How to make a palm tree out of plastic bottles

Spectacular and attracts the attention of the palm of the bottles will serve as an excellent option for the decoration of villas, garden plot, in the yard or in kindergarten. Made by hand in a simple structure, it is not just decorate the surrounding area, but will also help the person to dispose of a large number of plastic containers.

How to make a palm tree out of the bottles with his hands

The lovers bring to life the most incredible fantasy, like a master class on how to make a palm tree out of plastic bottles. For wood to fit dark brown capacity as receiver blanks and greens to make the leaves. If the green containers, it can be replaced by a variety of colors: blue, yellow, red. For trees need capacity from-under kvass, carbonated sugary drinks or beer.

The principle of the creation of palm trees differs from that found craftsmen. For formation of the trunk you can use a round pillar of wood where are nailed the bottom and fit the cable with a wire, where containers with cut bottoms will just be threaded. The leaves are luxuriant and long. If you want to palm webs, they are cut, nadsekite and bending and elongated leaves strung on cable.

The size of the bottles depends on the area of leaves and trunk, but don’t get carried away and indulge in a 6-liter or 20-liter containers from the water. Looks much neater tree with 1.5 and 2-litre plastic containers of different colors. Tube from them also serve as material for the decorating – they decorate the base of the palm, you can make a mosaic for beds, walls of the houses for children.

Palma, cranes and flamingos in the garden

How to make palm leaves

To get a spectacular palm tree with your own hands, you need to pay attention to the production of its leaves. To do:

  1. Scissor green bottles in half, the upper part cut into longitudinal stripes below the neckline of a narrow diameter remained intact for half a finger from the lid. The thinner cut strips of plastic, the more magnificent the turns Krona and the more natural it looks in the photo.
  2. To take capacity for the leaf is not necessarily the same – this will not affect the appearance. The received preparations need to be put on a prepared hard high voltage cable is slightly less than the diameter of the neck to obtain a single lush writing. Number of leaves varies according to the prepared holes on the metal tube used as a support. Then it should be mounted on a stem of the workpiece.

The leaves for the palm tree made of plastic bottles

Step-by-step instruction of manufacturing of the trunk of the palm tree bottle

The next part in the question of how to make a palm tree out of plastic bottles will be barrel. Step by step instructions:

  1. The barrel is made from dark brown tight containers, from which is cut the bottom straight edges.
  2. Then, the resulting billet is cut to receive the folded petals inside-segments, providing simulation of the bumpy stem. Cut should be 2/3 of the height without affecting the tip.
  3. Make the desired number of segments depending on the desired height of the plastic trees.
  4. When all the blanks are ready, string them on a metal tube. This container sits upside down on the other slightly shifted to the lumpy trunk. The principle of stringing similar to the manufacture of cones. After this comes the consolidation of all the parts.

Blanks trunk of a palm tree

The connection of the individual parts and the installation of palm trees on the plot

The last paragraph of how to make a beautiful palm tree made of plastic bottles, becoming the connection of all of the blanks together. What you need to do:

  1. To prepare the rigid solid base of sheet metal about the size of 40*60 cm and thickness of 5 mm, to withstand the weight.
  2. On the basis of the weld should be 2 metal rods with a length of 25 cm or perform drill holes for mounting. They need to put a metal pipe the desired height – this will be the base of the tree. The diameter of the pipe leaving a little less of the neck of the bottle of the barrel.
  3. The upper part of the supports outwardly to resemble the drum of a revolver on them for 6-7 welded pipe segments. Bottles for the trunk you need to collect on the rods and holes «revolver» are inserted palm leaves. For fixing the cable inside them is bent and is fixed from the top and inside of the neck of the bottle extreme. For the stability of the bottle design and hide the unsightly bottom of the base buried half a meter.

Palm with their hands bananas

To create a bottle mini-palm trees that would decorate the rooms in the apartment, you will need the following principles:

  1. The trunk need to do so: to cut off a third bottle from the neck, cut on each piece on the 8 petals of triangles without affecting the neck on half a finger. Each segment is turned inside out to obtain the scales. The second half of the saving is used similarly, but first it breaks a hole with a hot knife.
  2. Broad leaves-webs can be done as follows: from 1.5 liter plastic bottle cut the bottom, side, split into 3 parts without raising the cap. Add segment the shape of the petal is rounded at the end and Sergianism my throat. Flatten out, cut the pieces from two sides, to form a fringe so that the middle is left uncut up to a width of 1.5 cm For magnificence manually to shape each strip, bending sequentially up and down.
  3. Preparation to make similarly large palm, only to use a more simple basis.

Video: palm tree made of plastic bottles with their hands

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