How to knit cardigan knitting for beginners, schematic description

Cardigan in a classic design – one of the variants of knits, whose main difference is the lack of a collar. Use these products in the fall as a light coat and as summer wraps. Modern fashion designers offer a large selection of types of cardigans: close-fitting, long model, razletayki, trapezoids, short articles to the waist, with a smell that buckles zips, with an interesting Asian twist, women, children and men. How young quilters to create such a product with their hands?

Step by step instructions with diagrams and description of work

A feature of the cardigan is that this garment is versatile, is not attached neither to the floor nor to the time of year and age. Warm knitted coat will be happy and the child, and the young fashionista. The popularity of the products helped create a huge number of models that differ in color, type of knit (large, «spit», «cone», garter), length. Let’s look at a detailed map of the most fashionable in this season, but affordable to implement, cardigans.

Master class on knitting long cardigan with belt

Long cardigans

To perform a long cardigan, emphasizes the silhouette, for women, size 46-48, take: 1 kg yarn crimson «Maqic JAZZ», knitting needles No. 3 (circular). When knitting the pattern the thread is taken in two additions. Before work need to recall some standard abbreviations used in most knitting patterns. Here they are: g – series, p – loop, goal.. – facial surface, Phi. goal. – back surface, since. p. – the middle loop, Phi. p. – purl loop, p. facial hinge. To make a product, proceed as follows:

  1. Back.
  • Knitting start with this part of the product. Conventional spokes recruited and p. 160 are finished 90 pages of «English gum», which is one of Phi.p. one facial. To denote the scheme of knitting in this technique use the following abbreviations: 1 VS 1 OR 1/1.
  • In the next – 91 evenly, remove 50 turns, leaving 110. Doing it this way: every third and fourth loops are finished together.
  • 92-95 will be performed to the front surface, and 96-99. – purl.
  • The next 30 rows knit facial surface. Again, we repeat the alternating 4 4 (reverse and front surface) is knit 129-132 G. Phi. goal., and 133-136 G. – facial. Such a rotation persisted until number 259 subject to vyvazhivanija armholes.
  • Armhole. When placing this fragment at 211, 5 p. closed on both sides (total 10 items). To do this, in 211 and 213 ranks, after promazyvanija the first edge loop, take along 3 p. once, and 214 and 218 each have 2 loops together 4 times in a row.
  • Line of the neck. In 253 g. find the line in the middle of the starting 22 since. loop and begin to reduce them. To do this, in 2 years, since the 253 (i.e., 253, and 255) on both sides symmetrically are finished, starting with the 11 loop on the center two loops together 4 times. 254 and 256 rows are finished, two Central loops together at the same time.
  • 259 p. – the last. It closed the loop. To do this, take two loops are finished them together, the new received a return loop on the first needle, again taking her and another loop and connect together. This procedure is observed, until there is one loop. Through it, skip the thread and tie a knot. All the item is ready.
  • Left shoulder vivasyan similarly.
  1. The right shelf.
  • Recruited and knit 93 p. 90 «waffle-knit».
  • Working with 91 nearby, close evenly 30 stitches every 3 or 4 loops are finished together.
  • 92 number of extreme lion. 10 loops are knit elastic band 1/1., 53 the following loop knit, alternating 4 p. persons. and 4 Phi.
  • Since ‘ 93, 30 series use only the front surface, with 123 g. again alternating 4 on 4 (Phi., persons. expanse).
  • Armhole. The order of work on the part of the right shelves similar knit back. In 211 of the closed 5 loops on each side of the product (10). To do this, they are finished in 211 and 213 rows after the first edge loop (take 3 p. at a time), and in 214 and 218 for the two loops together 4 times in a row.
  • Neck. This part vivaselecta in 247, Remove the left 16 p.. Starting with 247, take along 2 loops 4 times (247 and 249 rows). 248 series and 250-258 are finished. goal. 259 R. – knit details finish closing the loop.
  • Right sleeve. Take the 75 and 35 are finished p. G. «British gum». 36 R. – p. 22 remove evenly, promazyvaya every 3-4 p. two together. 37-40. – front surface, 41-44 G. – purl, alternated to 113 g To 49 g. expanding the canvas, adding in all 8 rows of 1 the loop 7 times. To do this, do yo. Get 69 p. and knit. goal. to 163 g.
  • Starting from 163, to draw a line of big-eyed sleeves on both sides of the shelf close at three p. promazyvaya them together. Then in every even row (164,166,168, etc.) decrease by 2 p. in two rows at 1 p. in 9 rows, 3 stitches once. Should get 23 p. Finish the knitting of the part 193 g. closed.
  • Right sleeve perform similarly. I see, so the density of knitting were the same, otherwise the details will vary in length and width.
  1. The left shelf of the cardigan and sleeves are knitted in the same order.
  2. Belt. To make it recruited 25 loops, knit elastic band 1/1 in a row, 240 rows. 241st close.
  3. The connection details. Sew all the zigzag part of the product: the back from the right and left shelf. Sew the sleeves. Ready cardigan otpaivaem and dry.

