How to tie spokes takes

Takes is an elegant and feminine headpiece, which is designed to prevent hypothermia of the head in the fall and spring. He adds tenderness, romanticism, Parisian chic, is still relevant and fashionable for several decades in a row. Like spokes to associate itself takes? Even a beginner seamstress can handle this task. There are many techniques and patterns plaits, braids, Interlaken, stars, honeycombs. Popular warm knitted berets and hats made of thin cotton yarn, which are translucent, airy.

Step by step instructions with diagrams and description of work

When you have chosen the model for knitting patterns beret, you should pick up the yarn, corresponding in color and thickness, and spokes. Can be used synthetic or natural thread. The wool or wool is used for winter hats, because it retains heat well. A thin cotton thread is ideal for summer as it is breathable and does not overheat the skin.

Scheme knitting beret hat with thick yarn waffle-knit

Model pattern of English gum

As spokes linked to the ladies ‘ takes an English string? A model with the same pattern looks beautiful, but in its creation there is nothing tricky and challenging. For knitting you will need 100-150 grams of yarn. Instruction step by step:

  • Start knitting from the edge (height 3 cm) with a simple elastic band or garter pattern with thinner spokes.
  • Continue knitting the main pattern. Waffle you need to knit thicker: first row – L. 1, P1., second, 1 litre, straight yo, purl off, and the loop which remains on the right needle, not promazyvaetsya.
  • Head beret is 10-13 cm, excluding the height of the Board. After the go elastic 1×1, provatas so 4 rows. Then there is a reduction of the loops according to the following scheme: 1st row – p. L. 2, L. 1, P1.; 2 – knit pattern; 3 – p. L. 2, P1.; 4 – in pattern; 5 – are finished completely 2 p. WM. L. lower; 6 – W.; 7 – repeat 5; 8 – repeat 6.
  • Next, tear off the thread of this size to have enough for a knit beret. Remove the remaining loop on the string, pull tight. Stitch takes by grabbing the edge of the 2 threads.

Master class on knitting warm beret big braids

The use of pattern with large braids

One of the interesting, extensive and beautiful of patterns – braids. It is ideal for creating lush, warm headgear. It requires 150 g of yarn, knitting needles with the two ends and circular. Manual steps:

  • Type hinges on the size of the girth, circular knit 10 rows elastic band 3×3. After that, there is a transitional range: 3 Phi., 1 l, 1 yo, 1 l, 1 yo, 2 l., P1., 2 l, 1 yo, 1 l, 1 yo, 1 l, Continue with this scheme until the end of the row.
  • Go to larger diameter knitting needles, knit pattern of the braid 7-8 rapport.
  • The next row in a circle: purl three together purl. Are finished in the next 2 l over the front wall to the end of the row. Cut the working thread, attach.

French takes the bulk of the mohair for the winter

Bulk berets are always in style. They retain heat well and look interesting. For knitting you will need 150 g mohair, knitting needles No. 7. Manual steps:

  • First, tie the top part of the beret: dial 91 loop provarite gum 1 liter, 2 Phi. Make cloth 23 cm, then make the reduce in the first row of loops 30. Make a three-centimeter gum.
  • Repeat the decrease on 30 stitches. Knit elastic, while the top of the upper reach 28, see Open loop is contractible.
  • Separately fit the bake of the scheme: 1 – P1., L. 9, P1.; 2 – P1., L. 9, P1.; 3 – P1., 3 l, remove three additional spokes, 3 l, taken are finished front and complete the reverse; 4 – P1., 3 l, remove three additional, 3 l, are finished shot of the front, completing the reverse; 5 – P1., 9., P1.; 6 – P1., 9., P1.; 7 – P1., remove the three again for a additional, 3., are finished beveled front, 3 l, P1.; 8 – P1., again three take additional, 3 l, are finished beveled front, 3 l, P1.
  • Repeat the rows until the length of the borders will not reach 56 cm Close all the loops. For the compilation of beret do the seam at the lower edge of the borders and on the upper part. Sewn to the bottom of the top, making a small Assembly.

