Knitting for women fashion 2015 models description

Women are so created that always, in any weather, want to look stylish, fashionable, beautiful. Wardrobe paid much attention, but with the onset of cold weather, special emphasis is placed on the warm cosy knitted things. Special value sweaters, sweatshirts, cardigans purchase, if connected manually. Exclusive knitted things are expensive, but if you have the skills of working with knitting, please be patient, the necessary number of threads and samples patterns and diagrams select from the options.

Trends knitted fashion in 2015

2015 is marked by a large number of design models with knitted items of clothing or completely made out of warm yarn. Voluminous sweaters, sweaters knit, openwork airy blouses, coats, dresses, jackets, scarves of different lengths, colors – all these things are very relevant in the current year. In early 2016 is expected not only continued, but also the development of the theme of promoting things, knitted by hand.

Model knit women’s clothing knitting with description and diagrams

Things associated with needles are at the peak of popularity will be able to fit into any closet, different styles of clothes. Layering in fashion again, so feel free to mix and match knitwear with shirts, t-shirts, turtlenecks. Having the minimum required skills to work with spokes, you will be able to provide for themselves and their loved ones to exceptional insulated garment. Take advantage of free schemes of work to create different models of knitted things.


Knit tops and shirts you can afford to put on girls, young women who have beautiful figure. Open shoulders, a beautiful neckline will attract prying eyes in this part of the body, everything must be perfect. For the summer, knitted top, use a thin cotton thread, then openwork pattern turns out tender and translucent, as shown below. In this article you will look elegant and hot weather will not be a burden thanks to the thin straps, an open bodice and translucent openwork.

Scheme knitting fashion women's top spokes


Knitted sweaters have always been popular. These models warm clothes are versatile, practical, easy to match with other wardrobe items. Sweatshirts the smell, buttoned, with or without the belt, short, mid-thigh – a huge variety of shapes, models allows you to choose what will suit your figure, status, and preferences. Especially beautiful product will look if you use strands of thin mohair.

On the following diagram you will find a detailed description of execution of work on every detail knitted sweatshirts. Measurements were done taking into account the density of knitting, yarn thickness and needles. The appearance of the finished knitted product is shown in the photo that accompanies the pattern. This model of jacket will adorn your wardrobe, perfect for everyday and for holidays.

A diagram and description crochet women's cardigans knitting

Cardigans and sweaters

The boom in knitted things are expected by the end of 2015, will not pass pullovers and cardigans. These trendy warm bulky garments will be an integral part of the wardrobe of fashionistas. In many models, made to smell, Raglan sleeve, easily adjustable volume, under which you can wear a thin turtleneck shirt. The more intricate the pattern used, the more expensive, classier look of the product. A detailed diagram of vyvazhivanija loops that form the figure, will help you create an exclusive model of cardigan. For convenience, the number of loops for different sizes of the product.

Scheme knitting cardigan knitting description


For cold winter days the ideal garment will be knitted sweaters warm and cozy with a high collar neck, protecting the neck. Clamp – a kind of collar for sweater, from its large size, covering not only the throat, but and shoulders. Soft warm yarn, used for knitting, will perfectly fits in the pattern of a braid.

These kind of covers can vary in width, size, intricacy of the pattern. To knit the sweater look even cuter pattern arranged not only on the front of the product but also on the sleeves, as shown on the attached detailed scheme. Warm knitted sweater should be in the wardrobe of not only every woman but also men.

Description of knitting sweaters spokes

Scheme knitting women's sweater


The classical model of the pullover is considered a knit jumper with V-neck, long sleeves, tight on the figure. Sleeve is permitted as a bat, and more narrow. Follow the instructions attached schema hints about the direction of knitting of the individual parts, the density of vyvazhivanija loops to the product turned out symmetrical, answered the conceived pattern. Knitted sweater would go perfectly with a skirt, pants, under it you can wear a button-down shirt or turtleneck, covering the neck.

Scheme knitting pullover fashion for women

Coats and jackets,

Special chic considered knit coat or long jacket hand work. To create them using woolen threads, to which is added the acrylic to the finished product does not lose its shape, does not stretch. Tighter knit thick spokes creates a volumetric pattern. Such coats will not only warm salvation while walking in the cold autumn days, but elegant and stylish garment. In the attached diagram there are patterns to create models warm knitted coat. It can button up buttoned or fastened with belt (braided leather).

Scheme knitting fashion coat for women

Waistcoats and sleeveless jackets

Knitted tank tops can be long, short, reaching only to the waist line, smooth knit or patterned. Vests, too, are diverse: the presence of sleeves (short or to the elbow), or lack of it, clasps, density of knits. The thicker the thread used, the warmer is a knitted thing. For softness and slight fluffiness adds a thin strand of mohair and wool and acrylic helps to maintain the constant shape of the model. A detailed diagram of the pattern will help you create an interesting warm knitted thing for the fall and spring wardrobe.

A diagram and description crochet fashion knitting vest


Knitted warm leggings – elegant protection from the cold, especially if sewn on the inside lining, which will help not only to escape from the wind, but will support the shape of the model, giving the product a stretch. Open knit makes the jacket bulky, the beauty of the image catches the eye. The presence of buttons and a high knitted collar increases the value of such things for cool days. The scheme gives a detailed description of vyvazhivanija all details in compliance with the drawing of this model. Adhering to the recommendations on the selection of the thickness of the yarn and needles, you will achieve excellent results.

