Knitting cat Matroskin crochet

Holidays in Prostakvashino and its wonderful characters familiar to us from childhood. Clever and economic Sylvester is probably the most charismatic hero of this cartoon. And knitted his hands, he will forever be a favorite toy for your baby. Cat fit crochet is quite simple, but the scheme is, unfortunately, missing. Knitted Sylvester crochet will delight not only children but also adults!


You will need:

  • yarn white, gray, black, green and red;
  • a hook corresponding to the thickness of the yarn;
  • the filler (padding polyester, synthetic fluff, holofayber);
  • the beads for the eyes or ready-made plastic eyes.



Sylvester fit with the head. Recruited crochet a chain of three EP and closes it.

1, is formed in the ring knit into 7 columns without nakida.

2-4 — do seven of increases in each row.

5 — do five increases, that is, evenly with 2 tbsp. are finished.n one pet.

6-9 g — do three raise.

10 — knit 1 column without nakida in each loop.

11-15 — do uniform obuvki for a number 5 article.N.

Fills a detail of the filler and tighten the thread.


Recruit a chain of 7 VP and closes it.

1 — knit 7 SC.

2-4 — uniformly diminish one column without nakida in ryadochek. Knit the same item in white. Sew them together. It turned out one ear. To associate the second ear and sew to head.


The face will consist of two parts. Crochet the bottom part we need white yarn. Recruited crochet a chain of 10 VP and closable. Knit 4 rows article.N., adding three SC in the corners. Sew to head. For the upper again take the white thread and recruit a chain of five EP. Knit three rows, making add on turns on 3 of the article.N. Next row knit across the row SC in each loop. In the fifth and sixth rows evenly across row 6 of article would diminish.N. Then we fill the upper part of the muzzle, drag the center of the black thread and sew the bottom floor part. The cat turned out nice!


To spout it is necessary to tie black thread bead and sew to the muzzle.


For the eye we need a green thread. Recruited air.zyp. of the three loops and joined her in the ring.

1 — make a loop, knit 7 SC.

2. — take the white thread and make evenly increase to 7 bars. Sew the eyes to the muzzle and tab beads-pupils or sew(glue) finished plastic blanks.


We take the gray thread and a dial crochet a chain of three VP connected.

1 — make a loop to crochet through seven SC.

2-4 — do uniform increase at row 7 columns.

5 G. do the uniform.allowances 5 article.

6. — are finished in each loop and 1 SC.

7-22 in each.the second row add 1 tbsp.N. Threads of gray and white colors alternating every two rows.

25-29 d. to do 7 ubavo in each row.

The cat should be well Packed, so do it carefully and not too tightly. Tighten the thread.

Hind legs — the lower part

Take the white thread and dial crochet a chain of three VP connected.

1, is formed in the ring 7 SC stitches.

2-4 in each.series do to 7 increase.

5 — make three raise.

6. — each.Pat. 1 tbsp.NAC.

7-15 in each.series make 2 obuvki.

Tamp detail and pull tabs.

Hind legs — the upper part

Take grey yarn and dial crochet a chain of 3 EP closes.

1 in the ring knit into 7 columns without nakida.

2 — knit 2 SC in each. loop.

3. — to do in line 3 of the allowance.

4-15. — knit 1, art.NAC. each.loop, alternating between white and gray yarn.

Fills. Sew the top and bottom. Sew to the body. Embroider claws.

Front legs

White, dial thread crochet a chain of three EAP lock.

1 — ring to 7 SC stitches.

2-3 — do 7 increases evenly.

4 — make three raise.

5 — 1 SC in each loop.

6-9 g — ‘re doing two uniform obuvki in each row.

10-22. — to knit 1 SC in each.loop, alternating in two rows gray and white threads.

23 — 5 ubavo.

Fills. Sew. The quotes, of course, have two.


Well, what is a cat without a tail? The pattern of this. White, dial thread crochet a chain of three EAP lock.

1 — ring to 7 SC stitches.

2 — knit 2 SC in each.loop.

3 — knit into each loop.

4-19 — knit.loop, alternating in 2 rows white and gray color.

Stuff and sew.


To the body sew the head. Sewed nose, embroidered mouth, whiskers, eyebrows. Knit the scarf and bind it around your neck. Knitted Sylvester is ready!

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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