How to knit a ring amigurumi

Knitting is a fascinating and useful employment. Modern craftsmen have learned to create with a hook and thread not only clothes, delicate doilies, but cute animals. Soft small toys amigurumi is a great gift for any age, made by hand. To start making, learn how to knit amigurumi ring. What it is, why and how it’s done, let’s see.

What is the ring amigurumi

Ring amigurumi

There are many methods of knitting, the most popular technique, originally from Japan – amigurumi (small animals, created using the hook). These products are spherical or cylindrical parts that are sewn together, stuffed with a soft filler. The scheme of each particle of the toy begins with a ring amigurumi (Japanese loop) – composition of the moving loop and several columns without nakida, through which the product is junk holes (as in the manufacture of napkins), which allows to look the gasket.

Step by step instructions and the scheme of knitting rings amigurumi crochet

Any aspiring seamstress will be able to learn how to make these toys. The schemas for these products primitive. To learn how to knit properly ring amigurumi, check out the gradual instruction and silent practice. Getting started, prepare all the necessary tools, materials:

  • Yarn. Novice masters are recommended to choose the thread of any color of medium thickness (cotton, acrylic). Too thin or textured yarn, woolen yarn can ruin or distort the associated fragment.
  • The crochet hook. The size of this tool to pick 1-2 less than indicated on the yarn, then the product will be dense. The tip of the hook should not be sharp or round, and his neck is small.

There are two basic ways of knitting Japanese loops that differ in the number of turns of thread in one turn or two. The option you choose depends on the texture and thickness of single yarn, size of hook, the destination of the future product. Step-by-step workshops described below will be reviewed by both methods, their advantages and disadvantages.

Master class on knitting a simple ring in one revolution

The first method is easier to learn, and that is to simplify the lesson, select a thicker yarn and a suitable hook under it. The steps of:

Step-by-step diagram crochet amigurumi ring

  1. Right hand thread make a single turn around the left index finger. The end of the thread leave a long and, at first, fix it between the little finger and ring finger (below the ring is not slipping).
  2. Enter the hook into the ring, hook the working thread (the one that goes from the roll) and drag it to the «sliding loop». As a result, you have on the hook forms a loop.
  3. Again hook the working thread, pull it through the resulting loop and tighten. The result is a loop that is considered the first column in a Japanese ring.
  4. Again, type tool «sliding loop», hook the working thread and pull it through the loop. There were 2 hanging loops.
  5. The working thread, pull through both loops to make a column without nakida (SC).
  6. Keep doing the required number of SBN (at least 6 columns without nakida).
  7. Remove the ring from his finger, pull the tail of yarn, tightening the «sliding loop». It turned out Doug.
  8. Connect the first column with the last. Starting line Japanese rings ready.

The advantages of establishing this element method is one turn a lot – so it’s fast to fit, easily without effort is delayed. The disadvantages of the method include the following:

  • it is not suitable for binding thin filaments;
  • frequent washing of the finished product, a Japanese loop can be loosened or dissolved.

How to make a double ring in the technique of amigurumi

The second method is more laborious and requires more practice. For work fit and thin yarn of medium thickness. Step-by-step instruction is as follows:

How to knit the double ring amigurumi crochet

  1. Pull from the tangle enough yarn, the end wrap twice around your left index finger. If you choose a thick thread, «moving loop» the tape around two fingers (index and middle).
  2. Enter your hook under both threads, and grab a loop of working yarn.
  3. Do one air loop and provarite columns without nakida in a double «sliding loop», as much as you need. If you are just learning, you need to score 6 SC. When you start to make toys, use schemas, which contain the necessary number of SBN.
  4. Next, lightly pull the thread loose ponytail. Pay attention to the thread that «moves».
  5. Release the ponytail, take the thread and gently pull it outward until the ring does not shrink. Make sure that the bars are not opened yet.
  6. There is still one part of the ring – loop is sticking up. To get rid of it, slowly pull the tail thread.
  7. When the ring is completely closed, connect to first SC.
  8. The first row is ready, then follow second, third, etc.

The disadvantages of this method include only a few time-consuming procedure of «moving loop». The positive properties are:

  • you can use a thin yarn;
  • regardless of the manipulation produced a finished product (washing, stretching), the middle will never bloom.

Video tutorials for beginners on knitting ring amigurumi

The technique of creating Japanese loop can be called complex, but you will have to perform a few workouts to get small, neat ring. Often knitting toys or other products starts from the head, where the Japanese «sliding hinge» is located on the top (to the place). All the nuances, secrets, and methods on how to knit amigurumi ring of thread and rubber bands, as described in the detailed video instructions below. Take advantage of them.

Two ways of knitting the rings amigurumi crochet

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How to weave a magical ring in the style of amigurumi gum

The knitting lesson magic rings with thread

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