
  • moss;
  • clay brown
  • glue «Moment»;
  • two caps from bottles;
  • black acrylic paint.

Hack Hedgehog from the leaves and cones


  1. It is advisable to take a bottle of dark color (brown or black) if such otherwise it can be transparent, but then it needs to be completely painted with acrylic paints.
  2. On the painted bottle with glue, fasten the buttons, starting from the back the future hedgehog. Ensure that the cones are firmly fixed on the bottle. Basically, the knobs of the bottle, except the «faces» and «tummy» of the future animals.
  3. When the body of the hedgehog is ready, now let’s create a spout to do this, paste the brown clay bottle cap.
  4. For the eyes take two white lids from bottles, acrylic paint, draw the pupils.
  5. Ready glazik glued to the face with glue.
  6. The product is almost ready, it remains only to decorate it. On a sheet of cardboard spread out the moss and put it on the hedgehog.
  7. On the back of the animals put leaves, Rowan berries.

The composition of the leaves the Firebird

With the help of autumn leaves fairy tales can come to life in the original compositions. For example, offer to try to create a Firebird. The necessary materials and tools:

  • a piece of white cardboard;
  • yellow and black acrylic paint.
  • PVA glue;
  • red and green maple leaves;
  • scissors;
  • the leaves of birch;
  • stems with leaves of ash;
  • stems with leaves of acacia;
  • birch leaves;
  • a simple pencil;

The Firebird from the leaves of the trees

Step through:

  1. Draw on the cardboard silhouette of the Firebird with a fluffy tail, cut it out. The body of the bird to the tail paint yellow acrylic, black color, draw a point. Wait until the paint dries.
  2. Then proceed to the decoration of the Firebird, starting with the bottom of the tail. Apply a strip of cardboard tail glue and tightly fasten the Golden stem of the ash.
  3. The next layer, just above the glued row of red maple leaves, 3rd series green maple leaves, the fourth – birch leaves, the fifth green maple, sixth – stalks of acacia, the seventh – birch leaves, the final number of red maple leaves.
  4. When the tail is ready, begin to create the wing. Again start to attach the leaves with glue in the bottom row in the sequence – stalk ash, red maple leaf, green, maple, birch leaf maple red.
  5. The fabulous Firebird is ready!

Mask from the leaves of the trees

For children’s holiday-Autumn in the kindergarten or school or masquerade make with the child of the original mask. You will need:

  • maple leaves of different sizes;
  • cardboard;
  • durable ribbon, tape or elastic band;
  • stationery scissors;
  • adhesive;

Masquerade mask made out of leaves with their hands

Step through:

  1. Draw on a cardboard sheet blank for the mask, cut it along the contour.
  2. The edges of the mask make a small incision and tie a thread in the future, the product is well kept on the head.
  3. Paste over with glue and leaves a cardboard blank. Start to mount the first large leaves around the edges, in the mid – to- small.

Vase of autumn leaves

Autumn leaves are used for making not only baby products, but also for decorating home interior. We offer you to make an original vase for sweets or fruit. Tools and materials:

  • PVA glue;
  • the balloon;
  • vaseline;
  • brush for glue;
  • scissors;
  • maple leaves.

Vase in autumn leaves

Step through:

  1. Inflate the balloon to the required size, roomier than need a vase, the bigger the ball.
  2. That leaves well behind the ball, before work grease it with vaseline.
  3. For convenient operation we fix our balloon in any capacity and begin to make a vase.
  4. Each maple leaf with a brush generously spread the glue, attach in turn to a pressurized ball.
  5. Lay out several layers of leaves.
  6. Almost finished product once fully lubricate the glue and wait until it is completely dry (48-72 hours).
  7. Then blow the ball.

Frame for photos

All the kids love to decorate the walls of his room with photographs or hand-drawn pictures. Help put your favorite photo of your child in original frame, made by hand. Materials needed:

  • cardboard;
  • adhesive;
  • leaves;
  • a simple pencil;
  • a pair of scissors.

