Men’s crochet hat: everything you need to know about knitting

Most of the men wearing a hat to protect from cold and wind. For some it’s an integral part of the image. There are men who hate hats, or think that they do not go. As if the man didn’t react to that accessory in the first place should be taking care of their health. Therefore, men’s hat knitted crochet will always be in demand.

How to calculate the number of stitches for the hat read in this article.

Hats, caps and berets

Due to the enduring popularity of men’s hats, fashionable designers annually offer in their collections all new versions of this accessory. A skillful knitters inspired by interesting ideas, dare to make a description and link their favorite models.

The most popular can be considered neutral classic knitted cap. It will look good with a winter jacket and sports wear, and even with a business suit. Headdress lapel is also quite common. If it is bright, it will be well compatible with the sport winter jacket. A gray, black or brown easily combined with strict business style.

Bulk mens beret associated large viscous of yarns of different colors, I bring some ease to the look. Putting on the head this takes a person acquires a casually stylish look that matches the modern inhabitants of the big city.

Another interesting option is like a cap with a clear visor. Such a non-standard form like many men, therefore, perfectly acceptable even for supporters of strict views in clothes. But best of all, this hybrid is made large viscous, complement the wardrobe in semi-formal style. Will it fit to a cropped coat and long colorful scarf or sweater with a high neck. However, with the sport winter jacket to wear not advise it.

Start knitting

How to knit men’s cap crochet? First you need a description of the model and the scheme. Next you need to deal with color and yarn. To determine the size of the product is another important step. Having dealt with these points, you can begin knitting.

Description and diagram of knitting

Description and diagram of knitting – your guides from the first to the last loops. Therefore, choosing a model, pay attention to the quality and completeness of these instructions. In them you will find all the necessary information from the recommendations thread to account for the peculiarities of the chosen model of the product. A diagram using standard symbols showing the sequence of knitting and the techniques used. To associate the thing with its help it will be much easier.

A variety of colors

The color of the future product is better to choose together with her husband, for whom it fit. If this is not possible or you are preparing a surprise, you better stay on standard men’s colors. It is possible to carry almost all the dark dull shades. The best black, grey, brown. Sure that the man will be glad of this accessory vibrant colors that catches the eye? Go for it! The main thing that he liked.

The choice of color largely depends on the style of men’s clothes. Neutral shades make the headpiece is universal. It is suitable for going to the movies with a girl, and for sports Jogging in the morning. Gray, black, brown, dark blue look good with a leather jacket and stylish coat. Bright orange, neon, blue or green approach to sports style. These colors attract attention and can be clearly seen at night in headlights of cars. Colored products pretend city. They can dilute the strictness of classic clothing and tell others about that person follows fashion regardless of the time of year and the weather. POM-poms and patterns also find its fans.

Choose the right yarn

As a rule, the description of the product makes recommendations on the type of yarn, what better to knit. But do not always have the opportunity to buy this stamp and the following are some General guidelines.

Buying yarn in the first place, pay attention to the label. Here the manufacturer specifies all necessary for the correct selection information. Her written composition, knitting or the hook is designed thread and the recommended tool number is for knitting. If you have decided to tie the piece of colored yarn or plan to use multiple colors, check not fade the selected thread. For this wrap is soaked in water the end of the thread in the white fabric and iron a hot iron. If the fabric is not traceable, then the yarn dyed well. Thing associated with it, you can wash and not worry about the consequences.

Choosing yarn for knitting, pay attention to how tight it is twisted. To crochet the best of the taut thread. If we talk about composition, the warmest are wool and wool blend products. They will protect from winter frosts. Cotton is more suitable for autumn weather. Headdress made of artificial materials such as acrylic, will be relatively cold. To wear it best in spring.

Pay attention to the flow of the thread. To crochet men’s hats takes an average of 100 grams of yarn. The thinner and fluffier it is, the less thread you will need. Easy way to check costs and to see how the threads will behave in the finished product, is to link the sample. In addition, it will help to make all the necessary calculations.

Don’t forget the measurements

Before you start knitting, you need to determine the size, making measurements of the head. After all headgear should fit securely to cover the ears, but not to slide on the eye, does not subside when bending and do not squeeze your head. Standard dimensions of caps for men are from 54 to 63 minutes. These figures show the size of head circumference, expressed in centimeters.

A measuring tape would be the best. If not, then you can use regular thread and a ruler. To determine the size you need to know the circumference of your head. This measuring tape is wrapped around the head so that it was located above your eyebrows 2 inches, held over the ears and covered the most projecting point of the head. The resulting value will be the size of the future product.

It is worth considering that the cap, made a hook, as a rule, stretches bad. Therefore, the process of determining the size is very demanding, on the correct implementation of which will largely depend on the outcome.

After completing all the preparatory steps, you are ready to work. You can optionally tie a stylish scarf, color coordinated with the hat. And to wear together with favorite same hats is very cool and modern. Linking two identical unisex hats, you will stand out from the crowd by wearing them together.

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