How to knit a hood from the neck spokes

There are several options how to make beautiful neck knitted products: elastic band, clip, decorative items. And only hood manages to combine comfort, practicality, style to a sweater, cardigan or dress came original. Therefore, some masters hot topic: how to tie the hood from the neck spokes? To make your own hands the new clothes in the off-season work on the basis of knitting patterns – from the simple to the unusual.

The ways of knitting the hood from the neck

Even for beginners knitting this part will not be a stumbling block, as there are several options how to link to the hood from the neck to the spokes. Simple provides that functional products should be linked separately, in the form of a rectangle, and then sew one side, then connect with the neck. Another way is to type loops along the neckline, raise them to the desired level, close the knitting and sew the edges. There are other options: classic (the heel of the sock), the hood or the hood collar. Choose any method and get down to business.

Step by step instructions with diagrams and description of work

Someone only have to learn the basics, and someone already has behind shoulders considerable experience of needlework, but for each category of skilled workers the basis of the work remain a step by step instructions with diagrams. They detail step by step explain in detail the sequence of actions that will lead to the creation of beautiful, comfortable, original things associated with their hands. Job description – the color, the thickness of the threads before Assembly eliminates the error, when there is a desire to complete a knitted thing functional detail.

Description of knitting sweaters from the hood from the neck

How to tie a sweatshirt with a hood from the neck

  1. On the edge of the neck of the finished assembled product from the front side, the recruitment of the required number of loops. Working thread through the spokes to fix in the beginning of the series, to make a knot.
  2. Next 2 rows promazyvaetsya the front surface.
  3. Knit on, to get a classic hood, you need a shortened series. The scheme is simple: promazyvaya the front row, do not bring it to the end, leaving the last loop. At this point, the knitting needs to turn, make a yo, then purl a row, and again to deploy, and tavaziva one loop. The so formed two lateral parts, which are knitted one after another.
  4. Loop sides are closed, when the item reaches the desired length.
  5. Vymazyvaja the middle part of the hood, it is necessary to pick up the side of the loop to finish the design of the hood, waffle-knit.

Scheme knitting scarf hood knitting

The uniqueness of this knitting is that she knitted a scarf and a hat, which will protect the head, ears and neck from the cold wind and hair from the rain. Casual fashion scarf-hood will add fashionable notes, but before you begin to crafting, you should know a few nuances. Knit this product better with a lapel, so that it can better fit the face; loop should not be too close to lie to each other, and to add as to diminish the loop on the hood should run smoothly.

Scheme knitting scarf hood knitting

  1. For scarf-hood choose warm threads (wool) and based on the size of the hats, only measurements will have a little boost that does not fit so close.
  2. Dial on the spokes of the required number of loops based on based on the linked sample (use a square of 10 x 10 for convenience). Next, tie the rubber band with a width of 3-5 cm, and then the rectangle, choosing any pattern, alternating the front rows on the reverse.
  3. Completing the canvas, you need to divide the region into three parts, two of which are knit into the mirror as the scarf, and the third to close the safety pin.
  4. The final stage involves the drafting of parts of the hood, the seam is performed by the same thread and small stitches. Decorate the ends of the scarf will work without problems for this fit, tassels, pompons, fringe – everything to make the edge look nice.

Women’s hooded pullover, knitted from the neck

In this case, the work is not difficult, see for yourself:

The description of knitting pullover hoodie from the neck

  1. First, knit the main parts: back, front, sleeves.
  2. Then proceed to trim the neck on the front side, the loop dial on circular needles.
  3. Promazyvayut the canvas according to the pattern, not forgetting smoothly subtract one loop every second and fourth row.
  4. A few centimeters before the end of the start promazyvanii gum, and when the height of the hood reaches the desired level, the loop is closed. The canvas is folded in half, sew edges neatly to complete the knitting.

How to knit a Snood on his head and wristlets knitting

Among knitted things category is the original Snood. In appearance it resembles a scarf or scarf-pipe. Convenient accessory provides comfort and gives warmth in the cold season. Snood remains a stylish item of clothing, and along with wristbands in the tone is a fashionable item. If it is for winter, the yarn should be warm, and for the off-season will fit the acrylic or thread, within which there is the coat (20-30%).

