Beautiful blankets for newborn knitting description

Having a special texture, knitted and crocheted items perfect for kids. Newborn babies need to pick up a particularly soft yarn, so as not to harm the delicate skin. A wonderful gift on discharge from the hospital can be a knitted blanket for a newborn. Spokes, even such a big thing to get linked pretty fast.

Protecting sensitive newborn, you must choose the patterns, avoiding the convex reliefs and larger holes. Color brightness is also better to defer to a more adult state, not to unnecessarily irritate the perception of the surrounding of the baby.

Blue plaid for the little «pearls»


The delicate color and softness of the pattern a wonderful combination embodied in this plaid newborn. Square in shape, it will serve as an envelope, and later as a blanket.


wool blend Yarn uses delicate blue color of medium thickness – 450 g, and the spokes number 5.

The size of the rug 88 x 88cm, with a density of the basic pattern 16P.×32 g.= 10×10 cm.


When knitting plaid are two types of patterns:

pearl, it performs perimeter frame – fit alternately 1 individuals. and P1. loops in each successive row shifted over the front promazyvaetsya wrong, and on the reverse face;

— the basic pattern is performed according to the scheme.


Recruited 139 hinges, and fit to a height of 5 cm pearl pattern. Further, the pattern frame fit on 8 first and last loops, loops 123 of the Central part promazyvaetsya in accordance with the scheme.

As soon as the canvas will reach a height of 83 cm, all the loops again tally pearl pattern 5 see Viveza plaid height 88 cm close all the loops.

The frame serves to ensure that the knitted fabric is not twisted at the edges.

The callouts on the diagram:

  • purl loop;
  • removed the loop, not promazyvaya, the thread at work;
  • removed the loop, not promazyvaya, thread before work.

Square blanket on circular needles

An unusual way of vyvazhivanija is no more complicated than a simple knitting in a straight line. Soft yarn and alternating colors will make this rug your favorite thing your baby.


woolen Yarn is used with a small addition of polyamide Novita 7 Brothers (100 m/50 g) – 300 g gray and 300 g of blue flowers. Spokes: numbers 3.5 and 4, circular needles number 4 (80 cm).

The size of the rug turns 78×78 cm, the density of the knit with 18 loops front stitch = 10 cm


When knitting in a circle the front surface vivaselecta only the front loops; purl accordingly, only the reverse. Garter and knit the front and purl rows promazyvaetsya only the front loops.

Knitting this blanket starts with a center, a set of 4 loops on the spokes №4 thread blue. Loop 1-divided into 4-d hosiery needles. Then on each needle promazyvaetsya 1 front loop, then yo. In this way, continue knitting while on one needle will be 11 loops plus yo. Blue thread change to grey, to turn work to wrong side and the front surface.

Promazyvaetsya 5 rows front surface, to carry yo on each needle. Then the gray tape should be associated with blue, then turn work inside out and knit 5 rows of the front surface. The app stitches continue to the ends of each of the spokes.

Continuing knitting by alternating color bands. When the hosiery knitting is not to be missed due to the increase in the number of loops will need to go on a pie. Provatas 24 strips on the spokes should be 528 loops. Following a number promazyvaetsya without nakido gray thread.

To perform the strapping should go to the spokes №3,5. Binding is performed shortened rows as follows: after a number without nakido promazyvaetsya 6 loops, then work is rotated, and vymazyvaja only 2 p., turn work again promazyvaetsya these 2 loops. Then after turning the work to knit the same 2 stitches plus one PS left needle. Turning,already promazyvaetsya 3 PP Next turn and vymazyvaja 4-d p. their to purl and back again. Also turning, promazyvaetsya 5 and 6 of the hinges that will close the last triangle.

The oversized blanket is perfect for cold weather


Simple and chunky knit, heavy yarn makes this blanket very malleable. Knit fabric gently hugs and warms, the product can be used for the street in a stroller.

Size 110×120 cm


For added volume wool blend yarn (100/100 g) is folded in half, needles it uses No. 15.


Recruited 100 loops (110 cm) and vivaselecta garter viscous to a height of 120 cm Finish plaid will give a tying hook: in the 1st row all-loops – polostevichi without nakida; 2nd row — the pattern repeats from * 1 SC, then 4 air.p. further vivaselecta 1 loop 5, and again are joined into one, then 4 air and 1 SC*.

Plaid with sailboat

8_c9f0f895fb98ab9159f51fd0297e236dSmooth weave diluted image of a sailboat, which will adorn and warm on the walk baby. The shallow relief technique the «shadow knitting», when crawling on a rug, gives new tactile sensations.


Yarn is better to choose pure wool, but baby that won’t bite Candy – 800 g blue. Used needles circular No. 3,5 for ease of knitting to the loops slipping off the knitting needles.

The size of the rug turns 80×95 cm, while density is obtained 15P.×30 g= 10×10 cm.


The scheme of the relief pattern of the 4-piece.





Is typed in the usual way loop 124. Promazyvaetsya from 1st to 8th row edge pattern «rice» scheme. The following rows start and end with 7 loops of the pattern «rice», the Central part is then fit according to the picture, performing the bulk of the loops of the front surface, the relief of the sailing ship reverse.

The final 8 rows fully promazyvaetsya «rice». After which the work closes.

The callouts on the diagram:

□ — facial hinge;

■ is – wrong;

+ — edge.


For knitting plaid, you can use different patterns of knitting. For example, the beautiful pattern «Ribbons».

Dear knitters, if you have something to share with our readers, we will be very happy to accommodate your work and master classes on our website. Write to us!

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