Tri-color cardigan in the style of Lalo Dolidze – gradient from KOs

Tri-color cardigan in the style of Lalo Dolidze

For the model used lalo thread Alize Lanagold 800, which contain 49% wool. To a jacket size 44 you will need 16 skeins of 100 grams of three shades (6/5/5), two pairs of knitting needles No. 5 length 60, 80 cm, 3 mm 40 cm (circular), holders for loops. The description will use standard abbreviations used in most of the knitting magazines: g – series, p – loop, . goal.– the front surface, Phi. goal. – back surface, since. p. – the middle loop, Phi. p. – purl loop, p. man.– facial mesh, chrome. – edge loop, the wick.g. is an odd number. The order of creation of the product:

  1. The main deck includes front and back.
  • Dialed 228 p., take the thread in three additions. 2 g. increase the number of loops twice, do this after each and every simple loop do yo (take the thread in a loop, making it on second needle knit with loops). This technique will give the product volume and will help to round out the bottom.
  • The third row is performed as follows: 1 chrome., 2., 30. This order persisted until the end of the row, three loops are finished so 2 persons, 1 chrome.
  1. Knit braid.
  • The whole jacket is a large CBS. One such braid has 30 stitches. There should be 14 such patterns. From the 4th row start knitting braid, making перекрещивание15Х15 loops. To execute it, remove 15 p. on a spare needle moved for work and are finished the next 15 p. facial. The working needle pulling forward and leave already knit in the loops on the thread, then the needle remains free.
  • Then taken in the left hand an extra spoke and performed through the working 15. p. and 2 Phi. 15 p. again shoot on a separate needle, sent them for work. 15 loops are finished. goal., predeliver the working needle. Freeing it from the loops (by moving them on the line), are finished 15. PS for more spokes. Continue to end of row. The following purl row, knit similarly. This knitting will provide the crossing. Crossing need to be repeated after 28 rows. The result will be 14 KOs: three shelves, one each in the openings, and 6 PCs on the back.
  1. Armhole.
  • The crown of the smaller openings of the back at 10 p. and more shelves 20 point On the crown from the back you will have to cut one loop all odd-numbered rows, promazyvaya 2 loops together. On the crown from front will close from 10 p. for this you need to subtract in odd-numbered rows in turn 3, 3, 2, 2 loop. Turns out that 30 p. one of the braid will go to the top part of the armhole. Fit first one shelf, then the second. The height of the big-eyed openings to occur at the level of 18 see
  • Next, loop the 2nd and 3rd braid (it will be shoulder) close, 1 but braid will still have to purl 10 cm, which will go on the collar. Next, close the loop here. Return to the crown on the back. Here reduce the number of loops by one in all nötsch. B. the result – eyed the height of the rear of the unit will match the height of the big-eyed armhole on the shelf.
  1. Sleeve.
  • Performed bottom-up. Recruited 50 p. in the second row, increasing by impingement on one loop, after each loop, we get 100 p. Continue to weave braid, as on the main canvas. It is possible to increase the amount to add in each 10 Phi. on one loop. All additional loops are finished the front. Braids on the left sleeve is directed to the right side, and Vice versa.
  • Proceed to the crown on the sleeve. Previously added 10 loops will have to be removed. However, the crown on the back is flat, so you’ll have to remove 1 item of each purl row. On the front he is much deeper, so you need to close the 7 loops at once and then 3 times in each Phi. G. 1 p. Finish knitting the sleeves by reducing the number of eyelets on both sides in this order: 3, 5, 10 loops. Close all remaining loops.
  1. The connection details. The cardigan is knit entirely right, therefore, it remains only to sew the sleeves, the center of the collar, the collar to the back and sew the top shoulder seams.