Scheme knitting cowl and wristlets

  1. To work I have to get circular needles to get the right size the amount of stitches, knit into the first row to close the knitting.
  2. Further according to the scheme of the pattern to knit the fabric, close the last row.
  3. Edge on the one and the other necks, promazyvaetsya separately. To the top of the scarf clip looked attractive and beautifully framed face, you just got to narrow down when tying.
  4. Then proceed to the wristbands, which is knit on a hosiery knitting needles, closing them into the ring. Following the pattern, first right and then left wristband for the original kit.

Fashion jacket cardigan hooded knitting

The basis of the fashion jacket cardigan is knitted with pointelle according to the scheme of the yarn in which the wool content is from 70 to 100%:

Scheme knitting jacket, hooded cardigan knitting

  1. First you need to link back, where the alternating front surface with a woven pattern, vyvazhivanie of the openings and bevels, leaving the required number of hinges for the hood.
  2. Next on the scheme you want to associate the left, right, shelves, sleeves.
  3. The Assembly of the jacket ends vyazaniem hood circular knitting needles from the neck on the basis of left loops. Link it, close the loop and sew the edges.
  4. Fully fashion jacket ready when done strap, the holes in them for the buttons, stitched together with other parts.

Vest tank top hooded for women

The vest is well familiar to many thing a woman’s wardrobe, the efforts of craftsmen are able to turn into a creative outfit for the cold season. Choosing the proposed scheme of knitting will soon be able to boast of the original upgrade. This option is sleeveless, is knitted, worn under a jacket or can become the basis for creating the sweaters for which masters it is only necessary to dobesilate sleeves.

How to knit a vest-a vest with a hood

The pattern of the hood from the neck spokes

  1. Remove measurements, do the math on it, how many loops you need to dial for tank tops.
  2. Following an open-knit pattern, tie back, left and right shelves, putting the hinges for the hood.
  3. Comfortable item vymazat with a bevel according to the diagram, pulling the hinges from one side of the hood in the other.
  4. Decorative braid knit separately, then sewn seam connecting the edges of the vest, body hem and armhole.

Men’s hooded jumper from the neck

Hooded jumper from the neck for men is created on the basis of yarns with a content of wool and acrylic. Along with the main pattern openwork vivaselecta, while the product is necessary to resort to special obavlenia. Now, look:

Scheme knitting mens sweaters hooded

  1. Begin to knit men’s cardigan from the front, then do back, next in line, the left and right sleeves.
  2. Getting started Assembly, knit hood from the neck, before closing hinges, don’t forget about the rubber that will shape the hood, then sew edges. Will just have to connect the other parts together to male jumper was ready to wear.

Knitting sweaters with hood for child

Warm knitted thing for a child is a mandatory article of clothing. To make it even more helps you need a hood that protects baby from drafts. Addition to the knitted items will be the key to comfort, and for kids who don’t like to wear hats, such models represent a good find.

Description knitting patterns kids sweaters with hood

  1. Tie detail sweater, focusing that neck backless will be the basis for the hood.
  2. Stitch detail, leaving loop exposed neck.
  3. Vyvazhivanie hood begins on the front side, traditionally used for the fabric garter knit.
  4. As you work, it is necessary to periodically add loops on the outer edge. To dobesilate to the desired height, close the loop, sew the edges of the finished hood.

Hooded jacket for boy

To associate really warm jacket for little fidgets, it is necessary to add one important detail – the hood. Then mom won’t have to worry about the comfort of the child, as far as he was warm and his head protected from wind and cold. To create this part need a lot of time, if you follow the pattern of below. To begin, a short instruction:

How to knit knitting the vest with the hood from the neck for a boy

  1. The main parts – the back, the left and right shelves, sleeves – made of wool yarn, based on an openwork pattern.
  2. The hood fit from the neck a pattern of dots upon completion, fold it in half, stitch edge of knitted seam. To interconnect other parts of the jacket.

Video tutorials for beginners on knitting the hood from the neck spokes

Novice seamstresses who want to learn to knit, it is not always possible to deal with even simple diagrams crochet models. When the window comes the off-season or come real cold, you still want to look stylish. The relevance of video tutorials on knitting for beginners with the onset of cold weather increases. How to make a nice warm outfit with your hands and add to it the easy part – a hood that fit in the spokes from the neck? Meet online with the course knitting of the hood.

Master class on knitting the hood to the coat

Lesson knitting warm hats-hood

Bonnet-hood c bib for girl

Snood-a hood on circular needles

Children’s cardigan hooded coat from the neck

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