8 models headbands for girls

With the onset of cold weather every mom the question arises – how to protect your child’s ears from hypothermia. Not all children, but especially girls who like to wear hats: itches head, under a cap cannot be seen hairstyles, etc. – a lot of reasons.

Headband for girls can be a good alternative to hats. And to link virtually any, even the most inexperienced knitter. Here the main thing – to choose the right yarn and pattern. The threads must be elastic to headband for girl stretched and were tightly wrapped around the head.

Povyazochki for spring and autumn it is better to knit from a wool mixture or acrylic. And for winter is woollen. The choice of pattern depends on the presence of experience masters.

Headband with flower

The model is designed for different age 3/5 [6/8] 9/12 years.

The volume of the head – 47/49 [50/52] 53/55 see

We will need:

  • yarn composition plus wool cotton (50g on 205м) – 50g;
  • direct SP. No. 2,5;
  • hook №2,5.

What are the patterns you will knit:

  • tent surface: all loops facial;
  • gum 2лиц.х2изн.

Density knitting front surface of: 26P. at 35P. correspond to the square 10 cm by 10 cm


Recruited by the spokes 22 [26] 30 p. the First row will be the installation: 2 p. garter pattern, 18 [22] 26P. — gum 2 extreme p, 2P. garter pattern.

Provyazat 4 [5] 6 cm is added for 1H. each garter stripe pattern. Do 1 yo. In the next row we will provegam twisted loop. Nakedi repeated 6 times in each 10-m row. Received by 8P. garter pattern on each side. In total we have 34 [38] p. 42

Continue to knit smoothly. When the length reaches 24 [26] 28 cm, start obavlenia. For this are finished on 2 of the arc. 1. Repeat them 6 times in every 10-m p. In the work remains 22 [26] 30 p.

When headband, knitted spokes for girls will reach 42 [45] 48 cm total length, lockable hinges.


You need to associate only three of the flower.

Recruited crochet 5 loops (VP) and lock them into a circle.

1P.: 2 EP 1 polytypic with stitches in the first trip of the ring, *5 VP, 2 polostevichi with stitches in the second VP* — from * to * 6 times, 5 VP, 1 connecting column 2nd VP beginning.

2P.: *9 polytypical with stitches within each arch of the VP, 1 column without nakida between two polytypical with stitches before the next arch* — repeat from * to * in each arch.

Thread cut and fasten.


Sew the edges sewn flowers.

The meditates, wearing on your head «Panda» girls

Headbands associated for girls can be not only warm, but also very creative. Offer you to communicate very cheerful and warm meditates, wearing a POM-POM.

The model is designed for head circumference 47cm.

We will need:

  • yarn – 100% wool (50g / 135m) – blue, white and blue – 50g;
  • direct SP. No. 3.

What are the patterns you will knit:

  • gum 2лиц.х2изн.;
  • persons. expanse – in. the ranks of all the loops facial, Phi. – purl.

The density of knitting: persons. surface 23п. 10 see


For head band «Panda» girls recruited spokes blue thread 58п. and wynajem gum starting from 2-Phi. p. At the end of each row add 4 times 2P. and 6 times 4P. Get 90 p.

All of the added loop to be included in the drawing. At the end should be. added another 18P. (a total of 108 p.) and vivagel round 2 see Next provegam the front surface 5 cm and Then 2 cm elastic. Close the loop on the drawing.

Eyes and nose Panda embroider the diagram seam «loop in the loop.» If desired, they can be knit from this same pattern. Just be sure to cross yarns when changing color to avoid holes.

With blue thread make two POM-POM with a diameter of 5-6 cm and sew them along the edges, mimicking the ears of a Panda.

And the following options are suitable for girls a little older.

Headband with beads

The volume of the head – 56 cm.

We will need:

  • yarn – 35g;
  • rhinestones or beads;
  • SP. No. 3.

What pattern you will knit:

  • garter-knit – all p. front.


Recruited by the spokes 35. prodajem scheme. Through 110g. closed loop. Sew the ends. The suture is wrapped tightly with a thread a few additions. Fasten thread ends. Sew rhinestones or beads.

The meditates, wearing-pigtail: video MK

Patch «Turban» with a pearl picture


Head circumference 52-54 cm

We will need:

  • n/W yarn (100g on 330m) – 35g;
  • direct SP. No. 2,5;
  • auxiliary needle.

What pattern you will knit:

  • pearl pattern according to the scheme:


Recruited spokes for headbands «Turban» girls are finished and 30 p. 20 cm scheme. Then divide the knitting in two equal parts.

Each of them will separately Viagem: 15 p. lay off on the extra needle, and the rest of the work for the main SP.

Each part vivasyan length 12 cm. Crisscross the strips and continue knitting a common fabric. 20 cm closed loops. Neatly sew the ends of the product.

The ordinary meditates, wearing for beginners: video master class

Openwork meditates, wearing

The volume of the head -46 cm

We will need:

  • yarn mixed composition (cotton with acrylic) – 30g;
  • a set of straight SP. No. 3;
  • decorative flower.


To gain 100P. and go to circular knitting. To perform Azhur:

1P.: *3l., 1H., 3P. in 1l, 1N.* — repeat from * to * to end of row;

2P. and all even: Phi.;

3R.: *1N., 3 p. 1l., 1H., 3l.* — repeat from * to * to end of row. This scheme of the 4 row repeat to a height of 5 cm then close the loop.

Sew flower.

The ordinary meditates, wearing for the baby: a video master class

The meditates, wearing the baby

We will need:

  • cotton yarn white 50g;
  • remnants of yarn lilac color;
  • SP. №3,5;
  • hook №3;
  • bead the color of the yarn.

What pattern you will knit:

  • openwork knit according to the scheme:

Purl to purl rows in pattern. Repeat in height with 1P. at 8P.


Dial the white thread 94 and p. knit across the row:

1P.: Phi.;

2P.: 1кр., 1l, 15 rapport of openwork, 1l, 1кр.

We continue to knit in this description. 16 G. closed loop. Sew around the short sides. Crochet thread lilac banded edges 1, columns without nakida and 1P. Pico.

to Crochet a flower – see description in the models above. To sew it, decorate the center bead.

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