How to take in jeans

Often, purchase clothing fits not so well as it would like. This happens due to the fact that any article of clothing, including pants, sewn according to specific standards. Then a reasonable question arises – is it possible to take in jeans so that they look perfect. It is possible, but will have to make a little effort.

How to take in pants a size smaller

New jeans

Many women’s things gathering dust in a closet because of the probability of rapid weight loss of their owner. Often clothing is great, but like so much that I want to alter it and continue wearing. Before you make the jeans a size smaller, try them on and mark off everywhere they became big. It happens that the waist is too big, and the thighs before you sit tight. If the pants everywhere have become more size, then you can start to work:

  1. Before suturing the jeans, make sure your home Arsenal have a sewing machine and know how to use it.
  2. During the fitting clip away the excess fabric pins, remove carefully.
  3. For pin marks little walk chalk, slightly departing from the measurements.
  4. Strut seams on one leg and cut off the excess, baste edges.
  5. Similar actions repeat with the second pant leg.
  6. Hand sew seams with a sewing machine. If the original was present, double line, duplicate it.
  7. In the hip actions are the same, but before oshibkoi need to unpick the waistband. At the final stage, shorten it and reattach.

How to take in pants at the waist

Measurement of size jeans

Styles jeans a lot. Wear greatly narrowed models designed for slim people, to direct wide. To answer the question of how to take in jeans in addition to style, you also need to determine the purpose for which the size adjustment. Let’s say your pants are straight cut medium width and they were too big in the waist. To these jeans to alter for yourself, follow this algorithm:

  1. From the middle seam in the back, back down to 7 cm to both sides at this distance, fight back zone.
  2. Next, the spacer seam is approximately 8 cm.
  3. Middle seam the same thrust.
  4. Vcol needle from the wrong side, show locations patches.
  5. Prostrochite on these lines, if necessary duplicating the double line.
  6. Trim any excess length at the waist and sew it.

How to narrow bottom jeans at home

Buying denim trousers flare, be prepared that after a short time, the once fashionable garment is not in demand. This model is not for everyone and are often bought only for the sake of current trends. And it concerns not only women but also men. To thing missing, you can give it a second life. How to narrow your jeans and turn pants women, it is easy to understand from the descriptions:

  1. Before you take jeans, take a quick peek at your figure and think about whether you fit the pants, strongly narrowed at the bottom. Ingoda is better to confine a moderate leg width.
  2. Turn the jeans inside out, draw a chalk parallel to the original seam line of the new firmware. Popliteus pins and try them on. The thing is not only to sit nicely but be comfortable. If necessary, adjust the hem length before sause.
  3. Prostrochite seams, gradually removing the needle. Cut the unnecessary fabric.

Girl sutured jeans

How to take in pants at the sides

There are several ways of recycling jeans, a preference which is given, depending on the specific task. Choosing how to take in jeans, decide exactly where they get large. Drooping tissue in the thighs beauty does not add, so it’s best to get rid of. To take in pants at the sides to hug the figure, you can:

  1. Vsporite belt above the side seams. Completely unpick not necessary, can be limited to a small distance.
  2. The spacers themselves the side seams, then baste along the lines indicated in the previous fitting. How many centimeters to take in up to you, but it is better to remove a little and after a remodel, than to cut too much.
  3. Put the thing on yourself, assess the appearance and walk in it.
  4. Prostrochite on the machine blanket stitch.
  5. Slim belt, cut it, sew into jeans.

Video: how to make straight jeans narrow

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