Knitted socks in the style of swing

Needlework is one of the most exciting activities, through which it is possible to organize leisure. This includes knitting needles: at the same time pleasant and useful spending time at home. As a result of this classes make a good warm clothes for the whole family. If a wool sweater, scarf and hat for a man is ready, give him more knitted socks in the style of swing. This wonderful couple will not only warm the legs in cold weather, but also to lift the mood, thanks to the interesting pattern and color. How is this technique of knitting, see below.

What is the technique of swing-knitting

Many knitters have already managed to hear about a unique type of craft, through which produce socks with an unusual pattern. The name of this style – crochet «Swing» and involves a special technique: alternating stanzas and pauses. Decipher these concepts. Under the verse refers to the stretch of products that is related with the short rows of garter knitting. Pause is a row of stockinette stitch, which runs the length of the sock and separates the stanzas from each other.

Model of knitting socks-knitting swing with a description and diagrams

If you are interested in the technique of knitting socks in the style of swing, you will need a step-by-step instructions. Follow the described schemes, so the result is the same as you imagined. There are many varieties of warm vapor, associated with their hands, for example: socks for men, yoga for children. Take advantage of master classes for knitting different models in the technique of the swing below.

Master class on knitting socks womens

Feet girls should always be warm, so bind the original socks with the use of unique style of swing. This product will keep you warm on cold winter evenings, creating a feeling of comfort and coziness, and unusual pattern will help to lighten the mood. Take advantage of a detailed master-class below, which describes the creation of knitted socks called «Frog concert». Size – 38-39. There are abbreviations: p – loop.

You will need:

  • 100 g yellow-green yarn (stanzas) and dark blue (to bind pause) for socks;
  • circular needles number 2 – two pairs
  • 8 light and dark English pins.

The pattern of women's socks in the style of swing


  1. Vivacite 30 stitches in dark blue yarn. Make a «heel-boomerang». To create one, enter 10 loops on the center of the product.
  2. The area of the midfoot tie the front surface 60 p.
  3. The toe is knit according to the scheme «heel-boomerang».
  4. In the next front row enter 2 p. at the junction of the bowl with the middle part of the foot, even provarite 30 p. then, subtracting by 3 evenly.
  5. Finish the series 2 hinges at the junction of the toe and mid-foot. Everything must go 31 p.

Preparing for knitting in the technique of the Swing:

  1. Using an auxiliary thread to dial 52 loops. Link 1 the front row with the yellow yarn.
  2. Type 2 n. at the junction of the two halves of five.
  3. 40 tie loops on the edge of the middle part of the finished foot. Provarite 1 front loop on the vamp. As a result, you should get 95 p. Purl row, follow the same loops.
  4. The outermost loop of a number of provarite place with an eyelet bowl.

Rise of the sock to the front of the cuff:

  1. Start verse: front row – 44 loop. Rotate the product, set the dark pin. Tie melody: 15 loops.
  2. Turn the work hook light barrette.
  3. Further Promazyvaya two loops seven times, not tavaziva purl row, which always use boot pin.
  4. Finish the verse at the left edge, promazyvaya the wrong side of the front hinges. Pause.

How to tie a swing for yoga socks

To practice yoga, need special clothing. Pair knitted socks in the style of swing will be a great addition to the things that you take with you to training. You will be very comfortable in them and pleasant, thanks to careful design to prevent slipping of the feet on the floor. Use the detailed scheme of knitting socks in the style of swing below. There are abbreviations: p – loop. Size 38-39.

You will need:

  • 100 g of a yarn of small thickness (for white socks with purple tones);
  • the usual set of tools for the engineering of the swing described above.