Photo frame decorated with leaves of trees

Step through:

  1. Prepare the cardboard frame the size you want. The middle frame (where is the) make a little less pictures.
  2. Before making the frame, the leaves are put in hot water they become soft.
  3. Next, using white glue paste a frame leaves.
  4. The finished product is put under a stack of heavy magazines or books. Wait until the frame gets dry.
  5. Insert in our composition favorite photo to secure it in back with tape.

Applique lion and fish on paper from the dry leaves of the trees

Colorful and bright applique work, if they make use of whole leaves. Kids love to create different animals and birds, Bunny, Fox, horse, rooster, cat, dog, etc., we Offer you to make funny lion fish. The materials required for the lion:

  • yellow leaves of the lime;
  • black crayon or marker;
  • the seeds of ash;
  • the fruits of horse chestnut;
  • PVA glue;
  • the dry sprig of pine;
  • scissors;
  • yellow colored paper;
  • cardboard orange.

Step-by-step description:

  1. Print or draw on yellow paper lion’s head, cut it.
  2. Circle mane paste over with glue several rows of leaves of the Linden.
  3. Paint black marker lion’s nose and stick glue to it a chestnut.
  4. Needles from the dry twigs of pine use as antennae for Leo.
  5. Language will replace the glued glue the seeds of the ash.
  6. When the product dries, the product will be ready.

Lion and fish from the leaves of the trees with his own hands

The necessary materials for fish:

  • yellow Linden leaves;
  • PVA glue;
  • brown leaves of quince;
  • marker;
  • the seeds of ash;
  • acorns;
  • stationery scissors;
  • colored paper in blue color.

Step-by-step description:

  1. Print out the fish template on the blue paper, or draw with a marker, cut it out with scissors.
  2. Cut each piece of basswood stem, using glue attach them to the frame in the form of fish scales.
  3. On the tail of an application then glue a few leaves of quince seeds and garnish with ash.
  4. Caps of acorns attach to the fish with glue head line. Crafts from the leaves of the trees with his own hands ready!

How to dry leaves for crafts

Dry leaves – wonderful free raw materials for various herbaria, applications, products. To have your products stored for a long period of time, you need to learn how to dry the leaves. For this study the following rules:

  • Collect natural materials only in dry weather.
  • Leaf color choose yellow or green.
  • Note the appearance of the leaves. The most suitable will be smooth, nice and clean, no damages and black spots.

How to dry a letter for future products

Variants drying the leaves there are a few. Let’s consider each:

  • Long and qualitative method (takes 14-30 days). Each leaf carefully flatten and place between the pages of the notebook that you want to put in a big fat book. Press the top of the book with something heavy.
  • Accelerated. If you don’t have time to do the processing, and to tomorrow’s the leaves, this method is most suitable. Put the leaves between Newspapers and iron with warm iron 3-4 times. Then let the plants cool down and repeat several times. It is worth saying that when using this method the plants are fragile and cannot be kept long, green leaves will darken, and the yellow remain bright.
  • Alternative. Some masters managed to harvest the leaves with a hair dryer. They claim that with this method the plants do not darken, but it is likely that the leaves will roll into a tube.

Video tutorials: creating crafts from leaves of trees for kids

Nature in autumn is fascinating riot of colors, so children taking walks often bring bouquets of colorful leaves. Ask your child to build the garland from the leaves of the trees with your hands, because it is not only an interesting and beautiful idea, but the easiest way to acquaint the baby with nature, broaden their horizons, to learn to develop imagination. To create such compositions is not difficult, as a secondary video use the following step-by-step instructions.

Panels of acorns and autumn leaves for elementary school

Master-class on creating butterfly and mouse for children in kindergarten

Crafts — autumn bouquet of roses from maple leaves for school students

Pretty pictures on cardboard for the fall for kindergarten

Hedgehog in the grass from the leaves and flowers with their hands

Crafts made from leaves, cones, chestnuts and acorns for children

Photos of Handicrafts made from the leaves of the trees, hand made

To create a holiday atmosphere and comfort in your house will help decorative elements from natural materials. Such products will fill the house with positive charge and positive energy. To create a masterpiece with autumn leaves, you need patience, accuracy and imagination. For inspiration interesting ideas we recommend you to view a selection of photographs made by the hands of boys and girls under the guidance of adults:

Examples of articles made from the leaves with their hands

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