Scheme knitting cardigan mohair with bat sleeves

The mohair cardigan with bat sleeves

For this model cardigan take 600-650 g mohair yarn, straight knitting needles No. 7 and meter circular No. 5 and No. 7. The product runs in a single cloth cross binding:

  • Start with the left side of the lower back. Recruited 60 loops and continue knitting stitch 26 g., increasing 1 loop for bevels. Then all of the fourth series added 8 times for one loop with nakida, every second of the added 15 n. In the even rows is added two times for 4 loops.
  • The next person. the number of the edges (on the right for back, left for the front) recruited additionally for 58 p. Then knit straight, with 19 rows. Divide the canvas in half for the neck. Delay 120 PS left and the right are finished on 120 stitches 30, set aside. Continue to work with the left edge 120 other loops at the same time recruit the right p. 15 to collar. 30 g. of loops closed.
  • For the right shelves anthracite floss recruited 135 n., work. surface 30 g removed from the right edge are finished delayed 15 p. 120 loops included in process 120 p. from the right shelves. All 240 items symmetrical finish. In the last row of the sleeve of a closed loop.
  • The connection details. Straighten the detail of the pattern, slightly humidified and dry. Sew inner edge of collar to neckline.

Stylish hooded cardigan with buttons

Cardigan with hood

In the manufacture of products for girls you’ll need 4 buttons, mohair yarn, apricot color. Job description:

  • The right shelf. Begin knitting the item with that recruited 41 p. Next, execute the viscous garter 8 rows. 9,: 1 chrome., 6 — garter viscous, 8 – Phi., 3 – plat. binding, 16 Phi., 6 — garter viscous and 1 edge. At a height of 55 cm armhole do. At 66 cm put them in two even rows of three consecutive loops, in the following two – 2, three rows – one at a time.
  • The left shelf is similar.
  • Back. 77, dial loops and knit 8 strips of simple garter knit. 9.: 1 edge, 6 — plat. binding, 16 Phi., 6 – garter viscous and 1 chrome. At a height of 55 cm abbreviated symmetrically at three loops, we remove all second ranks, one p. three times. At a height of 76 cm reduced 33 p. neck and remove on each side at a 16 p., that go to the shoulders.
  • Sleeve. 36 p. garter knit 8 rows are finished, then add symmetrically to 11 loops in all 6 years. At a height of 44 cm reduce every even row 4 loop 6 times (that is, in six even-numbered rows in a row you need to remove for 4.) Dawasa to a level of 51 cm, finish closing all the loops. How it’s done, look in the first scheme.
  • Collection. The workpiece, sew sleeves.
  • Hood. On the edge of the neck take 85 loops with the details of the back: 1 – edge, 6 – garter-knit, 8 – Phi., 55 – garter-knit, 8 – Phi., 6 – garter-knit one edging. Are finished 38 cm, sew. On the right shelf vivasyan loop (4 PCs) for the buttons.

Openwork cardigan-transformer without buttons

Aguri cardigan-transformer

The ideal option in the offseason – cardigan-transformer. It acts as a jacket, shawl, stole. For items 44-46 sizes take 500 grams of mohair, knitting needles No. 6. In the description of the scheme this model will use the following abbreviations: SC – column without nakida, PP – air loop. Work process:

  • Recruited p. 79, of which 60 are performed in accordance with part A according to scheme 4A. Then 2 Phi. and 15 people. part Would be. Knit fabric, closed loop in the bottom row. Find the middle of it, note the safety pins. It will be the center of the part counting from 36 SC to the right of it. Note pin 4 dokazyvaet to her.
  • VP, knit 2, skip 2 SC, 10 SC are finished. Repeat 7 times. Dokazyvaet SC to marker B, continue to 3 lanes. The seventh line should end with side markers. Without tearing a thread, knit to the mark V. the ends are finished SC in every 2nd loop.
  • The finished jacket otpaivaem and dry.

