How to make bracelets out of loom bands ladder

A popular hobby among children and adolescents was the creation of a variety of jewelry and accessories with a creativity kits Rainbow Loom. How to weave loom bands bracelet ladder? This is a simple scheme that you will master in a matter of time. Despite the simplicity of the pattern, the finished product turns out a wide, interesting, beautiful. You can use different colors of rubber bands, by combining them together, each time receiving the original result. Video lessons from YouTube, step-by-step master-classes from this article, you will learn how to make bracelets out of rubber bands steps.

Step by step instructions and diagrams of weaving bracelet «Ladder» on the machine

It is easy and convenient to weave a variety of jewelry using the rainbow loom. This tool was invented by engineer especially for their daughters. The machine consists of several rows of pegs, fastened by three fixed platforms. By stringing small silicone colored irises on the bars you get a variety of patterns. There is even a miniature version of the machine called the monster tail, which is also used in Handicrafts, toys, accessories, pendants.

To work you will need colored rubber bands, clips to close the bracelet, the special hook. In many sets is the latest tool made of plastic. But experienced quilters prefer knitting with metal hooks. In their opinion, they are more convenient during weaving. You can use various elements of decoration: beads, pendants and other accessories. They are used for additional decoration of the finished product. So decoration becomes more beautiful, the original author.

A very simple weave style bracelet «Ladder»

Colorful loom bands bracelet style stairs

For the first master-class on weaving bracelet ladder, you will need a loom, hook, multi-colored iris silicone, clasp. To work, place the machine so that it is drawn on the arrows looked in the direction opposite from you. Choose a contrasting color for edging, a Central «rungs». A phased master-class:

  • Begin to weave with the first column of the middle row. Pull the rubber band, loop it to the peg in the left row without twisting the eight. Following iris hook over the middle peg and the first right. Go to the left row, pull from the first to the second column, from the second to the third, continue until you reach the penultimate. Do the same to the right. Finish the basis, combining left and right line through the Central column.
  • Place the iris transversely, which will be «step». The left and right pegs create shear layer. Alternate colors until you reach the third from the end.

Netting in the first column

  • Pick a color for the middle part of the bracelet. Cling to them for the first and second, second and third pegs, continue until you reach the end, where you must wrap the elastic two or three times.
  • Turn the machine facing you. Start to twist the Central elastic loops: raise the hook to the upper gum, pull it forward, hook it over the next peg. Continue twisting until the end.

Twisting the Central gum

  • Pull another layer across. Colors must match.
  • In the place where he started to twist the stitches, add the top iris, twisted twice.

Add twisted iris top

  • Mesh crochet elastic band, over which put on the top. Pull up to the side of the left peg. Do the same with the right column. Continue twisting until the end. This technique is to grab the bottom layer, move it to the next column.
  • Pull to the center of the iris, when you get to the last pin.

The collection of the iris to the middle

  • Remove the item: slips the hook into the channel, pull the left the last of the iris, we throw the hook. Gently push the decoration.
  • You need to lengthen the bracelet: turn the loom so the arrows showed from you. Add some rubber bands in a row.

Inverted machine for weaving bracelet

  • Twist a chain of loops.
  • Attach the clasp.

Attaching clasps

  • Connect both ends of the product clip.

Loom bands bracelet «Ladder» with beads in the shape of flowers

The next lesson is devoted to the weaving of the bracelet ladder. However, in this embodiment, the role of «stepping stones» will perform beads, the shape of which resembles a flower. Pick the color of the gum, which will form the basis of the bracelet. Prepare the hook clasps to connect the product. Position the machine so that the arrows looked from you. Instruction step by step:

Loom bands bracelet ladder with flowers

  • Throws the iris at the Central and extreme range.
  • You need to throw iris beads across: push through the gum into the hole the flowers, her dress, as shown in the photo.

How to wear an elastic

  • Continue to string the beads, skipping one row of peg.
  • Catch the clip, as shown in the pictures.

Attachment clips

  • Begin to twist the bracelet, catching the hook of the lower iris, shifting her followed by the rod. So repeat on both rows.
  • Remove from the machine the product, pre-meshing clips on the free end.

Znati z verstate bracelet

  • Weave the second part of the bracelet through the first three steps. Fasten the first part.
  • Are finished the second part of the product. Remove completely from the machine, connect both ends of the clip.

The connection of the ends of the bracelet from loom bands ladder

How to make a bracelet on a small loom monster tail

Weave bracelet ladder, you can not only on the big machine, but on little – monster tail. Looks this product much easier, and its creation is not time consuming. The work is carried out on six pins of the upper and lower row. Manual steps:

Ladder bracelet on the loom, the monster tail

  • The first band we catch in three rows, twisting the eight.
  • Touches down, as shown in the picture.

Elastic bands on the loom in three rows

  • The discharged bottom layer in the center.
  • White throws on the opposite rod.

The collection layer in the center

  • Touches the following for the right and left, drop the bottom row. Returned white. Throws another one.
  • We catch three more dropped to the bottom layer.

Stringing three rubber bands

  • Discharged three circles.
  • It turns out the sequence: throws white opposite the pins, toss, return white, catch another one. Throws three bands on the opposite columns. The discharged bottom layer.

Throw gum on the opposite columns

  • Continue to wear elastics until you reach the desired size and length. Connect both ends of the s-shaped clip.

Video tutorials for beginners weaving bracelet Ladder without loom

In the following video you will be able to master netting bracelet stairs. The pattern consists of two parts: the horizontal line in the middle, resembling stairs, and two chains on the sides which envelop the product. You can choose different colors of rubber bands for the Central and lateral elements. In some cases, a needle is inserted instead of «stages» of the beads. So the product becomes more interesting and beautiful.

If you don’t have a special machine, do not despair. Able to correct the situation the usual Cutlery and other tools that are on the desktop of every teenager. In the first video uses a slingshot, which comes in many sets. To further illustrate the process of weaving the bracelet of the stairs with teeth, forks and a pencil. So prepare everything you need to create jewelry and boldly begin to explore this technique.

How to weave on the slingshot

How to make a bracelet on forks

Loom bands bracelet weaving «Ladder» on the pencil

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