Scheme knitting needles jacket for women


Beautiful knitted warm jeans will never go out of fashion because they are practical, comfortable and elegant. Especially love their women with curvaceous. But the poncho-Cape is suitable not only for full ladies, but for any figure. Model knitted poncho can be delicate, with transparent pattern, dense and warm with a high collar neckline. Some styles of pants include the presence of sleeves. The following diagram is a classic poncho will be the starting point for the creation of such products. Use pictures, prompts for a pattern to create an exclusive thing.

The description of knitting sweaters spokes


In recent years, Bolero was the perfect addition to knitted clothing. Open knit looks amazing on a thick turtleneck, a plain dress. Volumetric convex patterns would be appropriate if the jacket is not very short and has long sleeves. Scheme openwork crochet black Bolero with buttons you’ll find below. Support work for you is a detailed description of the density of knitting loops, the order of connection of parts patterns. Create a beautiful knitted Bolero is not only the master, but novice knitters.

Scheme knitting fashion women's Bolero


The uniqueness of crochet dresses that are included in this category like casual, dressy evening. Special attention should be paid to knit the dress with a large pattern, worn with a cover in a contrasting color, so the appearance is more advantageous. These knitted models belong to the festive products. Warm dresses for everyday use are more dense braided pattern.

In the diagram below you will see an insulated version of the dress combines several types of filaments that differ not only in color but composition. The alternation of different intricate patterns has a positive effect on the appearance such a warm product. Detailed description of the binding will help you to cope with difficulties in the process of creating the proposed model dresses.

Description of knitting feminine dresses

Scheme knitting dress for women


Such products are a good solution with Golden mean between a short dress and a model of an elongated sweaters. If knitted tunic hand-made knitting needles, it acquires the exclusivity and true beauty. Openwork pattern combined with the rubber band will help knit the tunic falls beautifully on the figure, prevents premature stretching of this versatile warm products.

Description crochet fashionable tunic knitting


Warm knitted skirts have become an indispensable thing in cold weather. Women love to wear as a costume set, or separately. The diagram below shows an example of a knitted skirt in heathered yarn with smooth color transitions and shades. Pattern knitted elastic skirt will help to keep the shape of a trapezoid. Following all the simple guidelines, you can please yourself new clothes in a warm skirt for winter.

The description of knitting women's jeans knitting


A huge number of models knitted hats, caps, berets, hats can surprise even experienced seamstresses. To get started, pick a model hats to fit your face type. An example of the original model of the headdress shown in the diagram below, which shows how to begin to knit cap was just the right shape. If desired, the headpiece can become part of the knit kit is made in the same style, same thread.

Knitting fashion hat for women


Knitted scarves are no longer just part of the clothing, which creates additional heat. This important factor was added volume sizes, ornate drawings of complex binding. Sometimes a warm wide scarf used as a hood, and when the necessity for it disappears, it looks great as an additional attribute, located on the shoulders in a shawl. In the process of producing scarf you can adjust the width and length. The layout is simple but beautiful at the same time binding will help even those for whom this is the first lessons with the spokes.

Scheme knitting scarf for women knitting

Socks and Slippers

In the cool evening is so pleasant to wear knitted Slippers or warm socks, especially if they are made by hand. Standard wool socks gone, all the more common knitted long socks original work, socks. Having mastered the elementary basics of knitting (socks or Slippers), you will be able to cope with the creation of Golf, as in the diagram below. It describes the technique and procedure of product development.

The scheme of knitting socks knitting

Video description: fashionable scarf Snood knitting

To tie a fashion scarf-Snood, you need a little knowledge, the ability to distinguish the front from the reverse loop. The rest will help you a detailed tutorial with a detailed description of the procedure for making necks. For information: it’s a scarf without beginning and without end, the edges of which are interconnected and form an infinity. Depending on the length of the cowl, its easily two to three times to wrap around the neck or to turn into a headdress in the form of a hood. The more, GURNEE patterns will be used during crochet, the more elegant you will get the scarf. Find out the details in the free video tutorial:

Photo fashion knitting for women

Every season fashion designers present fresh ideas. The ability to knit will help you update your wardrobe with enviable speed. To create a new trendy things sometimes will require patience and time. You can always create a new exclusive product based on an old, out of the present, knitted clothing, taking as starting point the clothes of celebrities. Photo-log below will help you to choose your favorite model.

The autumn-winter 2015-2016

Shown in the photo below knitted collection model the end of 2015 – beginning of 2016 come in a variety of patterns, openwork patterns. The use of a wide color gamut is visually convincing, the same model in different ways. Blue, grey, purple still in fashion. Warm sweaters, capes, three-dimensional fashion scarf will not freeze even in severe frosts. Stylish knit warm sets at the peak of popularity. English elastic used on the sleeves, the neckline still keeps top ranking despite the age of this way of knitting.

Knitted fashion female models 2015

Spring-summer 2016

At the first warm breath of spring, many women will want to get rid of the winter coats. It was a turning point in the weather will come to the rescue of models of blouses with long sleeves, made in an openwork style of Japanese binding. In these clothes in the sun will not be hot, and the sudden cold you will freeze. Misconception that in the summer don’t wear knitted things, dispel tops, t-shirts, which are woven from cotton threads. The lungs maintain a constant body temperature, absorb moisture, knit tops essential for summer wardrobe.

Fashion summer knitted model 2015 for women

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