Knitted chickens for Easter crochet: master class with description

Crochet chicken crochet Easter with a description of the scheme and a master-class

Easter is an important holiday for every Christian. Carefully prepared in advance to bake Easter cakes, paint eggs, buy small accessories and knick-knacks for home decoration and festive table. Integral attribute of a holiday lately except eggs and cakes steel wicker basket, Easter Bunny and knitted chickens for Easter crochet, which often hide colored eggs. Link them to decorate eggs is not difficult. These products are a worthy company for the hare.

Knitting chickens: preparing for work

Crochet Easter Chicks you will need yarn 4 colors: one main color, two contrast strapping and one for combs. The finished product to decorate the eggs shown in the picture, made of threads of Yarn Art Jeans crochet a thickness of 2.00 and 1.75 mm. Its height is 9 cm – enough to hide underneath the balls.


PP – air loop.

SC, St. b/n – column without nakida.

SSN – column 1 nakida.

СС2Н – column with 2 yo.

PSN – prostavar 1 nakida.

G – a-row.

Begin knitting the Easter Chicks

The work begins with a set of hook 3 of the EAP. Later in the 3rd EP (the first selected) promazyvaetsya 16 SPES. Was the result the ring is closed connecting the column to the top of the first column.

Mugs, made after the end of the first one is the top decoration for the eggs. To the knitted product came out smooth and beautiful, you should try to make it neat.

The Chairman of the product

The next phase of work – the Chairman of the knitting Easter Chicks for decorating eggs. Performed by its hook-columns without nakida. Each new range it performs without lift loops. In order to avoid confusion and to make the desired number of circular rows, beginning the second line, you can mark with a marker or a thread of a different color.

The second city is very simple: in each loop of the previous row fit in the column b/n. following this scheme, operated by the third and fourth R. products, Finish the fourth row of the connecting column.

Starting with the fifth run for the city of VP rise several. In the first loop of the previous row need to associate a single column without nakida. In the second loop, knit two centuries. W/n – make the first application with five. In the third and fourth — one column W/n, and in the fifth – refilling again. This scheme knitting continues until the end of the G. G. of the connecting Ends of the fifth column in the EAP. In the end in a circle after adding five leaves 21 loop.

The sixth and seventh columns of knit the city b/n without adding loops.

The eighth was carried out the transition to the body Easter chicken, where you can hide eggs. For this purpose extension, as described below.

The torso, in which you can hide eggs

Eighth, products for decorating eggs fit crochet SSN. Lift line by means of three VP. The scheme of work provides replenishment: within each loop two SPES. As a result, in the end of the row should be executed 42 of the column. Such extension of the body need in order to it is possible to hide the egg.

The rise of the ninth also are three of the EP. It promazyvaetsya 14 arches of three VP. To do this, skip 2 loops, in the third column are finished b/n. Again, three OP, art. b/n in two in the third loop of the previous ryadochek.

Tenth G. fit the arch of the ninth. The rise of the row do through the column without nakida in the first arch. It also need to purl into another column. In the second arch of the tenth row, knit 5 СС2Н, in the third – one tbsp. b/n in the fourth – again 5 СС2Н. Thus, the alternate explanation to the end of the row.

11, In the secondary loop of the first motif of 5 СС2Н fit in 2 tbsp. b/n, and in all subsequent one. In art. b/n the previous row fit 6 СС2Н.

12 is similar to 11 a number of with the difference, that is connected to the previous row St. b/n fit 7 СС2Н.

After 12 g. the torso fits on the egg to determine the need to continue to work crochet next or done enough height. It may be different in connection with different thickness of thread, hooks and knitting density. If you want to link another number, it is the same as the 12th, with the difference that in the article b/n the previous row fit 8 СС2Н.

The next row is knit the same way as the previous one, and in the 14th you need to make a contraction to the Easter hen sat tight on the egg. It is associated in the previous row St. b/n runs 6 СС2Н.

Last 15 g In each loop of the previous ryadochek fit SSN. For better stability of the product and its need to tie crayfish step.

The trunk under which to hide the egg ready.

Knit the wings and tail

In order to properly determine the location of the tail and wings need to fold up the product for the decoration of the eggs in half and mark the middle with a colored thread.

The tail will consist of two parts: upper and lower. Their location is indicated in the figure red and green, respectively.

To run the tail of the product of the joining crochet thread at point 1 recruited 4 air loop. In point 2 fasten a chain using DEA. Repeat 4 VP and SC in point 3 and so on to the seventh point. Next to each arch you need to connect 1 SC, 1 PSN, 1 SSN, 1 СС2Н and mirrored 1 SSN, 1 PSN, 1СБН. The number of ends of a connecting column.

The ponytail tied off with a contrasting thread the bars without nakida in each loop. In the top motivirovannoe 2 SC for bending ryadochek.

The lower part of the tail of the chicken for decoration of eggs is done using the same scheme as the upper.

Place for wings is listed on the photo of the coral thread. To run tally 12 VP, which are attached to the body of the SC.

VP 3, fasten in 3rd loop of the arch of the 12 VP column without nakida. In this way running 4 small arcs. In the next p. in each arch knit 1 SC, 1 PSN, 1 SSN, 1 PSN, 1 SC. Tied off the wing just like the tail. The second wing is similar to the first fit. Scallop done on top of a red thread. The final step – the eyes. The preferred glue is ready.

This tracery connected with the hen in the company of the Easter Bunny and a dozen brightly colored eggs will decorate your table, will give a festive mood and will delight children.

And several options for Easter chickens, chicken and rabbit from master classes for beginners

We hope that our article will help you tie beautiful Souvenirs to Pascha. Good luck with your knitting!

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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