How to crochet a sweater for the doll

Favorite doll, best friend for any little girl, ranging from the cradle. And what girl doesn’t love to dress her doll in something new, beautiful and elegant? Real mother should always be ready to any whims of her baby. And that’s why this article is dedicated to knitting interesting, namely, how to knit a sweater crochet for dolls. This method is a good way to save money on a new doll and add some novelty old. By the way thanks to gained experience, you’ll be able to tie a jacket for a small child. The procedure of crochet is very simple, but, as in any simple fact, there are secrets. Doll as a little man who has an individual forms of structure and order to tie their own hands a jacket, you need to follow this and do all the measurements correctly.

Jacket for dolls

The example given below will help you to learn how to tie sweater crochet in different sizes, different lengths of collar and cuffs, a knit hood for a doll.

So, let’s start.

In order to knit a blouse crochet for your doll, we will need:

  • buckle for hand knitting, good buckle, consisting of 50% Merino;
  • a hook of 1.5 mm. the thickness of the hook is well suited for such knitting. You can use metal, wooden or plastic hooks, little blouse, it is recommended to crochet with metal, as the head will be good to hook onto the buckle jackets;
  • conventional scissors.


Before you start knitting sweaters need to accurately perform all measurements with the doll, namely the length of the sleeves, back and front, as well as the width of the armpits of her blouse.

For ease of knitting, it is necessary to start from the bottom of the shirt. Recruit a chain of loops. Making measurements of belt pupae, with a small margin to fit, you can calculate the required chain length. To strictly follow the dimensions, it is recommended to make the work at different stages to the doll, and if you want to associate the newly failed element.

Dokazyvaet to line the armpits of her blouse for a doll. Divide the knitting process into three main parts – the back and 2 shelves. Next, you need to associate to the base of the neck line all the parts and go to the knitting of the neck. The neckline is made by using polostevichi, columns without nakida and polytypical with nakida.

After he tied up the neck, run the shoulder seams and check the work performed to match the size of the doll. If everything is OK, then start to move on to the sleeves. Gently armhole objazyvaet columns with nakida, and from the middle begin to reduce the perimeter of the first loop row. In the end do not forget the cuffs, they are made in the same pattern, and the sleeves only begin to decrease the perimeter, starting with the first round. The approximate width of the cuff should go around 4-9mm

If you want to decorate the blouse elegant collar, it is enough to associate it with three columns with nakida. It is recommended for more beauty to tie to blouse the hood. If you want to connect in the future blouse to your child, practice knitting hood is badly needed. It will need to make a measurement in the first row of the collar and dial chain equal to the fundamentals of capsunica.

Knitting hood

Knitting hooded sweaters can be divided into two stages:

1)Chain bases divide into two equal parts and begin to knit each of them a column c of the stitches to the middle, after continuing to knit and subtract at the beginning of each row and to tie with the addition at the end. Thus, there is a right semi-circular hood shape.

2)once you’ve connected two pieces of crochet connect them together by columns with nakida and sew the hood to the jacket.

If everything is properly linked, blouse, stitched crochet for dolls, will be a good example to start new works.

The process of crochet sweaters for dolls is quite simple, due to the above example clearly shows how easy it is. It is enough to repeat all the steps several times, and you’re machine will be able to tie a variety of blouses and delight your child over and over again, without resorting to someone else’s advice.

Blouse with buttons: video master class

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