How to crochet Teddy bears and amigurumi: schemes, description and MK

Cute toy bears came into fashion in the XVII-XVIII century. And no one day is not out of fashion. And with the popularization of the Teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh, Hallmark bears and amigurumi little furry friend had settled in almost every home, especially in those homes where little girls live. Want to create a unique bear and yourself? In this article we will talk about how to crochet a Teddy bear with his own hands.

To associate the bear is not difficult. This will take a little yarn, filler (we recommend holofayber beads, as it keeps the shape, is lightweight, and dries quickly after washing). Additionally, you may need hardware and tape. And, of course, patience and perseverance!

Master class Teddy bear crochet

This master class Teddy bear will show off in your home for a few nights, but if you have experience in knitting, you can handle in one night!

To work will need:

  • Grey and white mohair yarn for crochet (not layered so convenient to knit);
  • Blue and black floss for embroidery glazik;
  • Beady eyes;
  • Holofayber or other filler;
  • A piece of grey fabric for the patch on the side;
  • Hook, needle, and patience.


Knitting is quite simple, step-by-step photos, so that the scheme in this master class is not necessary.

To associate the trunk Teddy

2 air loop connecting the last to the ring with him in a circle are finished 6 columns without nakida (SC). Further, according to the photomontage.

Dawasa to 12-13 range, fill the bottom of the trunk holofayber, continue to knit to the last row tightly fill the trunk and tighten the loop to end. The trunk is ready.

Knit Teddy

The hook and white thread. To bind the photomontage. Provatas row 15, remains occipital area, which you don’t want to close. Leave two feet of yarn for one row of knitting and moving on to design eye Teddy.

Sew black beads as eyes with a small distance between them. If you follow the right proportions it will look nice. With black floss embroider eyebrow, «darn», blue floss formed nose.

Conveniently securing all the tips on the reverse side, fill in the muzzle and close the last row at the back.

Knit Teddy ears

Grey yarn will go on the lugs bear. 2 air loop connected to the ring and vivasyan in 6 SC. Fasten thread and leave 10-15 cm for sewing to head.

Sew the same distance from the spout. Better target safety pin, then sew. Refillable tip of the thread hook inside.

Knit foot Teddy

From the gray yarn crochet on the photomontage vivasyan foot, before closing the fill, embroider, then close the last row. Leave 15 cm of thread to the sewing.

Knit leg Teddy

As the ears and legs are knitted from grey yarn with the photomontage. Please note that provatas of the foot must be filled with holofayber and only then proceed to vyvazhivanie legs. This will greatly facilitate the process.

Torso, legs and quotes «darn» if you didn’t do it in the process. Check the tightening strength of the thread must be tightened so hard, holofayber could not slip out during the game. Sew all the parts, the ends of threads (3-5 cm) be sure to fasten and hide inside, so that later they will not slip and not his neck.

Cute Teddy bear is ready!

Teddy bear with a detailed diagram

Bear made of yarn «Grass» scheme


Valentine schema and description

The bear Willie the scheme and description

Bear Snow

Bears snacks

Bear with the scheme in English

Bear: the video master-class

Bear amigurumi crochet

Bear-baby’s heart as a little girl and a grown woman. Fit bear quickly and easily. The scheme is simple and understandable even the young mistress.

Knitting need:

  • the Hank of yarn «iris»;
  • hook;
  • scissors;
  • beads for eyes;
  • 4 small buttons;
  • holofayber.


Associate 9 items: 2 ear, 1 head, 2 legs, 1 torso, 2 legs and feet and one tail. Step-by-step scheme of knitting located in the previous master class. The minimum size of bears amigurumi is obtained due to the dense knit of thin yarn.

Dovezu bears amigurumi, tightly fills every detail with holofayber and then gently remove.

First, embroider the face, sew the ears, then stuff and stitch. Sew the head bears amigurumi to the body, complemented by the torso with a tail.

In place of sewing on the arms and legs sewn to the body buttons. On the legs vivasyan loops less than you need for buttons this size. Force clip buttons, to avoid the risk that the button will release. So we enable our bear to move his legs, which makes the toy more interesting.

On the street cold, and slowly starting to prepare for the New Year. Our knitted amigurumi Teddy bear wants to be dressed up. Tie him a bright warm scarf. Recommend knit one row of columns without nakida. Length — three neck circumference toys. Twice and wrap the ends to overhang.

Admire the new toy pet! If binding tight, bear amigurumi work with a size of about 9 cm!

Bear amigurumi: video master class

Bear amigurumi: video master class

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