Knitted cardigan-coat with thick yarn for fat women

Cardigan-coat for fat women

Model size 50 with thick yarn need 1600 g Cotton Winter pink, spokes №3,5 and 4 (circular). Work order:

  1. The back and top.
  • Strung on needles № 3,5 114 p., are finished. stitch in the directions right and back 10 cm.
  • Chrome. p. – facial. Then remove from the sides to the armhole 4 stitches.
  • The outer side of each of the 2nd row running 1 chrome., two people., remove one loop, is threaded through the knit not knit, continuing until 5 p. 1 p. Do, take it back, to extend through it and move on right needle, knit two., one of chrome. Continue to reduce the number of loops 4 times, to a length of 31 cm Close the loop, pulling slightly.
  1. The lower part of the back. On the spokes of No. 4 recruit 95 p., are finished straight and back — 1 person., P1. Extreme loops always leave front. Model spokes № 3,5 and work. stitch length up to 143 cm and then 12 cm elastic 1×1 (one Phi.p. one of the people).Close.
  2. The right shelf. On the spokes of the same size take 58 p. continue to knit elastic band 1×1 12 see the Extreme loop always leave the front. 2. G. running surface.
  • Next: 1 chrome., 5. surface pattern according to scheme 7. surface one chrome. Knit to the height of 52 cm Take the spokes №3,5 and continue to knit individuals. stitch 10 cm Close to the armhole from the side of the 4 STS in each 2-m p., until 5 p. Take 1. put the hinges back on, extend the next, knit 2 persons., 1 chrome. Closed loop 4 times. Continue to the length of 53 cm. Move the loop on a secondary thread.
  • The left shelf is the same.
  • Sleeves. We print on the spokes № 3,5 56 p. and work in a circle 12 cm elastic 1×1. Then – conventional surface. With a length of 16 cm, dial bottom centre 2 stitches, continued – 2 section, one additional, until then, until 2 p. Typed an extra 1 person. and do 2 loops. Continue to increase the loops in every third row 12 times. Vivasyan 48 cm Close the loop on the bottom.
  • Collection. Alternately, stitch details. Otpaivaem dry them.

Women’s cardigan Raglan top knitting

Women's cardigan Raglan

For this model take 750 g of fine wool yarn yellow, circular needles number 5. When knitting this cardigan using the fast method, knit the product in its entirety above. Sequence of stages:

  • Recruit p. and 103 are finished. stitch two rows.
  • Divide the canvas: 1 edge p., 10 – planochki, 13 – shelf (right). Two loops to the Raglan 9 sleeve 2 Raglan, 28 — back, 2 — on Raglan, 9 — sleeve, 2 — Raglan, 13 – shelf (left), 10 — the six yellow buttons and 1 edge.
  • Recruited 26 cm front stitch, adding loops to Raglan.
  • Then all the parts share and vivasyan separately. Start with the sleeves, knit 21 cm persons. stitch, following 15 cm – garter viscous. Sew them.
  • Belt the cardigan. 13 p. and knit 140 cm

Pale white knitted cardigan with scythes on the spokes

For the product size 44 you will need 520 g of yarn Pingouin Familia white shade, spokes № 4,5 and buttons 6 PCs This product runs without sleeves. The order of knitting:

  • Back. Dialed 112 and are finished p. P1., 1. for 6, see latest added 18 STS evenly. Further vivasyan 18 p. fantasy pattern 1, 10 — fancy pattern 2. At a height of 40 cm start to reduce the number of loops by 24 times for 2 p. once the second row, that is, to reduce have 24 g of two loops. Reducing loops, three loops from the edge, they promazyvaetsya facial. Bring the bunch up to 60 cm, close the loop.
  • The right shelf. Recruited 78 p., are finished 6 cm elastic 1*1. Added 14 p. in the last row. Continue to work according to the scheme: 2 persons, 2 Phi. 2 times, 10 fancy pattern 2, pattern 1 18 three times. At the height of 40 cm decreases by 2 p. 24 times, similar to the back in all of the following second row. The part height 57 cm 22 p. closed right in each 2-m p.. First remove 10 items (2 are finished), then through a series of reducing even 6 p. yet through one number remove 2. once on the second row, remove the 2 p. At 60 cm this part close all the loops.
  • The left shelf is the same.
  • Collection. Sew buttonholes on the right shelf, and the buttons to the left. Mating parts.

