Knitting patterns — 8 and MK for beginners

Kids clothing should be comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, do not always purchase things 100% comply with these requirements. Especially careful to approach the selection of clothing for newborn babies. It is important to all – the style, material, workmanship. In this article we will discuss step by step how to tie the first shoes for a baby – booties. Choosing the yarn for the work, choose natural thread, natural color. Free crochet patterns for beginners quilters better to knit, starting with simple models. Definitely need to link the sample to wet and dry it out. After washing clothes made of natural fibers «sit down», decreasing in size. Therefore, the density of the knitting it is better to calculate on a dried sample. Or have a second option – to tie shoes is obviously larger, taking into account the future shrinkage. The approximate dimensions of the foot of the baby – see below.

There are many variants of how to crochet – two, five needles, crochet, combined with spokes and a hook. Let’s start with the simplest model – booties – shoes.

Shoes – unisex

These simple booties are suitable for both girls and boys. It is designed for baby of 10-12 months.

We will need:

  • yarn of the same color – 50g;
  • a bit of yarn a different color for the lace;
  • set: SP. No. 3;
  • hook vyvazhivanija lace.

Used patterns:

  • elastic band K1.x1 Phi.;
  • facial surface – the direct binding odd-numbered rows., even – Phi. p.;
  • garter pattern – with the direct binding ranks — p.

Description and master class

We will work on the 5 spokes in two threads. Recruited 37 loops and go to circular knitting, placing at 9P. on each SP. The first and last clause are finished one. To continue gum 12 g. Then we do some with holes for pulling of a drawstring. For this alternate 2P. together, K1., 1 yo. Turn on the people. surface and vivasyan 2 g thus redistribute the loops on the needles: 11, 7, 11, 7 loops.

Further work will demonstrate — see master class and photo.


Vivaselecta 11 points. one of the spokes. 18 G. performed garter pattern.

Side part

Vivaselecta 25 deferred eyelets, plus on the sides of the toe recruited through 9 loops on each side. Do 10 g. garter pattern.


Fit for 11 Central eyelets bowl. surface. While each of the outermost sides of the loops are finished with loops on the sides. Continue until, until the end of the side p.

Loops with two SP. to postpone to a uniformly alternating. Close all p. promazyvaya three of them.

Cut the thread, to fix, to neatly fill the end.

Now we will decorate our children’s shoes. To do this, tie a lanyard, and tuck it through the holes shoes. Tying beautiful bows. Shoes ready!

White booties pattern: video master class


This master class will help you to communicate the most original and comfortable booties for your little Princess.

Dimensions counted on the foot of a child one year of age.

You’ll need:

  • yarn of two colors — a total of about 50g;
  • set SP. No. 3;
  • beads and flowers for decoration.

Used patterns:

  • garter-knit — p. all persons.;
  • two-tone elastic knitting circle: 1P.: *K1., P1.* — until the end of the town; 2P.: *1 item to remove., 1накид, P1.* — all.

    3R.: * removed the loop with nakida knit across the row., P1.* — all G.

Further — scheme of work: repeat the 2nd and 3rd R.

Description and master class

For booties «Caramel» first fit sole. The rest of the Shoe dokazyvaetsya to her. Our detailed master-class with photos and description — at your service!


Recruited 8P. the first color (in our case white) and vivagel garter pattern making allowances – see diagram on photo. One cell corresponds to 1 p and 1 g.

10-11Side part

Raised sidewall loops and distribute them on the three SP.: 21п. on the sides and 18P. the bowl is just 60п.

Go to the other color, in our case — pink and tie a number of persons. loops.

From the second row will wynajem 14 two-tone gum.

16P.: white yarn — 15лиц., 2лиц. — 1. — 15 obivok, 15лиц. We have 45п.

from 17 to 21P. — garter pattern with alternating colors.

Close all AP, except for 20p. on the patch.

These 20 p. knit across the row 2P. p. entities.