Model for young girls

Laced is taken from a fine yarn

Knitting hats can be laced, with the presence of notched gaps, making the product a decorative accessory. Proposed in the master class of variant headgear fit quickly and easily. You’ll need: knitting needles №3,5, 60 g of fine yarn, crochet hook, circular needles №3, №3,5. Step-by-step master class:

  • For the strap, dial 11 p. on circular needles is a third the size. Knit elastic 1×1 52 see
  • Closed loop, connected to the hook.
  • From edge of strap hinges raised front: one loop from the edge, yo.
  • Knit in round 4 of the series: the first front; 2 – front; 3 – 2 loops alternately knit into the front together, yo; 4 – facial.
  • Are finished a couple of rows in garter pattern.
  • Duty fishnet and garter pattern.
  • Are finished 11 cm garter pattern formed at the bottom, subtracting the desired number of loops in every fourth row, promazyvaya 3 and 4 along one face. Reduction do 5 times, promazyvaya 20 rows.
  • Connect two front.
  • The last row is collected by the hook.
  • Recruit 5 loops, knit five-centimeter gum, close.
  • The item is folded in half, sew crochet tips. The resulting loop is placed in the hole between the remaining loops beret, contractible loop.

Beautiful lace headpiece

Fashion hat shaped beret Angora

This master class you will learn how to knit the deep youth headdress. It looks dimensional and beautiful due to the pattern of the knobs. For her you need to pick up 150 grams of woolen yarn, Angora, spokes №5, №7. Step by step instructions:

  • Recruited to No. 7 82 loops. Start with the knobble pattern: 1 – Phi.; 2 – 1 chrome., *3 WM. Phi., 1. knit 3 (1, l, P1., 1 l)*, repeat are indicated by asterisks plot, 1 chrome.; 3 – Phi., 4 – 1 chrome., *knit 3 from 1 hinges 3, 3 WM. Phi.*, to repeat the plot, marked with asterisks.
  • At a height of 14 cm between the edge cut for 16 loops. To do this three times in each second row.
  • Next, cut 8 loops in the back row. Pull the loop thread.
  • On smaller needles to raise the loops along the stacked row, pearl pattern knit into 6 cm: alternation 1 l, P1. To carry on the back seam.

Description charming beret for girls

Option for girls

In this master class, described the process beautiful knit beret for the child. It is very simple, so even a beginner seamstress can handle this product. Need for knitting 100 grams of yarn of a selected color, circular needles number 3. Step by step instructions:

  • Dial 88 loops to make a four-centimeter gum 1×1.
  • 1 p. knit into the front, the next the reverse.
  • Again to make a 4 cm elastic band.
  • To add 2., yo. Knit only the front, making allowances for the entire series.
  • Next, tie the front without making additions.
  • 40 series do the subtraction: 10 L. 2 L. together After a row without obavlenia.
  • The following reduction: L. 9, L. 2 together Next row.
  • Third reduction: 8 L. 2 L. Following along without abbreviations.
  • Continue subtraction until there are 12 loops. To recover the thread to make the back seam.

How to knit picks heathered yarn in a simple way

Headdress heathered yarn

Melange yarn in most cases is used for simple patterns as the thread in itself looks original. From this master class you will learn to knit takes an easy way. To create the piece you need to pick up 100 grams of yarn of any color, spokes №3, №5. Instruction step by step:

  • A three dial 9 loops to make a rubber band with a length of 52cm.
  • To five to raise the loop, working on the long edges of the rim: one loop on the braid side view, single yo.
  • Knit into the purl in the front row all crossed.
  • 10 cm do the garter viscous.
  • Perform subtraction, promazyvaya together a couple of loops.
  • Repeat the reduction three times every three rows.
  • 2 loops knit together, subtended by a thread left. Sew seam knitted beret.