The technique of swing knitting-socks for yoga

Knitting the rear of the cuff:

  1. Tie two identical parts: the foot and back of cuff.
  2. Using additional thread dial 45 loops.
  3. The first stanza is knit with dark yarn.
  4. Purl row do the long 25-loops, turn piece. Insert the pin of the corresponding color.
  5. The next five rows knit the tune of 20 loops: each time the turning operation, install the pin. The front ranks promazyvaya specified number of loops forward and reverse not promazyvaya for the same amount.
  6. Seventh row provarite to the edge. Not dokazyvaya last 4 STS in purl row.
  7. To complete the verse, proverite the rest of the loop leading to the right edge.
  8. Pause using one of a double row of white thread and the same – dark.
  9. The second (edge) verse tie with white thread. A pause follow this scheme: one double line of purple yarn (n.), and then white (p. persons.).
  10. The third (edge) verse follow a dark thread. For pause use the white yarn, and then dark.
  11. Repeat all the verses from 1st to 3rd, swapping the order of the colors.

Instep and front cuffs:

  1. The two parts move on to a knitting needle, to tie a break along the length of the entire product. Provarite 90 loops.
  2. The fourth stanza start with purple yarn. Wrong number of bind length 45 of the hinges, rotate the product, insert the pin.
  3. Provarite 20 loops melodies. Turn the product, insert the pin.
  4. Front row provarite with the same number of loops. Turn the work, insert the pin.
  5. 20 loops are not dobesilate in the back row. Rotation of the product, the hairpin at the end of the row. Pause.
  6. In the fifth (light) verse 20 tie loops. Pause.
  7. Sixth plate number start with white yarn.
  8. For the seventh stanza use the purple strands length – 20 loops.
  9. The eighth (dark) is edging.
  10. The ninth stanza start with a double number, made garter viscous.
  11. Wrong line break (the second a double number) on the foot to sew from the back part of the cuff, lifting.

Knitting socks for men

Link for your favorite unique items for warm feet with the swing technology. He will be immensely happy from the manifestation of concerns and your copyright enforcement. These socks will be a great sign of attention and love, that will be valuable to your relationship. So the idea was successful, check the scheme of knitting below. There are abbreviations: p – loop Phi. – purl. Size 42-43.


  • cotton yarn for socks: 100 g brown-blue color (stanza) and brown (pause);
  • circular needles №2 – two pairs
  • 10 studs light color.

A diagram and description crochet men's socks in the style of swing


  1. Brown thread dial on a secondary thread 34 stitches, knit «heel-boomerang», from the 12th.
  2. For the middle part of the foot use of the front surface (72).
  3. Starting from the centre (12th loop), knit the toe according to the scheme of the five.
  4. Next is the next front row: type 2 p. on the seam between the toe and middle part of the foot. Provarite 34 of the loop, uniformly subtracting two three times.
  5. In the end again enter 2 p. on the seam the bowl with the middle part of the foot.

The rise from the front of the cuff:

  1. The first stanza (bright), start at the left edge: purl row 35-bind of the hinges. Turn the product, stick pin. Not dokazyvaya till the end 9 times for 3 p., mounting studs everywhere. Pause.
  2. Second verse with the third knit long 35 loops with a pause.
  3. In the fourth edge use light strings, don’t forget the pause.
  4. Repeat from the first to the third stanza. Then in the seam of the foot, to close the loop 51.

The rear portion of the cuff:

  1. Dismiss additional thread on the heel. At the end of each row promazyvaya the last loop with one loop of the heel.
  2. Fourth stanza – light edge with a pause.
  3. Knit the heel on the left edge. Do the purl row 35 loops. Turn work, attach the pin. Not dokazyvaya the end of each row for 3 point 9 times. Don’t forget about the studs. Pause.
  4. The sixth (light) has a length of 35 loops. In the 4th step of immediately run the same loops. Pause.
  5. Seventh row (light) – for the treatment of the edges, with a pause at the end.
  6. Repeat the pattern of paragraphs 3-5. 7 stanza in a coach. series 63 close p., by running the seam of the foot.

Description of knitting children’s socks

Tie for your baby charming the socks using the technique of the swing. He’ll appreciate my mother’s skill and gentle care. Let your tender love lasts in warmth and comfort for little feet. The finished result you will like even the most, forcing them to feel pride in their work. Read the step by step instruction on creating knitted baby socks in the style of swing. Size – 32-33. Abbreviations: p – loop, . – front.


  • 100 g of pink yarn for socks (for stanzas) and body (for pauses) shades;
  • spokes;
  • 8 light and dark English pins;
  • 4 large buttons flower pink hue.