Warm men’s cardigan chunky knit

Men's cardigan

For this product take 800 g of acrylic yarn brick color 8 buttons. Fit in the product thread, folded in half. Work order:

  • The back of the cardigan. Recruited 107 p. and vivasyan 7 cm band (1*1). Change needles No. 4 to No. 5 and are finished this part of the pattern in the diagram, right, to a height of 69 cm, closed 33. for each shoulder. In addition, 41 p. close to neckline.
  • The right shelf. Recruited 64 p. with spokes №4, 4 are finished, the gum. Next row do: p. 22 – plat. binding, a 42 – gum. After 7 cm, dial 42 p. At 44 cm armhole planned and continue straight. 25 cm, 33 p. close on both sides of the part and knit 11 cm. Then close all the loops.
  • The left shelf is the same.
  • Sleeves. Recruited 51 p. vivasyan and 7 cm elastic band. Changing the spokes with number 4 on number 5 and working on the scheme, adding in all of the next 6 rows symmetrically at one loop. Reaching a height of 52 cm loop close.
  • Sew the sleeves, fasten the details. On the left shelf to make 4 pairs of eyelets, to the right-hand – sewn buttons.

How to choose yarn and knitting needles

Knit cardigans with the help of machines and by hand. In the latter case, of particular importance is the choice of spokes. There is a perception that their thickness should be 2 times more yarn. Most popular knitting needles when knitting cardigans – No. 3, 4 and 5. The number indicates their thickness. Needles vary in material fabrication: aluminum, steel, plastic, bamboo. Klassificeret them again and types: open, closed (at the end is the limiter) and circular (connected to harness).

Now there are a huge number of options of yarn. From her choice depends on the result of all the work. Some contain 100% natural yarn (chinchilla, cotton, Angora), supplemented by other synthetic yarns (melange, Pingouin Familia, Alize Lanagold 800). It is important to take into account the thickness of the fibers, the structure, length on a reel, the availability of color effects. For the manufacture of warm clothes it is better to take mohair, Angora, Alpaca (natural wool goats and rabbits). Products they make warm, soft, light. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of yarn:

  • Wool fiber from the wool of animals (camels, dogs, sheep, rabbits). It varies in thickness, strength and length of fibers. The durable wool – camel. Common qualities of this material is softness, high thermal insulation, hygroscopicity. The disadvantages of wool think Matts on things.
  • Acrylic is a synthetic material. In its qualities it resembles wool, is resistant to the action of weak alkalis, acids, sunlight. Lends itself well to staining. Clothing acrylic doesn’t eat moths, it does not stretch and does not shrink. Used as improver of the properties of natural yarns.
  • Mohair is one of the warmest types of yarn. It represents the wool of Angora goats. The best mohair is obtained by shearing the goats. Used in the form of a mixture with synthetic fibers, due to the fact that pure mohair can not form a filament and splits into fibers.

Video tutorials on knitting the cardigan knitting for beginners

Cardigans are popular among women, and among the male population, regardless of their age. There are many products for girls and boys. Many women tend to self-associate your favorite model. However, much of the work, the patterns are deterred from such activities. But there are models which are available knitting novice knitters. For example, products associated conventional garter viscous. To get acquainted with the simple methods knit you can, watch below a compilation of videos.

How to knit a cardigan in garter viscous with their hands

Longline cardigan with three quarter sleeve

Simple lesson knitting patterns for girls cardigans

Description of knitting voluminous cardigan vest sleeveless

Fashionable knitted cardigans knitting – photos 2015-2016

Latest models of knitting cardigans

Knitting cardigans 2016

Knitted cardigans this season back on the podium. Trending pink, blue, black product with hoods and without. The novelties of the season are the youth model of soft yarn (in the form of a rectangle) and jacquard short asymmetrical cardigan. Best of all, these products look great with skinny jeans or leggings. Do not lose the popularity of products made from boucle yarn, dope. Discover fashion trends 2015-2016. look at the pictures below.

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