How to sew a dress for the doll

Creating clothes for dolls in the crafts, which in recent years has significantly pushed sewing toys. If before the greater interest was in the process of manufacturing these dolls, but today all it’s switches to the creation of fashion collections for them.

How to sew clothes for dolls

Children's doll closet

To create an interesting piece doll clothes is not easier than a human. The principle is similar, but such tailoring has a number of features. The first thing you should have is patience. The process requires accuracy and diligence. Next, you need to choose the fabric, furniture to decide how to sew dress for dolls – by hand or on a typewriter. The choice of pattern will depend on the individual features of the model and your skill level. It is recommended to go from simple to complex – straight dresses, skirts, tops, and then lush outfits.

Suitable fabrics will be all natural – silk, cotton, wool, linen, calico. The thinner the fabric, the easier it is to work in such small scale. You can select other materials, the main thing – they should not crumble. An important role in the process of tailoring plays iron. He will need in many stages of creating these little masterpieces. There are special mini-irons that are created for the needle. If you don’t, you can get by with the usual iron.

How to sew a doll dress without a pattern

If you can not or do not like to build patterns, understand how to sew a dress for the doll without her. There are lots of options that you will cost not only without a pattern, but no sewing machine. To create such a beautiful little masterpiece you will need:

  • a small piece of cotton fabric (e.g., chiffon);
  • wide satin ribbon (the bigger the toy, the greater will be the range);
  • the narrow tape;
  • threads of three colors (under the fabric, under the wide and narrow under the tape).
  • beads of three colors (under the fabric, under the wide and narrow under the tape).
  • button for closure;
  • sewing needle;
  • measuring tape;
  • stud.

Homemade sundress with floral print

Tailoring this dress will take about an hour time. Deal with it like an adult and a child. The algorithm is simple:

  1. Starts with sewing the skirt. Measure the thigh girth of the toy and cut two strips of fabric the desired length. One strip should be different. The width of each pick so that the two bands turned the skirt the required length. Note that in this model dress Empire waist, the skirt starts under the bust.
  2. The lower edge of each cut strips, sew a narrow ribbon using thread in matching color.
  3. Measure the circumference of the chest of the model and cut a wide ribbon the appropriate size with a small margin (1-2 cm). This will be the bodice.
  4. Rectangles (a basis for the skirt) and attach to each other at the top edge (you can connect them with pins to secure). Both cut at the same time sew to the lower edge of the wide ribbon, gently proburivaja them. Use thread to match the bodice.
  5. Wide strip, fold in half and sew at the junction of the skirt (you have to close the previous new seam). Then, in the center of the bodice make the coupler. Sew the back buttons (one on the front, the second – on the reverse side). Especially important are the clasps, if the toy is not made of rubber, but of hard plastic.
  6. Turn the dress inside out and stitch detail skirt (each separately). You get a lush dress with double hem and bodice on the clasp.
  7. The final element – straps. They do, stringing on a string beads in three colors at random (as you like). The length of the straps is calculated by the method of fitting. The edges of the skirts, you can also decorate with beads.
  8. Ready! This outfit is perfect for any model. With its simplicity in execution, it looks elegant and original. Opened the back and shoulders create a flirtatious profile, and the high waist match the fashion trends.

How to make a dress for a doll with your own hands

Wedding dress for Barbie

Depending on the size of the toy serves as a model for tailoring, you can create dresses for the dolls with their hands or using machines. If you have a little experience, too little details easier to sew by hand. Not every outfit will create without a pattern. They will have to first look for and then it is better to learn how to design. To transfer the fabric patterns are the remnants or chalk, but on certain fabrics you can use a soft pencil.

For Barbie

Almost every girl has in her Arsenal of toys is Barbie. Many craftsmen still at a young age wondered how to make things for dolls. Even with no experience to sew the garment, you will agree that to create clothes for Barbie and other models that shape is very difficult. Sew, for example, trousers or blouse with sleeves for the experienced master. Start to try their hand in this area creating a long and straight patterns on the straps or even without them.


Lace wedding outfit will not be without patterns dresses for dolls. To sew it will need a ribbon, lace, you can use the old pieces of tulle, cut an unusual ornament made of fabric with print. The more accessories you use, the more festive get a wedding dress for a doll. Don’t forget the accessories – the bride’s bouquet, necklace, earrings, tiara. All of this can create with the same accessories (beads, ribbons, and elastics, Velcro).


Lush evening dress

Everyone’s favorite puppet – dress with a voluminous skirt. You already know how to sew a dress the doll with your own hands, just above. In a similar way you can create a magnificent dress for dolls with a triple skirt, at the same level can be both diverse and of the same length – it’s up to your imagination. Layers do not have to select the same fabric. Lining matter for the lower levels Quinceanera dresses will create the needed volume without weighing the product, and leaving it air.

Video: dress for dolls

Don’t know how to realize all your creative ideas for sewing clothes for dolls? See below for the best master classes in this area! An overview of the most adorable outfits, the intricacies of creating unique patterns, the skill of design patterns. You will learn all this and understand how easy to sew dress for dolls original style, straight or curvy for Barbie or Monster high!

Beautiful outfits for dolls

Sewing long dresses for Barbie

Build patterns for dolls

How to sew a doll dress with a full skirt

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