Stylish autumn takes out of the pot on the spokes

Model for a little girl

Dope is a thread with a long NAP, which is used for knitting. Products are original, beautiful. This yarn is good for beginners the fact that it hides all the flaws. For the beret you will need 100 g of grass, 100 g of wool, needles №4,5, №6. Manual steps:

  • Enter 60 loops of wool on the spokes №4,5. Make a 4 cm rubber 1×1.
  • Connect the pot and the wool together, continue knitting №6.
  • Every 5 add the loop to get the extension.
  • Provarite 5 cm directly.
  • Every personal downsized by reducing the loop every 5.
  • Collect the remaining loops, pull. With knitted seam join the edges of the beret together.

Method of knitting a beret, cropped rows of mélange yarn

Voluminous headdress

Presented in this master class model fit cropped rows of wedges. The product looks very interesting, especially together with a similar scarf. It is better to use a melange yarn purple, brown or other colors. Manual steps:

  • Dial 65 loops, purl one row.
  • Next you need to shorten the range on 3 hinges.
  • Nadovezuje 2 loops from 4 to 32 in range of each even.
  • Left at the same time nadovezuje 4 p. 25 row, 3 p. 27, 29, 31, 33.
  • Turn the knitting, all the loops are finished right needle.
  • Do some more, promazyvaya all loops shortened rows.
  • It turns out the wedge, which requires 12 pieces.
  • Sew the vertical seam of the beret. Measure the circumference of your head, an elastic band to connect in a circle.
  • Tuck the lower part of the beret to sew invisible stitches by inserting the elastic.

Like spokes to link takes from boucle yarn

Using boucle yarn

Very interesting, original look hats that are associated boucle yarn. This thread does not require the use of tricky patterns, because it is self-sufficient in itself. You’ll need 200 g of yarn boucle, spokes №3, №3,5. Step by step instructions:

  • Recruited 88 stitches on smaller needles, do a three-centimeter gum 1×1.
  • Continue large spokes. Purl stitch knitting, or hosiery knitting.
  • The first line added from pulling the loop through every 11 p.
  • The next 4 rows knit straight.
  • Few times do add chess order.
  • Knit 3 cm exactly.
  • Every personal reducing to 12 loops.
  • When there’s 10 items, collected by the beam and thread fastened from the inside.

Description patterns knitting beret

Set with scarf

Takes is considered to be not just an ordinary hat, but also a decoration of the female image. Due to the large number of different patterns associated with their hands cap can be a real work of art. Expressive, delicate, wool, weave the yarn emphasize the oval female faces so as not be no other headgear, thus securely holding the heat and shading the created image.

— Zigzag pattern – open-knit version. It is the perfect blend of contrast colors, creating a wavy pattern of the watershed lines. Zigzag knitted things has a modern, dynamic look. Master it will be able even a novice.

— Hedgehog – this pattern is created by adding nakido. Fit pattern is very simple, and looks interesting and original. The pattern looks beautiful in sodah, caps, children’s items, which are three-dimensional and fluffy.

— Peacock tail combines wavy lines. It looks very impressive, what you will see on the photo. Especially interesting peacock’s tail looks when using fancy yarns, including melange.

Leaves pattern looks very elegant and magical. Takes with this pattern are ideal for the autumn season. The leaves are created by alternating the subtraction and nakido. Suitable for knitting hats, tunics, blouses, easy to implement.

Video tutorials on knitting hats and beret knitting for beginners

Beret is a fashionable woman’s headdress, which is able to create a stylish way with women’s dress and casual jeans. Model you can choose for different type of person. The advantage of the form lies in the fact that it is suitable for almost everyone. The following YouTube video clearly describes the process of knitting hats with different patterns: wedges, corn, braids. Demonstration of knitting will allow any young seamstress to master the creation of beret with my hands. The main thing – to be patient and carefully watch the action of the needle in the video.

How to tie the classic takes off the wedges with your hands

Detailed tutorial on knitting hats beret for women

Beret knitting pattern «Corn»

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