Knitted headbands — 8 options

Knitted headband – beautiful womens accessory. It can not only complement the image, but warm in cold weather. Headbands can be worn at any time of the year: fishnet, cotton in summer and wool in thick – knitted- winter. To associate such beauty with your own hands is easy. In this article, we will show that even beginners can cope with this task.

Spring knit headband for beginners

Here winter doesn’t want to wear a warm hat. But as it is not comfortable. In this case, come to the aid of the bandage, crochet. It will take only one night while wearing it you will be much longer.

To work you need to prepare: 30 g fine yarn (for example, mohair or native yarn, folded in 4 threads) and a corresponding hook.

Start knitting, as usual, out of the stitches and then performed, as shown in the diagram.

Meditates, wearing summer for a young lady your hands

This model of headgear runs from cotton threads and is used in warm or hot weather. Optionally, in the same style, you can associate another dress to make a elegant set.


The finished product will fit head circumference 46-48 cm

We will need: 10g white yarn with the composition 50% cotton, 50% viscose, remnants of blue thread, a hook, 3 beads.

Start crocheting with the chain out of the stitches and closes it in the ring. Chain length equal to head circumference + 2cm for loose fit. We continue knitting, as shown in the diagram

Large flower and 2 small flowers do in the following schemes

Then sew beads to the flowers, and the flowers to the headband. At the end of the threaded tape.

Headband pattern «bumps» for beginners: video master class

Warm headband knitted crochet

Now tie warm dressing with your hands, which can be held until the winter or even put a slight frost. The model is simple – something that is necessary for beginners.


We will need: 50-60 grams of warm yarn, a hook №3,5.

Knitting is performed in a circle. The top and bottom a pattern of lush columns. Edge banded appliances «crayfish».

Description of the performance of pattern

Recruit an air loop to chain and lock her in the ring. 1st row knit columns without nakida. 2nd R.– 3 loops rise, * skip 1 loop base, 1 column with nakida, 1 lush column, are finished on a missed loop Foundation*. Pattern from * until * repeat. 3rd R. knit back – 3 loops rise, * skip a loop, 1 column with nakida, 1 lush bar in the top of the magnificent column of the previous row*. 4 8th row knit the embossed columns. Pattern you can choose any, as long as the binding was tight. 9th R. performed as the second and 10 the third.

Diagram of pattern headbands

Openwork crochet headband with elastic fastening

Beautiful and delicate meditates, wearing for a little Princess. Due to the elastic mount, it will sit on the head tight, but at the same time will not crush. To associate it with their own hands is not difficult, but it is necessary to spend 3-5 hours.


To work you need to prepare: yarn of fine cotton, hook №1,5, 80 cm wide strip of satin 0.5 cm, elastic hair band small thickness and needle with large eye.

The finished product will fit head circumference 46-50 cm

First you need to tie the elastic columns without nakida. Tying should be tight so that when the tension mounting could not see the bands. At the end tying the last loop, tighten.

Thread trimmed, but be sure to leave a long tail. This tail we need to sew the elastic to one of the edges of the bandage.

Next, knit the product itself. Recruited air loop. They will be 128 PCs.

Then, 126 knit columns without nakida, since the second loop from the hook. In the 2nd row, continue to crochet 4 air loop 126 and lifting columns with two yo. Through this series we will apply a satin ribbon.

The third row is performed as the 1st one. The finished openwork ribbon tied border, as seen in figure


When domazan the last row, the thread should be consolidated and trimmed, but leave a long tail. This thread we are going to sew the second side bandage elastic.

When mount-the elastic will be sewn to the bandage, the ends of the threads gently to hide the needle.

In a row we knit the column with 2 yo, miss satin ribbon and tie a bow. Also the finished product can be decorated with a knitted flower or brooch.

Headband-bandana with voluminous flower: video master class

Elegant white headband with red poppy crochet


This armband will be a real adornment to any outfit. It brings the spring warmth. To associate this headdress with his own hands is not difficult.

For this we need to prepare: 100 g white yarn (92% microfiber, elastic 8%), strapping white yarn microfiber acrylic, for Mac – black, red and yellow thread and red ribbon and button for fastening of a flower. All work will comply crochet No. 2.

Headband will fit head circumference 48-52.

First, knit the bandage. Recruit 10 loops and 3 loops for lifting. Do the 68 series, as shown in the diagram

Then a bandage you need to sew up and tie in the scheme.

The thread is not cut. Next, begin to knit the scallop according to the following scheme (9 columns with two yo in one loop).

Similarly, do the second side dressing.

Now start knitting Mac. Take yarn red color, are finished 10 columns without nakida in the ring is replaceable. Ring tighten and then make a connecting loop of the first column.

Continue knitting circular rows of columns with nakida 1 to 3 columns in each loop of the previous row. Each row start with three loops, and finished a connecting column. Thus, the 1st row will consist of 30 columns, the second with 90 columns, and the third with 270.

The center of Mack performed by the technique of Irish berries. Pencil winding thread light green color 8-10 times, then gently remove, and the resulting ring banded columns without nakida.

The hook must be inserted in the middle of the ring. To complete a series soed. column. Continue to tie the ring until it fills the whole middle. To do this, enter the hook not in the loop of the previous row and in the middle of the ring.

Make the stamens. First, wrap the middle of a black thread, as shown in the picture, and then fasten the thread to the last row of green midway.

Recruit 7 loops and fasten the chain connecting the loop to the next loop of the previous row. Repeat this knitting to end of row.

The middle, sew to flower and flower to attach to the headband with string or button

Stretch satin tape and bandage ready.

Headband-braid: video MK

So, easily you can associate your hands beautiful povyazochki. Smooth you eyes!

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