To earn another 20 points. the hand strap. On 40п. knit across the row 8. Not to forget to make a hole for the buttons. To close the loop. Cut the thread and gently tuck in the end. The second Shoe to fulfill a mirror. Decorate «Candy» optional — beads, flowers.

Summer booties: video master class

Boots ugg boots

We offer you to associate the booties with original designs of ugg boots.

The model is designed for Shoe size 11cm, see master class.

We will need:

  • yarn white 50g;
  • some threads of two shades of brown;
  • set SP. No. 2;
  • hook №2,5;
  • needle with large eye.

Used patterns:

  • persons. expanse: in direct knitting odd rows, p.., even – Phi.; when knitting in a circle — all p.–.;
  • pattern «rice»: alternate K1. with P1., in the next row, shift the pattern one loop.

Description and master class

Begin knitting with the soles. For these boots, it will double to knitted ugg boots were more than warm and comfortable. Recruited crochet white thread 18ВП plus 3ВП for lift — see diagram on photo.

Three rows will provegam according to the scheme in the 4th to knit 72 column with/without n additions. The thread is not cut. Similarly workable sole with dark brown yarn.

Top ugg boots

Dialed on the edge of the white soles 72п. and run the 5P. . goal. Intended for the toe of the boot 21п. Next you will knit in a circle. Hinge side parts and back — just the front, and loop toe — according to the scheme:

6P.:*2P. in K1., K1.* — 7 repetitions. Together — 14P.;

7R.:for illustration;

8P.:7раз at 2P. in K1.;

The 9th year. schema changes:

To knit the loop side parts and a back, not tavaziva 1P. to the toe, knit across the row at the extreme loop, 5лиц., 2P. in K1. 10th R.-similar. Prevagen will reverse, turning the work.

11R.: 1 p. to remove, 5изн.., 2n. in P1. (1P grab. from side on) to Return to work.

12P.: 1P. to remove, 5лиц., 2P. in K1. The u-turn.

From the 13th year. repeat three times for 11th and 12th R.

Tongue uggs

Vivasyan it on 7s. bowl, scoring advanced on both sides for 1H. It turns out 9P. Will wynajem pattern «rice» 8cm and closing p.


Knit on side hinges persons. stitch 32P. 33-m and 34-m R. for the decoration of curvature close with both sides twice for 2H. In 35P. to close all the loops.

Decorate ugg boots embroidered — see diagram.


Crochet SC to tie the tongue and the sides of the shaft 2 in the series. For free make 4 loops for lacing: 4ВП at 1P. base. The top tie of crayfish step. Weave the lace — braid of 4 threads. Sew the second sole, leaving prominent raised rim, a white soles. Fill the drawstring and tie a bow.

Booties-dogs on two spokes: video master class

Booties — shoes

Offer you to communicate the most simple but very original kids keiki.

You’ll need:

  • yarn in three colors — white, blue and carrot, about 50g each;
  • set SP. No. 3;
  • hook № 2,5.

Used pattern:

  • tent surface: by direct knitting all loops.


Type in two white threads 6 p. and knit 7 g. in each even adding 1P. on both sides. Only receive 12P. Continue 34r. smooth canvas, then do the twist 6P. — mirror the increase.

To raise with the edge loops 58п. To knit in a circle 2P. garter viscous. Then from the middle back to one side 23п. knit in blue, the other-23п. carrot, sock — 12P. white. In places of transition to another color yarn to cross, to avoid holes. Knit into have 10p. For the design of the toe 5 times to reduce the white area at 1P.on each side. Закрыть13п. in blue, 2P. on white, 13P. in the carrot plots. On the loops of blue and carrot plots (10p., just 20p.) knit into the white garter pattern two g. Close the loop.


Crochet to knit two cords of white thread — 140ВП. Stretch them, tie the bows. To knit decorative balls for decoration — two blue, two orange. For this crochet make a chain of 6ВП, join in a ring.15столбиков s/n to put in the middle. The outer edge of the tie next SC. Sew the balls, focusing on the photo. Keiki ready!

Mouse booties on two needles video master class

As you can see, to associate booties knitting for beginners knitters, the problem is quite real and very exciting.

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