How to sew a pencil case for school with their hands

Hard to do without a pencil case, if you want the satchel was in order, the handles lay neatly. The student of Junior classes a pleasure to hold in hands thing, it reminds me of my mother. In the stores large selection of accessories, only they are decent and not always quality. Try with your hands to make a case for pencils.

How to sew a pencil case with his own hands

To produce interesting, beautiful school pencil case is quite simple, even if you don’t have a sewing machine. There are a huge number of interesting ideas which can realize not only mothers but also girls. Many products do not even need a pattern – they have a simple manufacturing technology. To run a case for pencils using:

  • trim materials;
  • felt;
  • old jeans;
  • tubes from paper towels;
  • quilting;
  • crochet.

Seniors who know how to sew on the sewing machine, based on the schema can be an unusual bag. The product will hook on the lock pin to be fixed with tape or tied with a bow. Decoration accessory use:

  • fancy braid;
  • embroidery;
  • of an application;
  • buttons;
  • lace;
  • beads;
  • decorative flowers and butterflies.

Materials and tools for the manufacture of pencil case

How to sew a pencil case for school with their hands on the sewing machine? Using the patterns, to complete the product in the form of any animal, such as fish or cat, but this requires certain skills. Such a force moms or high school students, and it is better to look at the video a master class. Very simple and unusual case can be made using fabric with cheerful children’s drawings.


To start making necessary the selection of material. You will need 2 pieces of fabric of different colors with a size of 35×35 cm manufacturer:

  • fold the workpiece inside out out;
  • prostrochite all sides, leaving a 4 cm is not stitched;
  • remove;
  • sew a place that remained manually;
  • iron;
  • place the workpiece dressy side down;
  • fold the bottom edge 15 cm;
  • fixing pins;
  • draw a vertical chalk line on the bent part through 2.5 cm;
  • prostrochite on a marking and the edges;
  • sew one side of folded in half tape length 24 cm;
  • roll roll, tie a bow.

Stitching the piping on the sewing machine

Pencil case out of felt with their hands

Very original boxes for pencils may be made of felt. It requires a ruler, a utility knife, a piece of soap. How to make a pencil case for school with their hands without a pattern? For example, try thing such an unusual view:


For the manufacture of:

  • take a piece of felt;
  • measure the height of the workpiece 30 cm;
  • length will depend on the number of pencils you want to put, plus 5 cm on each edge;
  • cut out the rectangle.

Pencils are inserted into the interlocking strips. To perform the cell:

  1. soap drag a horizontal line from the top in 5 cm.
  2. draw 2 strips, departing from the sides of 5 cm;
  3. with a utility knife, cut a horizontal line between two vertical;
  4. note the height of the middle of one side;
  5. take a fancy braid or tape;
  6. fold in half and sew along the mark;
  7. insert a pencil;
  8. twist into a roll;
  9. tie bow.

Girls who own a needle, you can sew from felt DIY pencil case for school. The same technology can be prepared as a gift to grandma eyeglass case. Example:


To do this:

  • take 2 pieces of material of different colors;
  • single cut size 30х6 cm (width can take any);
  • second – 20×6 cm;
  • put on top of each other;
  • whipstitch thread;
  • great detail to cut along the radius;
  • sheathing left edge of the same seam;
  • decorate with appliqué, fancy button or beads.

Pencil case

Pencil case from jeans with his hands

Old jeans have in any cupboard at the frugal housewife. How to sew a pencil case for school with their hands from the remnants of this material? You can do a thing, for example, like this:


Prepare the fabric square with sides of 26 cm, zip length 25 cm, For the manufacture of need:

  • bend 1 cm of the edge of the material from the front side;
  • sew one side of the zipper;
  • repeat the operation on the opposite edge of the fabric;
  • to turn the billet on the wrong side.

Next steps:

  1. to make so that the castle is situated on the middle of the product, to fasten with pins;
  2. to stitch the side seams;
  3. to put the product vertically to the bottom appeared the site;
  4. side seam positioning in the middle – both sides form corners;
  5. they need to tack and stitch to form a volume;
  6. to twist.

Pencil s jeans at lightning

Penal school zip

Sew to school original box for pencils, a zipped – and not one:


For production need 12 colored locks, but the more you take them, the more internal volume. To do this hack:

  • stitch between consecutive lightning;
  • the resulting cylinder fold in half, measure the width – it will be the diameter of the bottom;
  • vykroyte two circles of this size;
  • cut with a seam allowance of 15 mm;
  • remove the workpiece from the inside out;
  • vsheyte first one the bottom, and then another.

Try to make a school pencil case with lining. If you pick elegant material, beautiful decor – with this technology you can sew the purse:


You will need:

  • 2 piece of lining and main fabric sizes 26х13 see:
  • zip – 25 cm

Your thread should be like this:

  1. to make the main and lining right side out;
  2. on the long side, fold 1 cm inside;
  3. iron;
  4. between the fabrics to attach the lock, to tack;
  5. flash;
  6. repeat steps for the other two pieces of material.

Further tailoring consists of the following operations:

  1. fold the front sides of the base fabric;
  2. tack, sew 3 sides;
  3. to open the zipper;
  4. be similar to the lining, to sweep away;
  5. to stitch, leaving not stitched 4 cm;
  6. remove the product through the opening;
  7. to manually sew up the open seam;
  8. to invest inside lining.

Pencil case with zipper in the technique of patchwork

Pencil case made of fabric with their hands without zipper

Very simple in manufacturing technology case-pouch to make schools girl – even without a sewing machine:


For treatment use embroidery, applique, decorative flowers, buttons. To perform the work should:

  1. take a piece of cloth the size of 30х15 cm;
  2. fold in half, wrong side out;
  3. flash 2 seam – long and short;
  4. bend the top 1.5 cm;
  5. tuck the edge on 0.5 cm;
  6. to stitch, leaving a 1 cm unsewn;
  7. remove;
  8. to stretch the braid.

Video: how to make a pencil case with his own hands

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