Made from potatoes with their hands for school

Educational institutions sometimes require from their students is the creation of unusual accessories, jewelry, objects of the interior. Very interesting crafts made from potatoes with their hands for school, as they are easy to do, but perhaps a very unusual present. Consider a phased master-classes on how to make interesting animals, birds, living beings on the basis of vegetable and additional available materials it will need.

What kind of thing you can make out of potatoes for students

  • Animals: bears, rabbits, giraffes, pigs.
  • Insects: spiders, caterpillars, centipedes.
  • Vegetables: carrots, onions, beets, cabbage, mushrooms, tomatoes.
  • Pets: cats, chickens, dogs, mice, parrots, horses, sheep, cows.
  • Marine life: goldfish, jellyfish, shells, shells.
  • Composition of different kinds of animals in nature: sheep in pasture, horses walking, turtles in the lake, the Hippo in a swamp snake on a branch.

Step-by-step instruction of manufacturing of potatoes

Made from potatoes with their hands for school should bring joy to a child who does it. This activity will be interesting, so parents must pick up a very bold materials: fancy potatoes, vegetables, glue, various sticks, clay, etc If your child takes only one animal, then you should try to arrange it so that it was liked by all teachers and friends. Consider the step by step instructions, some light variants of products made from potatoes with their hands for school.

Master-class on making Smeshariki from potatoes and plasticine

Crafts out of potatoes and clay - Smeshariki

  1. Take 4 potatoes medium size, wash it thoroughly, wipe dry with a napkin and put in warm place to dry out the vegetables completely.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the clay, to do this, put the material on the battery in the microwave or in the sun to become pliable for molding.
  3. The «body» of each Smeshariki is a potato, it must be covered with a thin layer of clay pastel shades (peach, lemon, beige, rose).
  4. The white of the eyes of each character is made with nail Polish or corrector, which is often used by students.
  5. Glasses, pupils, eyelashes and eyebrows every about laughing dorisovyvaet black or brown pencil.
  6. Nose, hands and feet should be performed using colored clay and bright colors. To this end, the hands need to be warmed up a little piece of material to sculpt a triangle or strip and press firmly to the body.
  7. One of the main features of the game is their top, you want to sculpt from clay in the shape of horns, hats, needles, crown with bow.
  8. When all Smeshariki ready, the product is to Supplement crafts beautiful landscape with leaves, twigs pine cones, small pieces of wood in the form of penechki.

Adorable couple of cubs from potatoes

Bears from potatoes, hand made

  1. Prepare the potatoes: choose 6-7 raw potatoes small size, about 3-4 cm in diameter. Preferably, the vegetable form was oblong. The color of the potato is better to take a neutral brown or greenish.
  2. Wash vegetables using a brush to clean all pieces of land.
  3. Choose 2 small ball for the head. Better to put oblong potatoes across to this part of the body was broad, not narrow.
  4. For the body, take the potatoes a little larger, set vertically.
  5. Cut potatoes in 4 quarters, which will serve as legs.
  6. Cut potatoes 4 strips that will serve as hands.
  7. Small pieces of the vegetable with the peel semicircular shape are the bears ears.
  8. When all pieces are ready, combine them with regular toothpicks, piercing one and the second part that needs to be put together.
  9. Beautifying products are allowed plasticine flowers, berries or vegetables.
  10. Eyes, nose and mouth each bears need to cut out of colored paper, cardboard. They are easy to stick glue or attach a small piece of clay.

Original hedgehog with spines made of toothpicks

Substitution of potatoes for school

  1. My one potato of medium size (if you want a hedgehog more, it is necessary to take a large vegetable).
  2. Cook about 30-50 toothpicks, the more, the more effective the hedgehog.
  3. Cut each toothpick in half and stick the potato to the front left a blank space for faces.
  4. Eyes hedgehog permitted to make using raisins, dried Rowan or other berry. To pin these items would be better on a toothpick.
  5. The nose and legs of a hedgehog should make a carrot, the vegetable is preferably washed and cut into pieces.
  6. To hedgehog from potatoes looked very impressive, it should be decorated with leaves, fruits and berries (as if they clung to the needles). This allowed to take apples, mini-zucchini, cucumbers, seeds or other natural gifts. Spread need as the opposite sex.
  7. The product of hedgehog will look even more beautiful, if the animal to put on bright yellow and red leaves that lay at his feet.

Manufacturer Cheburashka with their hands

Cheburashka from potatoes

  1. Choose one large white potato varieties. My it under running water with a brush to remove all dirt.
  2. Dry vegetable dry with paper towels.
  3. Potatoes cut into strips 1-2 cm wide With one vegetable should go 6-7 rounds, but better if they are oval.
  4. Using toothpicks to large pieces (which will be the trunk) pin the middle circle (the head).
  5. Next, a toothpick, fasten the ears, you need to choose the same big size.
  6. The potatoes will be a great feet.
  7. Pens need to cut out the remaining pieces of potatoes, they are small in size.
  8. Eyes, nose and mouth Cheburashka must be performed from spices, carrots, beets and cabbage.
  9. To cut the potatoes turned black, it needs to be greased with a little oil or acidified water.
  10. Decorate Cheburashka from potatoes, perhaps a hat, flower, leaf, autumn tree.
  11. Very original is the product with multiple Cheburashka: mom, dad and baby.