The scheme of knitting children's socks in the technique of the swing


  1. Before the stanza provarite pink 15 loops, turn piece. Remove the first loop as the double provarite back to the edge.
  2. Provatas 14 loops, turn the object back, removing the first p. Repeat knitting with twists and turns until there are 5 loops.
  3. Tie in another verse, provata a double loop as one.


  1. Pink yarn (using additional thread) dial 26 loops. Starting from the 8th, knit «heel-boomerang».
  2. For the mid-foot tie p. 42.
  3. Knit the toe as the heel.
  4. In the front row of the type 2 loop at the junction of the bowl, with the middle part.
  5. Provarite 26 p., uniformly subtracting three times for 2 loops.
  6. At the end of series 2 again, type p. at the junction of the bowl with the middle of the foot.

Technique «The Swing»:

  1. Taking an additional thread, dial loop 42. Knit the front 1 row of pink yarn.
  2. Dial 2 hinges at the junction of the halves of five.
  3. Dial 28 STS along the edge of the middle foot, provatas 1 front loop on the vamp.
  4. Next row knit purl stitch. At the end of a number provarite together for 1 loop swing blade and bowl.

The rise from the front of the cuff:

  1. The first stanza begins with the ruffles. In the front row of the link 34 p., turn the object insert pin.
  2. Tie a string with a length of 15 loops. Turn and insert the pin.
  3. Follow the rhythm of knitting according to the scheme, until the end of the stanza. At the end provarite loop on the left, to the right.
  4. The second stanza also begin with a Ruche. Provarite 15 p. over the dark safety pins. Pause.
  5. Third (light) – ruff, and then knit 15 loops over bright pins. Pause.
  6. The fourth (dark) stanza begins with the ruffles, then there is a set of loops: 15 over the dark nearby.
  7. Fifth – edged stanza, which is located above the light pins. Pause.
  8. The sixth (also edge) – starts from the strips and passes over the dark pins.
  9. In the seventh stanza of the link 52 the reverse loop. Expand the product, pass the light the pin. Continue to knit a length of 15 p. Turn the product by inserting the dark pin.
  10. At the end provarite the rest of the loop towards the right edge. Pause.
  11. The eighth is of the edge light verse and bright and fit over the pins. Pause.
  12. Ninth originates from of ruffles. Provarite 1 double row pink yarn over all the loops.
  13. A pause follow in the form of a seam feet, closing 31 p.

The rear portion of the cuff:

  1. Dismiss additional thread on the heel. At the end of each row promazyvaya final p. swing fabric heel loop.

The technique of the swing of the verse:

  1. Tenth – edged dark verse with a pause.
  2. The eleventh begins with a ruffle. Front row knit 23 loops. Turn the product by attaching a dark pin. Provarite ringtone 15 point Return, attach a bright pin. Repeat the circuit with the rotary knitting of the 11th stanza twice.
  3. The twelfth stanza originates from a ruffle edge and continues knitting dark yarns. Pause.
  4. Thirteenth light — edged with a pause.
  5. Fourteenth: provarite from Ruche pink string of yarn over all the loops.
  6. In the purl row, follow the cuff seam, closing the loop 42 using knit stitch.
  7. The ruffle stitch on the outer edge, sew buttons firmly tying the knot in a thread.

Video tutorial on knitting the swing way

Painted in the user schema are not always easily reproduced, and for this reason, errors may occur. The process of knitting socks has not stopped on a cliffhanger due to the difficult interpretation of the description, it is desirable to see the whole process firsthand. This will help the video tutorial below, which step by step describes the course of knitting socks swing method. Through this video you will quickly learn the technique and be able to experiment with colors, sizes and models.

Photos of socks knitted in the style of swing

Knitted socks made by the method of swing, look very nice. It turns out the original thing that attracts the attention of others. That pattern was even more interesting, use bright thread, use an interesting combination of shades. To draw inspiration for further work on creation of warm socks, view a variety of photos that showcase the beauty of these knits on their feet.

Knitted socks in the style of swing

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