How to paint with acrylic paints

If you are tired of the usual watercolors and oil – try to paint with acrylic paints, which combine the properties of both materials. The peculiarity is that the dried paintings not afraid of the water and the sun, therefore, forever remain as you created them. To master such an art, shown below.

Acrylic paint for beginners gradually

Set of acrylic colors

For decorative art often used acrylic. He is versatile, and unlike watercolors allows you to overlay one layer to another, without the danger to damage the already applied pattern. The scope for creativity is expanding – you can create any pattern. It is important to know how to paint with acrylic paints and consider all recommendations for this process.

How to use acrylic paints to paint

A beginner artist is enough for 6 flowers. Learning to use the acrylic, you can expand the palette to 12 or 18 colors. Besides, need something to paint with acrylic paints. What to use:

  1. As the basis for paintings will fit a variety of materials – wood, glass, plastic, heavy paper or cardboard, canvas and even metals.
  2. Brushes can be natural or synthetic.
  3. Allowed to use the palette knife. With proper dilution with water can be used even airbrush.

Dilute acrylic paint for drawing on the panel with a special solvent or water, adding their bit to the acrylic, so the consistency was similar to watercolor. When applied to the picture one after another with such translucent layers gives a very interesting effect. For undiluted acrylic is suitable only for synthetic flat and wide brush, but to draw quickly, because the rate of drying increases.

Painting techniques

Before painting with acrylic paints, is acquainted with the techniques in which are paintings. Among the main methods of creating paintings stand out:

  1. The technique of «wet». Is the application of diluted paint on wet fabric.
  2. Method «dry». To paint a picture with paints in this technique, it is better to use several brushes, which can change the composition on a dry cloth.
  3. «The glazing layers». With a brush apply a thick acrylic layer on which is then portrayed.
  4. «Impasto». The paintings resemble oil, smears bulky and clearly visible.

How to paint with acrylic paints

Painting on fabric

Paint with acrylic paints on different surfaces, but each case will fit the General instructions, following which it is easy to create a masterpiece:

  1. Select the surface that will serve as a basis for future paintings. Depending on its structure, pick up these or other colors in jars or tubes, the manufacturer gives recommendations for this reason.
  2. Decide on the painting technique. For a watercolor effect. armed with a water or solvent, prepare the palette.
  3. Stock up on brushes – synthetic suitable for undiluted acrylic, and watercolor technique easier to handle natural bristles made from ox hair or sable.
  4. Complete the picture additional strokes with pen-and-ink, markers, gel pens or pencil.

On fabric

Paint with acrylic paints on fabric for beginners will be a bit more complicated, so you should practice. From materials more suitable for silk or cotton surface, they pattern better and will hold well. Before you begin the creative process, fabric need to prepare – wash, ironed, to put on a special frame or spread out on a flat and solid surface. Don’t forget to share the front and back side of things, otherwise the paint may just spoil its appearance – put cardboard or oilcloth. Then use the following instruction:

  1. Purchase a special pen, which draw on a cloth and apply to the selected fabric pattern. By using this simple pencil note that it is necessary to draw will be a little within the contours to be seen.
  2. Artistic hands do the painting fabrics, using solvent if necessary.
  3. After completion of the work leave it to dry for a day and then iron iron.
  4. Wash the item only 2 days after the Ironing in safe mode with the temperature around 30 degrees.

On canvas

For the first time, it is better to choose a smaller canvas. In addition, you’ll need sketch, executed in lead pencil. For the basis of the future picture use ready-made pictures drawings or rely on your imagination. On a separate sheet to outline the options and drop it onto the canvas. Next, get the brush, a spray bottle with water, palettes, and a rag. Start painting from the background and great detail, thinking through the combinations of shades. That the paint was not dry, use a spray bottle – so the transitions between colors smoother.

Painting on canvas

On paper

Paper is better to take together, for example, is designed for watercolor. Of all materials it is more economical and suitable for beginners, because it has deep embossing, which is easy to apply swabs. You can buy or album, or a folder with individual sheets of any format. It is necessary to prepare a palette, a set of multiple brushes and water if necessary to dilute the paint.

Acrylic paint suitable for painting the simplest. If you have already decided on the pattern, start with a sketch. Then proceed to the processing back-end using a wide rectangular brush movements should be quick so that the paint has time to dry. For watercolor techniques dilute it with water or paint on wet paper, and for oil – use in its pure form, using a brush with uneven bristles.

On the glass

The original is painted with acrylic on glass. You will need:

  • toothpicks or cotton swabs for the correction of figure;
  • acrylic paint and varnish;
  • brush;
  • diluent;
  • contours to perform the basics of drawing;
  • palette.

The technique of painting on glass, the following:

  1. Clean the surface of the glass, placing it on 20 min. in hot water, and then Alesgerov alcohol.
  2. Apply a thin marker drawing, placing the sketch under the glass.
  3. The special contour of the circle line.
  4. Layers apply paint on the glass, waiting for drying of the previous layer. Take brush on more paint and lightly touch the surface to evenly distribute the acrylic.
  5. After rinse with water brush and ink painting with acrylic paint.

Painting on glass

What can you paint with acrylic

Having mastered the technique of painting with acrylic paints, you can create any pattern, whether light landscape with airy clouds or a portrait of a loved one. Good is custom design t-shirts and even painted walls. Standard water-resistant acrylic paint for drawing beautiful patterns on the nails can also be used, for example, for a manicure in the style of the French. Put them right on top of the shellac. If you are engaged in the creation of children’s toys, acrylic is perfect for varisovna eyes of a textile doll.

Painting on paper

Drawing on the nails

Video tutorials paint colors

Acrylic paint materials, and even body – drawings on the skin look very original and bright, therefore such works are even in various competitions. Such creativity is already a more complex technique and requires a certain expertise and diligence. To learn how to use acrylic, view interesting videos about the stages of drawing a particular pattern.

On gel varnish


By the numbers

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