How to make a triple bracelet with rubber bands

Over the past few years colorful rubber bands, which makes a bright and stylish jewelry, have become extremely popular. Those who already have some experience in this lesson, you know a simple scheme of weaving, for example, fish tail. Then the question may arise, how to make a triple bracelet with rubber bands. This accessory is a sophisticated version of fish tail, also called «fishtail». It looks beautiful and interesting. How to make jewelry «mermaid» and other ways of weaving, you will learn further.

Step by step instructions and diagrams of weaving triple loom bands bracelet without loom

The machine is a convenient tool for creating stylish products from rainbow looms. It greatly enhances craftswomen, helping her to create a truly complex and original accessories. But to weave triple bracelet the presence of a machine do not necessarily. Even small children can cope with this task, the instructions and corresponding video tutorials. There are several methods of weaving without tools: fingers, a fork, a plastic fork, which is the rainbow looms kits, with pencils, are bonded together.

How to weave a bracelet on forks

Fork is a handy tool for weaving, for the reason that this flatware is in every house. To make the accessory easier, use a special hook comes to rubber materials. You also need a S-shaped clips that squeak the end product. Choose color scheme: base color will decorate the sides of the accessory, and the other colors will be in the middle. In this master class were used:

  • Two forks.
  • Hook.
  • 42 black gum as the base color.
  • 18 rubber rings six colors (dark purple, purple, hot pink, pink, pale pink, white). Together 108 pieces.
  • Clasp.

Triple bracelet on forks

How to make a triple bracelet with rubber bands:

  1. Colored silicone rings decompose in piles for ease of operation. Fork attach backs to each other so that the part under the prongs encountered. One above, one below.
  2. In the upper right prong of the fork throw with black loop, twist the top eight. Wear loose loop at the lower extreme kink.
  3. Put another black ring on the two middle kink, again loop, the second loop throw with two Central column of the lower table of the device.
  4. The latest dark gum positioning from the left edge of the fork, similar to step number 2.
  5. On top flatware place another ring of the base color.
  6. Start adding colored materials – first dark purple. To do this, put one on the two Central tines of the two forks, the other two position in the side columns. Perversion is not necessary. At all tines of the upper fork again, place a black rubber band.
  7. Repeat step six, but with a purple silicone rings.
  8. Take the hook. The bottom black elastic band is located on four teeth, grab the tool, remove the fork and release.
  9. Flip the design with Cutlery. The bottom layer is black rubber bands pull teeth.
  10. Again, flip the plug. Raise horizontal black bands located on four teeth from under them, pull the black ring at the bottom. Remove from the pillars.
  11. Take the bright pink material, repeat step 6. Remove the horizontal black ring at the bottom.
  12. Flip the design, discard the lower layer of elastic bands (dark purple). Again, change the plugs swapped. Pull the horizontal black elastics, clear dark purple loop on the other side.
  13. Repeat step 6 with pink rings. Continue to braid in the diagram, alternating the colors.
  14. When the time comes to throw the last white gum, repeat step 6. The bottom black ring reset. Flip design, clear layer closer to the base of the plug.
  15. Return the device to its original position. Under the black horizontal bands miss the hook, pull the bottom loop.
  16. Extreme wear on the teeth and the two middle one black gum. Horizontal the lower ring reset.
  17. Remove the remaining gum: first horizontal, then pink, then white.
  18. Flip the fork. Reset first pink, then white loops.
  19. Move the black loop from one device to another – from the right prong on the right, medium on the middle, from the left to the left.
  20. Flip the design to plug with double black loops on top. The bottom layer is reset.
  21. Remove the loop from the fork, put them on the clasp. Tie the ends of the triple accessory. Step-by-step master class watch the video from YouTube:

How to weave on the slingshot

To make a stylish triple product on the slingshot, you do not need much effort. For the accessory you need two bags of silicone rings in a contrasting color, but if you want you can use plain materials. To weave it easier, take the hook. The ends of the staple products of the S-shaped clasp. How to make a cute triple bracelet with rubber bands on the slingshot:

Triple bracelet, woven on the slingshot

  1. Take three plain rings, place them on one end of the slingshot. Loop ring eight, the second hinge arm adjacent the column tool.
  2. On top of the two ends of the slingshot wear three bands of rings of a different color to avoid twisting.
  3. Hook pick up the bottom loop first with one column, discard them. Similarly do with the other side.
  4. Open the white loop down.
  5. Put three rings of silicone of the same color as in the first step, both ends of the sling to avoid twisting. Relieve the pillars of the bottom hinge.
  6. Repeat step two and three.
  7. Continue to put materials up until the product will not be the desired length, don’t forget to alternate colors.
  8. When an accessory is almost done, the ends of the staple fastener. Gradually weaving technique and all the steps look at the video:

How to make a triple bracelet with rubber bands and clasps on your toes

If you want to create a truly original accessory, use the following master class with photos. To weave you need a loom bands kit which will be the basis of jewelry, and many more fasteners. Product length is determined individually depending on the girth of your wrist. This method does not require additional tools. How to make bright and unusual decoration:

Triple bracelet with rubber bands on fingers

  1. Take one rubber band-ring, fold it in half. Put on top of the s-shaped hook.
  2. On the other side of the hook put another ring, turning twice. Hook another clasp.
  3. Continue to braid until bracelet will not be the right length. When install the last rubber band, slide the hook free part of the hook the opposite end.
  4. The first accessory is ready. Weave two more products in the same way, the length must be the same.
  5. You will now need to connect the three parts. To do this, take one bracelet, the sides of each circle, place on the clasp. Connect the two products, spare part of s-shaped fastening capturing the side edge.
  6. The original decoration is ready! See the video:

Weaving without a loom, only with pencils

Between the two pencil, place the eraser or folded several times a cloth, then bind with tape or cloth. You have a tool that resembles a slingshot, with which you can easily make an original accessory. Use colored or plain materials, get creative – so the class will bring you much fun. How to make an original decoration:

Triple bracelet made of rubber bands woven on the pencils

  1. Three rubber of material put on the first one pencil, twist of eight, on the second wear loose loop.
  2. Avoid twisting, put three more rings.
  3. The bottom loop a little pull to remove it from the pencil, releasing them between the posts.
  4. Put the following three circles. Again, reset the loop at the bottom.
  5. Continue to braid for as long as the product does not become the desired length. Step-by-step diagram on the video:

A simple weave pattern bracelet «Triple Miami» without the machine

«Triple Miami» – a big, beautiful accessory that will amaze everyone who sees it, the complexity of the weave. In fact, you will not be difficult for you to make it, using a slingshot, hook, and rubber materials of three colors. Materials need a lot: 99 white 62 62 blue and pink rings. For fastening comfortable fit clasp in the shape of the letter S. How to make:

The triple Miami bracelet without loom

  1. One white gum-ring, fold in half, place first with one pole of a slingshot, eight loop, the second loop slip on the adjacent end. From this moment all the materials you need to take in pairs.
  2. Two white ring to avoid twisting, put on top of the slingshot.
  3. Reset right in the middle of the bottom two loops.
  4. The top left pair, move the hook to the right column.
  5. Another white loop put on the top to avoid twisting.
  6. The lower loop on the left, clear in the middle, between the pillars of the slingshot. The beginning of jewelry ready.
  7. Take a pink pair, repeat the fifth step.
  8. From the left column, remove the bottom hinge. The pink eyelet on the right, slide to the opposite end of the sling.
  9. Repeat the seventh stage.
  10. The top white loop reset thing from the post in the center. Pink right hinge loop on the adjacent end.
  11. Repeat the seventh step, followed by the tenth.
  12. Repeat step seven, clear white loop on the right.
  13. Push the white clip to avoid twisting. When putting the light rings will have to drop three colored first, then two, three.
  14. Remove the three pink loops: one on the right, two on the left. Light loop right loop to the right post.
  15. Repeat step thirteen.
  16. Discard two pairs of pink rings. White loop loop from the left to the right end.
  17. Again, do the thirteenth stage. Reset three pink loops.
  18. Pull on both post blue pair. When putting on non-ferrous materials it will be necessary to drop the first one a white couple, then two, again.
  19. Discard the white loop on the right, the blue loops move from the right column to the opposite.
  20. Throw a blue pair.
  21. Remove the two white loops.
  22. The right edge of the blue rings move to the left.
  23. Put on colored rubber-ring, remove the two white pairs.
  24. Repeat twenty-first step, then the twentieth. Remove the remaining white loop.
  25. Then again going to a white couple. Repeat steps thirteen to fifteen.
  26. Make a stage from the eighteenth to twenty-four, this time using pink materials.
  27. Continue to braid until the colored ring bands will not end.
  28. In the end there will be four white loops on the left and one on the right.
  29. Crochet hook four pairs of rings (right and three left). Four loop pass extra white gum, the edges interlock clip.
  30. Repeat the previous step with the rest of the rings.
  31. Connect the ends of the bracelet. Stylish decoration is ready to learn how to do more, see video:

Video tutorials for beginners on creating a triple bracelet on the loom

Thanks to the machine, you will be able much faster and easier to create beautiful jewelry that will please the original weave and rich colors. There are many methods of making triple bracelets odumase both adults and young children. To simplify the task of creating accessories that many artists who have experience in this matter, recorded video workshops. A visual step-by-step instructions give people the ability to weave beautiful products. See interesting videos that will help you improve the skills of needlework:

Lesson weave bracelet «Triple fishtail» Sergei

Step-by-step weaving bracelet «Triple fishtail»

Rainbow bracelet on the big machine in three rows

Triple bracelet «dragon Scales» on four columns

Weave triple «Sidewalk»

Bracelet «Triple chain» on a small loom monster tail

A very simple explanation triple bracelet «Ladder»

Bracelet «mermaid Braid» on two columns of the machine

How to make a bracelet the «Three tracks»

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