Lacy scarf crochet diagram and description — 8 original models

8 models openwork scarf crochet with diagrams and description

Lately, a scarf is not just an element of clothing, but also a fashion accessory. It is usually worn over clothes, so you can see all the patterns. To associate such a product is not complicated, just need to clearly stick to that, as evidenced by the diagrams and description. Article about how to tie a Lacy scarf crochet diagram and description kindly help in this. The first scarf that we will try to link is called Autumn.


We will need 140 g of yarn dyeing sectioned, hook №2,5.

The size of the finished product will turn out to 138 cm by 24 cm


First you need to map the chain of the 61 air loop 5 rapport (a recurring element of the pattern) at the 12 loops + 1 loop to the pattern was symmetrical. Thus the need to link rows past 55, as shown in the diagram. In the last row in products is usually added frill «Pico.»

Pico – an easy way of binding the edges of the finished product. One of the ways of its implementation: dial 3 air loop in the place where you have to draw the line. To introduce the hook into the first of them to seize working thread and stretch it. Then again to seize working thread and stretch it in two loops on the hook. So continue knitting to the end edges of the product.

The second part of the scarf must be knit from the starting chain, but with the other hand.


Finished knitting needs to spread, moisturize, and then dry.

Openwork crochet scarf «Vivien»

Stylish, and at the same time, a warm scarf, ideal for cold season. It is better to wear over clothing tying a loop or wrap around the neck. To create the scarf, we will need 250 g of yarn made of wool or wool mixture with a hook № 4. Will knit the mesh first, and then the patterns edges.


To create mesh you need to score 15 of the stitches plus 3 stitches that replace the column with stitches for the first row. Next, knit 2 air loop, then skip 2 air loop and 3 loop make a column with nakida. Then the whole row knit this scheme: 2 air loop, then skip the 2 loops and perform 1 column with nakida. To make the grid, columns with nakida must be placed above the columns with nakida.

Diagram of a mesh openwork scarf

When the grid is ready, start to create the laced border. To do this, the canvas should be rotated through 90 degrees, that is, knitting will now go along the scarf.

In the first row perform the binding edge of the leaf columns without nakida. In each cell there should appear 3 columns.

The second should be linked by columns with nakida. And from each of the previous column without nakida, should have 2 columns with nakida. Due to this we are increasing the number of loops twice.

Third – again knit a column with nakida, and again increase the number of loops 2 times.

Fourth row – fit as well as the third, with the increase of loops 2 times.

Fifth – knit column with nakida, but the number of loops to increase only half. That is, of the two loops of the previous row to tie 3 loops.

Pattern border

Scheme crochet border crochet

In this model you can experiment with the colors of the yarn. For example, a grid tie with one color and the rim another. Also, you can change the pattern edges.

Lattice scarf crochet

Warm knitted scarf crochet

This scarf will perfectly adorn the wardrobe, add a touch of femininity and warm in cool weather. It will perfectly suit to any clothes and make the image unique. Knitted Lacy scarf pattern, diagram and described below.

For knitting this scarf, you must prepare: 200g wool yarn sectional painted, hook № 3,5.


You should pay attention to the fact that the scarf is knitted in a horizontal position. Recruit first chain of air loops. It’s equal will be equal to the length of the scarf. Then knit the patterns as specified in the scheme, first at one side of the chain and then the other.

Scheme crochet warm scarf fishnet

Knitting should be spread on a horizontal surface, moisturize and allow to dry.

Scarf crocheted with an asymmetrical scalloped

This scarf looks quite unconventional, but this is its charm. Link it is an easy to wear – just fun.

To make this scarf we will need 100 grams of yarn, a hook №3.

The size of the finished product – 192 cm by 11 cm.


Recruited 451 air loop, which includes 30 rapport for 15 loops + 1 loop to the pattern was symmetrical. Then knit 7 rows of the main canvas, as shown in the diagram. From 8 to 12 row festoons, which are knitted separately. The beginning and end of each of these series should be attached to the 7th row of the connecting column.

Scheme of the scarf with an asymmetrical scalloped


Scarf-Palatine. Openwork pattern.

Scarf-Palatine must be present in a woman’s wardrobe. It harmonises perfectly with the classic coat, long cardigan or just a jumper. The work is time-consuming, but the end result is worth it.

So, we will need: 400g of yarn blue with a composition of 75% wool and 25% polyamide, hook №3.

The size of finished product: 180 cm 50 cm + fringe


Recruit a chain of air loops. 1 to 3 knit row 1 again, and the pattern of the second and third row repeated throughout the knitting process. At the height of 180cm, to perform the fourth row of the diagram. After the work is completed cut the thread.

Scheme, how to knit the openwork patterns of the Palatine

Do fringe. For each brush we need to prepare 4 strands with a length of 40 cm, fold in half and tie through the side of the canvas. Then fringe should be stripped and cut.

The finished knitting is to moisturize from the inside, lay in a horizontal position and allow to dry.

Scarf «scale» for beginners: video MK

Semicircular pineapple scarf crochet: description of the scheme and

The patterns of this product are reminiscent of pineapple, hence the name. To wear a scarf in different ways: drape around the neck or throw on the shoulders as a frill.

A ruff of lush woven or lace ruffle that goes from neck down to his chest. Used to finish the blouse or dress.

To create it you need to prepare: 75 grams yarn and a crochet # 2 and # 3.

The size of the semicircle in the finished product 112 cm, width 16.5 cm


Knit chain of air loops 257: 21 repeats in 12 loops 5 loops to the pattern was symmetrical. Then 12 rows knit as whole cloth. The motif of pineapples and consists of 4 ranks, you need to perform separately. The initial chain to decorate with piping Pico. In the diagram it is marked in blue.

Scheme crochet scarf pineapple motif and binding the edges Pico


Now You know how to knit openwork pattern for a scarf, it’s very simple. It is enough to have patience, inspiration and good mood. Quick lines and smooth loops.

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