Interesting thing family of pigs

Kids crafts made from potatoes - Pigs

  1. For this easy DIY pick up 5-6 potatoes, two of them large (it will be mom and dad) and the rest medium size (about 5 cm in diameter). Form vegetables can be either round or oblong, it doesn’t matter much. It is better to choose varieties of pink, purple, beige color with a smooth skin.
  2. Wash the whole potatoes under water and dry them dry with paper towels.
  3. Prepare clay black or dark brown, pink and Burgundy. Warm it in the microwave or on the battery.
  4. Skillful hands of kids with adult blind the ears for all piglets are triangular in shape. Attach them to each thing. Keep in mind that ears moms and dads need to be little more than children.
  5. Let’s roll a ball of clay and press it to the table, so the circle. Take a small stud with a smooth cap and put it on a square of clay 2 dots that look like the nostrils of a pig.
  6. The same perform the steps with the other balls of clay to be used as nose of each pig.
  7. Attach the circles of clay with holes for potatoes, put the same eyes, but very small diameter.
  8. Necessarily important to pay a small plasticine sausage and tighten it. A tail attached to each potato. Better if these parts will be different from all pigs.
  9. To decorate a composition pigs of potatoes may vegetables, grass or leaves. The main thing to make this addition seamlessly. Success!

How to make a potato man

Men of potatoes, made by hand

  1. To make potato man, you need: 1-2 medium potatoes, 5 toothpicks or thin wooden skewers, 1 small tomato and 1 large.
  2. Wash all vegetables and dry them with napkins.
  3. From the first potatoes cut 1 cm from one edge and 1 cm from the opposite. This will be the torso of the future man.
  4. From the second of potatoes cut off a small ring, with a width of 0.5-1 cm, which will serve as the basis for the hat. Fasten this piece on the basis of the process described in claim 3.
  5. From part two of the potato, cut out the heart and fasten it to the bottom of the design, which is already there. These will be the legs of a man.
  6. From the remnants of the vegetable cut out the hands and attach them to the body using toothpicks.
  7. Cut off the edge of a large tomato and attach it to the base of the hat. So red hat will look really good on the potatoes.
  8. A small tomato cut in half. One part is attached to the head to make a nose. The second will use as a basket, which holds in his hand the man.
  9. The eyes of the person doing the using raisins, small berries, or plastic balls.
  10. Mouth cut with a knife in the «head» of the potato.
  11. Decorate a composition of small vegetables, berries and fruit.

How to make a snowman out of potatoes

Snowmen from potatoes to school

  1. To hack from the potatoes with your hands to schools in the form of a snowman turned out beautiful, you need to pick 3 vegetables of different sizes (large, medium and small).
  2. For work, prepare the carrots, toothpicks and wooden skewers, paper, pens, thick thread and any cap similar to a bucket (with old toys).
  3. Rinse the vegetables and dry them with a towel.
  4. Pinned to a large wooden skewers (two allowed on to the fortress) potatoes as they reduce. Lower vegetable should be put so that it is as durable as possible (it’s the easiest way).
  5. Through the Central potato is threaded a toothpick and pinned on her mug of carrots. It will be the hands of the snowman.
  6. On the head using glue attach the cap.
  7. The eyes of the snowman, make paper, and the center draw the dark pupils.
  8. The mouth is also better to paint with a red pen or pencil.
  9. The nose of the snowman will be small, it is necessary to make sharp parts of wooden skewers.
  10. Buttons products put a dark marker.
  11. Cut a few thick threads and glue them to a skewer trimmed. It will be the broom, which is mounted in the arm of the snowman. Work ready!

Video tutorials on creating crafts out of potatoes for school and kindergarten

To every parent could help their child make unusual crafts from potatoes with their hands for school, it is better first of all to consider some free video tutorials or recommendations regarding the creation of these accessories. Caring moms and dads know that the interesting idea, the easier it is to engage the child in work. Of potatoes easy to make, not only animals, but also plants. And if all this is to combine in a single composition, you get a great product.

Rose potatoes

Hedgehog potatoes with your hands for 10 minutes

A lesson on making wefts from potatoes and carrots for kids

Photos of interesting crafts on the theme of «Autumn» from potatoes

To create your unique idea for a crafts school exhibition, fair, pageant or holiday, it is permitted to perform various pictures with the finished products of other students. Recently, a very popular make of vegetables, rabbits, squirrels, poodles, cartoon characters, the Smurfs, kopatych, Simka and Nolik). Very original will, if such creatures to put in the house or to the clearing of the gifts of nature. Consider lighter options such products from potatoes in the photo:

DIY from potatoes on the theme of autumn

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